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 Thanks man!I think that lovely feeling in this case was relief.  But yes, it's a great feeling when you come to the end of a big project and it ends up turning out well after (at least in my case) all the potential problems along the way. Of course, I'm already thinking about what's next.  Be sure to share some pictures of that when you're finished.  Based on your past work, I'm sure it'll look excellent.
I found this thread a while ago and I had a great time going through and seeing all the amazing work people are creating.  Finally I have something of my own to post here.  I just finished this weekend bag after months and months of occasional work.  The bag is unlined, with matte nickel hardware and completely saddle stitched by hand.            
  I was looking for something similar to CPs as well, and after way too much time spent looking around, I ended up going with these Adidas Campus 80's.  Not quite as minimalist, but the price was right.  
New Posts  All Forums: