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    Anyone know the difference in leather and color between the Winn Perry and the Frans Boone Grant lasted captoe boots?
What are the boots in the video???
Placed an order for the cherry shell captoe boots.     I have a pair of boots in Rui last, size 6UK, fit great, ordered the same for Hiro, but am slightly worried the Hiro will be too narrow.   Any thoughts?
  When / how did you get these made?  Are they still offering Walnut shell MTO?
Just PM'd you!
Anyone have any idea when the next sample sale might be?
  Where did you get those Plaza shell Wingtip boots?
 Already asked, no luck.  And I like the LS wingtip pattern more than the JGilbert one. http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/12/10/plaza-wingtip-boot-x-2-lsbh/ 
Is there an email where I can get the list of sizes/models from Alden DC or do I have to call?   Those are great!
Any thoughts on getting a more accessible shell wingtip boot order going?   I'd be willing to do:  Brown or #8 shell, plaza last, short wing, mini lug sole  (similar to LeathersSoul's plaza wingtip boot)
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