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Ravello chukka
Never tire of looking at those, uncle. Absolutely beautiful. [[SPOILER]]
It is clear that you are disappointed as you have been mulling this over for several days. I know it feels. We all do. There is nothing worse then having that anticipation of waiting for something (dare I say, coveted) only to be disappointed upon its arrival. Alden lovers have become accustomed to this occasionally due to QC issues.You've laid you're good money down and every time you look down you don't see what all we Alden lovers want to see. A beautifully crafted...
Local cobbler. 5 bucks. They might be a little off but then so am I.
Had another set of eyelets added to the Ravello chukka. The shoe feels more a little more secure with a snug fit on my foot. Feels much better.
Any tips before I bring my chukka in for an extra eyelet? Is it pretty much a standard procedure for most cobblers to perform?
Uncle, as we all know, your collection is impeccable but I must say, to my eye, this pair is my of my faves. Enjoy in good health.
Thanks mdubs. It's amazing how many times I just look at them rather than wear them. :-)Enjoy the holidays!
Thanks and same to you.
Ravello chukka
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