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I have given up buying shirts sized that way (S, M , L ), because the sleeve length is never quite right (on me). So I only buy shirts that specify sleeve length and collar size.
I would not buy new clothes for a first date, especially not a date with somebody familiar with my wardrobe. In general, trying too hard is the worst thing you can do on a date. 
A tea ceremony, a sumo match, a prior century.
The Cartier Tank Solo has a quartz movement and costs $2475 at PrestigeTime.
In many cases neither the online retailer nor the customer needs the brick-and-mortar store at all—they do their "show-rooming" at home. Warby-Parker is a good example. They'll send you five pairs of eyeglasses for you to try out for a week. Any retailer with a liberal return policy is effectively doing the same thing. You can order three sizes from LLBean and return the two that don't fit, or return all three if they're not what you expected. I don't find that...
Can anybody identify the jacket this character from Glee is wearing?:  
Yes, perfectly ok...until you leave the house.
That's the pocket I was trying to describe, the "basic top entry pocket." When I said "barely visible" I meant with no flaps, zippers, piping, contrasting material, etc. to demarcate the opening.  
I have two messenger bags: the Triar, from Bally (~$1,000), and the Cornell from Manhattan Portage (~$70). The cheap cordura bag from Manhattan Portage is obviously much more casual than the calf-skin bag from Bally, but they share a few attributes. They both have:   a minimum of straps and closures exposed, yielding a clean look,   a convenient but barely visible side pocket to slide a newspaper or boarding ticket into,   roughly the same ~11-liter...
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