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I was thinking speedhooks and Dainite.I have a pair of lindricks that I incorrectly sized and also think the storm welt tends to look too wide for me.Here's a similar makeup.http://www.grafford.se/en/varumrken/crockettandjones/exclusively-for-grafford/sky02
Would anyone have interest in doing a Brown Shell Lindrick with a flat welt?  
CJ Tan Grain Coniston Boots    Size 6.5UK (Fits like 7-7.5D) Worn for one fall season (in rotation with other boots) Just cleaned, polished, new edge dressing applied Original Box Original Shoe bags (never used)   Price: $300 OBO Shipped (-$10 for NYC Pickup)
Do Carmina shoes not set off the preTSA detectors?!
Anyone have any other suggestions on 115 last sizing for the porter boot. Any comparison to AE Dalton boot would be greatly helpful. Really looking to see how wide or narrow the last is
  I'd love to know this too!  I have shell dalton boots in size 7E, which fit great length wise, and slightly snug width wise.  Could go EE, but heel would be slipping. My measured size is 7E-7EE and went with 7E in the Porter.  I'm wondering if I should go with the 7EE or stick with the 7E. I've emailed Rancourt to see what they think, but would be good since my wide flat feet make my sizing all over the place depending on last and company.
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