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If I'm having trouble with the width on a 325 last boot, would the 341 last harlech be even more narrow?   Or can I get an F wide width with a GMTO?  
After much debate, I've realized the 325 Last is a little too narrow for me and must sell my Brand New Brown Shell Lindrick boots.   These have been tried on inside twice for about 5 mins.     Detailed Pics to come soon! Picture is from another members pair.   Lindrick Boot Size 6.5UK (E width (believe this is normal US D)) Horween Brown Shell Cordovan 325 Last  4 exposed eyelets 4 speed hooks Double leather sole Antiqued Edge Storm welt     Price: $900...
Trying to order, but cant get into payment...
  I tried shell boots in 7E and 7.5E. 7E looked great on my feet, proportional to me, but was slightly worried about the outside toes touching. 7.5E looked slightly long on my feet, but the width felt very good, with room up front.  Anyone have an idea on the length between grant and the plaza last?  My ill-fitting 7D Plaza boots are almost the same length as my Grant 7.5D boots, but wasn't sure if this is always the case.   Is the plaza last longer than the grant last?
  Thanks!   I think I'll go with the 7E.  I tried a plaza 7E and it was just snug enough where the tip of my outside toes were touching, should be ok after some where in.
I feel like I go in circles every time I want to buy a new pair...   Looking to figure out plaza last boot sizing:   My brannock size is between 7E-7EE (closer to EE).    I unfortunately only have the option for 7E or 7.5D or E (Can't do 7EE otherwise that would be my best option)   For reference,  7.5D Grant Captoe boots are probably a bit long and a little tight width wise 7.5E Grant Captoe boots feel even roomer length wise and just right width wise. 7D Plaza...
 I'd be up for Navy Shell Harlech...with antiqued edge and dainite sole
 For sure.  The culture is the main reason why I always dream of moving to Spain one day
Yeah, the spots are a less of a concern overall. I agree that I should be given the option to return or see if they can make me another pair.  I'm still waiting to hear back from Betty, which is part of my frustration... Yes, the wrinkle will be covered by my pants and it's the same case with my Alden's that have a similar wrinkle, but they were categorized as 2nds for that reason.
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