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Natural essex looks fantastic! and ryden your mocha CXLs look fantastic too!
 As others have said, full leather. But I will say, depending on the size you get, my TOJ0 is better for layering than my bomber. And that's really because I sized up a bit on my TOJ0, for the sake of my shoulders. My CWU fits a bit more snug, and so I rarely wear anything other than a shirt underneath -- but it is very warm.
You guys should all hope you get no tracking at all -- that was always my hope.   The thrill of a random package >> one you are expecting.
^lol wtf. That's great.
  ^ That quote might be the greatest thing I've read in this thread. My face has distracted someone from a jacket. HEAVEN FORBID I DISAPPOINT A FEW GUYS ON THE INTERNET. edit: I've now added it as my signature
 Haha -- I've gotta keep that face consistently in all my SF photos.
I never really do pics other than crappy ones at home, so I just thought I'd share how the T1 is doing these days:
First WAYWT, I've only creeped on you guys   Pendleton Wool Uniqlo TOJ MomotaroxJB Viberg
Just because there is interest, doesn't necessarily mean he has the current resources to make the jackets. The fishtail ended last winter, I'd assume he hasn't purchased any wool since the last jackets were made. Where as suede has continued to be offered and I'd imagine he'd have the stock materials to make a final go at those jackets.    I think we greatly overlook the materials and manufacturing side of things. 
Yes, I'm following Michael Haines.
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