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Any chance of this happening or should I dump my money into some other unnecessary MTO??
Do we have a date we have to place the order by before the price increase?
I really want these natural cordovan first ave boots. Any idea if AE is still offering this natural cordovan leather?Also has anyone made these in #8 cordovan?
SUCCESS!!     After speaking to 4 different UPS people, I finally got to the UPS brokerage dept and once they checked the invoice (which stated it was goods made in the US), he said they probably missed it since it was on the back of a form and took of the duties.
I just spoke to another user who ordered the same shoes from Fransboone and did not pay any brokerage fee.  I thought I remember seeing someone say that goods made in the US (as long as the shipper makes that clear) should be exempt from additional fees.   I'm going to try and call Fransboone and have them speak to UPS to see what that does.  I denied the package yesterday after speaking to UPS, but will see what happens.
I placed an order for a pair of Fransboone Alden boots and UPS is charging me a brokerage fee of $58 to deliver the package to NYC.   Maybe, it was wishful thinking, but I made a note in the order to specify that the product was manufactured in the USA in order to eliminate/reduce any fees, but UPS states it does not have any notes stating that.     Any benefit in trying to get Fransboone to contact UPS so they can confirm that the goods were manufactured in the US?...
    Think I may... Only thing is that I travel a lot and not having a metal shank with the AE boots makes it super easy getting through TSA pre-check.  Main reason I went for the shell daltons to begin with.
Was able to place get on the preorder for the Grant wingtips!   Only problem...I just bought a pair of cordovan AE Daltons and started wearing them.  I don't know if I should be keeping both, too similar.
     I would be VERY interested in this pair of wingtip boots, any chance the pre-order is still open?
    Anyone know the difference in leather and color between the Winn Perry and the Frans Boone Grant lasted captoe boots?
New Posts  All Forums: