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That'd be great if you can keep it open till Sunday!
 Was also looking to find out the closing date for the bayfield orders Thanks!
Anyone have sizing info on these boots.  Any idea how they compare to 1 last?
Still up for brown shell.  OR would also be interested in a brown shell dalton boot with mini lug sole (same other specs as the bayfield pics above)
  Totally on board for cappachino shell Bayfield on commando!  Count me in!
I've been wearing my Essex tan service boots in the house for a day or two to ensure the fit is good and I want to get some input from others who have service boots.   The right boot is extremely difficult to get on, whereas my foot slides easily into the left boot.  The leather on the right boot seems thinner, less stiff than the left around the back heel and sides.  It has some considerable creasing already after a few hours of wear indoors, while the left looks...
1) Alden for J.Crew Indy 405 boots in size 7D.   They have been worn about 5-6 times (few hours each time).  They are in great condition, barely any wear on the sole, still see the lettering on the heel.  Has been kept in shoe trees (not included)   Will fit 7.5D, maybe 8D sizes.   Does not include original box or bags.  I can throw in a pair of Allen Edmonds Shoe bags if someone really wants them.   Price is $400 shipped obo--> $350 shipped   2) Brand New Sebago...
Totally agree!  I'd say, do some testing on old pants, I basically ruined a pair of pants before getting it right, but it was worth it.  Saved so much money and all my pants fit better than ever.
I wear dress socks with the boots.
I did both the hem and taper.  I wouldn't exactly say relaxing, but enjoyable and extremely satisfying for sure.
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