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 Would also like to know! I got my Alden #8 Captoe boots resoled at Minas Shoe repair in Fidi.  Went from full leather to full dainite sole and they did a great job for $75 AND finished it same day.
 Would anyone be open to making this a F width Harlech, since the 341 last is pretty narrow?  325 is just wide enough for me and tends to run long, but a wider width would fix that problem for the 341 for me.
 Count me in for whiskey Harlech, as long as we have a rubber sole
Yeah, that's what it looks like. The stitching is very tight there and does look like overlapped stitching.
Question regarding my MTO order...   One of the boots' stitching is pretty rough and wanted to get some thoughts on this.  I have 2 other pairs of Jumper boots and they both have flawless stitching, so this a bit disappointing.  Realize this may not impact the quality, but its not great to see this for 1st quality.                 
I have a brand new pair of shell Lindricks for sale if anyone is interested 6.5UK!
Anyone have any idea on when the Porter Boots will start shipping out?
Pics Added!
    BRAND NEW Crockett & Jones Brown Shell Cordovan Lindrick Boot (Only tried on indoors, mild creasing visible)   Size 6.5E UK (Fits like a 7-7.5D) Brown Shell Cordovan Double Leather sole Eyelets and Speedhooks 325 Last Just cleaned and polished with Saphir renovator and deer bone   Love these boots, but after much debate realize they are too long for my feet.   Price is $725 shipped obo (-$15 for NYC Pickup)   WILL TRADE FOR SIZE...
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