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Any updates on the Lindrick GMTO shipment? 
Need some advice...   I received my ProperKit MTO Saddle shell frankenstich boots and while they look great, there are two issues that I'm not really happy with considering the price of these.   - Inside panel on one boot has really fine creases (before wearing them at all) and they look similar to creases on calf skin, not anything I've ever seen on any other 1st quality shell cordovan   - Inside lining of both boots feels loose, not attached to the upper, almost...
These MIGHT be my sizes...
Haha, I wish! Too many grail boots coming in (still waiting for the lindricks, which should be here soon) and I think they'll be pretty similar in the end.
I just received my MTO Carmina Frankenstitch Saddle Shell boots and I'm debating on if I should sign up for the Whiskey Harlech and sell these...!!!  Can't decide
Brick & Mortar 
Brand New Never worn  -Brown leather, silver hook     http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/miansai-silver-hook-leather-bracelet/3789265?origin=coordinating-3789265-0-4-PP_3-Data_Lab_Recommendo_V2-also_viewed2&recs_type=coordinating&recs_productId=3789265&recs_categoryId=0&recs_productOrder=4&recs_placementId=PP_3&recs_source=Data_Lab_Recommendo_V2&recs_strategy=also_viewed2&recs_referringPageType=item_page&fashionColor=BURGUND Price is $45 shipped OBO ($40 for local NYC)
Brand New Golden Bear x Club Monaco Black Wool Varsity Jacket with Leather sleeves- XS -Brand new with tags   Price: $300 OBO (-$20 local NYC)
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