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Saw the GYW thread a few weeks too late, would have jumped on the natural jumpers!
Any pics of the soles?
PM Sent
Great news!   Now, anyone have any advice on the SKYE 2 Last vs. this Lindrick last sizing?  I'm 7-7.5 EE (Closer to a 7, but usually feel more comfortable in 7.5E in AEs)   I tried the SKYE 2 and it fit just snug with thin socks.  Length was good, but width was slightly snug.  I'm tempted to go with 6.5UK, but any thoughts on if that will make them too roomy?  Really want to make sure I get the size right on these.
What other Alden last this fit closest to?
Anyone have an idea on how this last fits compared to the Skye 2 boot last?  I tried the 6E UK and it fit just snug enough and perfect in length.  Not sure if I the Lindrick last is slightly more narrow or not.
 Great! I spoke to them at the London store and he mentioned that the cost of all shell models will go up about 50 pounds or so at the start of Sept, so better now than later for sure.
Just went to the London store and tried on a pair of cordovan skye 2, didn't end up buying, mainly as Im still hoping this order for the lindrick goes through!
Any chance of this happening or should I dump my money into some other unnecessary MTO??
Do we have a date we have to place the order by before the price increase?
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