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Viberg Matte Black Calf Service Boots  Guidi matte black leather  Size 6.5 (~7US)  2030 Last  Stitchdown construction  8 blind eyelets  Partially Structured toe Plain toe  Double leather sole  Boots only, no box or shoe bags Outsole Measurements:  L: 11.75 inches  W: 4.25 inches
BRAND NEW  Meermin Cigar Shell Short Wingtip Oxfords  Hiro last (runs TTS, slightly narrow)  Size 6.5UK (~7-7.25US)  Italian Cigar Shell Cordovan  Meermin box and shoe bags https://www.meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=409   Price: $400 shipped OBO    Pick up(-$20 NYC)
I'm looking to dye a pair of Alden tan suede boots to be closer to snuff suede. I was thinking of going with rust or light brown or British tan? Will one be closer than another? Or would it be better to mix rust or British tan with light brown?
BRAND NEW Meermin Cigar Shell Wingtips in size 6.5UK Hiro last -Italian Cigar Shell Cordovan -Shortwing Bal -6.5UK HIRO Last   $400 OBO Shipped    Will post pics later tonight!   https://www.meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idioma=esp&idGrupo=409 
I got the email too, but can't access.  Keeps just saying page not found, even after I've logged in and reset my password
Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan Burgundy Dalton Boot    Size 7.5E  511 Last (Runs tad long, but generally true to size)  Horween Shell Cordovan (Burgundy, slightly brighter more eggplant than #8)  Rubber Toppy'd Full Sole  Includes AE Box (Not original)  No shoe bags or shoe trees  Purchased as Factory Seconds, but only noticeable flaw is the slight mistake in brogue pattern on the right boot.     Shoes have just been cleaned and polished with Saphir Renovateur, Cordovan...
If I'm having trouble with the width on a 325 last boot, would the 341 last harlech be even more narrow?   Or can I get an F wide width with a GMTO?  
After much debate, I've realized the 325 Last is a little too narrow for me and must sell my Brand New Brown Shell Lindrick boots.   These have been tried on inside twice for about 5 mins.     Detailed Pics to come soon! Picture is from another members pair.   Lindrick Boot Size 6.5UK (E width (believe this is normal US D)) Horween Brown Shell Cordovan 325 Last  4 exposed eyelets 4 speed hooks Double leather sole Antiqued Edge Storm welt     Price: $900...
Trying to order, but cant get into payment...
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