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Prices dropped! offers??
I totally am on board with my shell boots!  Esp being in NYC, I had to stop caring after a while, because the grime of the streets was inevitable.    Also, I feel more comfortable wearing shell in wet weather since I know I can bring it back to life, even if it takes some effort. 
Quick question for anyone who ordered Shell boots at the Proper Kit...Did your total come out to more than what the ready to wear shell boots cost on the new Carmina website?  
Did some serious damage...saddle Cordovan frankenstitch boots ordered. My first pair of carminas
I'm gonna head to the trunk show a little later...nothing too crazy but, I'm looking to order a pair of frankenstitch jumpers in a cognac cordovan IF possible.
prices dropped!
These new ones seem very close to this GMTO... http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/galway-darkbrown    With that said...I can get down on this boot if it had a flat welt and regular brown scotch grain (the more tan one)
Pics Added, prices dropped
I'm hoping to sell a few pairs of shoes that aren't quiet the right size for me.   1) Meermin Cherry Shell Cordovan Captoe Boot  (BRAND NEW) Size 6UK (~7-7.5US) HIRO Last -Original Box, shoe bags Price: $410 shipped obo NYC Local: $-20 obo     2) Alden x J.Crew Tan Waxed Longwing Bluchers (lightly used) Size 7D Barrie last (~7.25-7.5) -Original Box, shoe bags -Worn ~2-3 times, great condition, not broken in Price: SOLD     3) Alden 966 Tan Wingtip (Shortwing)...
I'd love some more input on the best shipping method to NYC from EU.   Here are two experiences:   Fransboone UPS: (Netherlands) Ordered Alden shoes (~$600 value), got charged a brokerage fee (~$65 (might have been more, dont remember), after much arguing, got them to remove it by stating it was goods made in the US and returning to the US.  It took almost 2 weeks of talking to them on the phone.   Meermin: USPS: (Spain) Value ~$450. Took a few weeks longer, had to...
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