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anyone have experience with lemaire footwear?   recently got some derbies (ss15), construction seems questionable -- not sure whether to keep them for strictly in-house/garden wear or possible destruction via concrete
I bought the "stone" colour off SP - while I wear it on it's own (as in closed), one thing to note is that the gusset is quite high, so I generally only wear it with black t underneath/black trousers
Bought from another member here; worn by him less than 10 times, none by me.  Perfect condition, no imperfections I can find.   size 3(both jacket and trousers)   97% wool, 3% polyester(half-lined 100% cupro)   Silk tape around cuffs, bottom of jacket, under hidden placket on side of trousers.   Price does not include shipping(shipped from Canada).   Please PM if you have any questions/offers.
Seeking advice for how to adjust bcdr fit for a collared moto before i email Charly; does 1inch off front/back length and 1inch off sleeve length seem too extreme(shirt in pics is fairly oversized)? Also, would whiskey lamb or brown goat go better with the majority of my blue/grey-based clothing?  Thanks [[SPOILER]]
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