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 6'4" here got quoted these lengths for my BCDR (which I didn't get, T-1 instead): body length, front 24.0" body length, back 26.2"  So I think your measurement is good.
 I second this...
Don't visit thread for a week; return -- Drew posts...it was a good night on the TOJ thread.
That Narrative video is awesome Mauro -- sending it to my dad cause he just knows you as the "Shirt guy" and now he might know more about what I get him. But I think this was really great video, and puts your face on the brand really well!
 Ultimately, if comments were as civil as yours I don't think I'd mind as much. But it's just these extremely whiney complaints, that essentially retread the same ground, over and over again. I'll speak for myself and say that is why I've got "upset" over people's whines. But this is just an Internet thread. So it's my fault for even coming here and starting to emote after reading these things. I don't disagree with you in the slightest, I think it's sort of crum-bum...
 Yes -- this! A year ago, it was pretty well known that estimates weren't accurate, and wait times were considerably longer. The first jacket I ever ordered, in 2012, suffered from this. It's not a big deal, I waited longer than I had hoped for...but it didn't kill me.
Stafa, for me personally, your post rubbed me the wrong way because it just sounded whiney. "Is it too much to ask..." "I really don't understand why you constantly..." -- Those phrases strike me as complaints as opposed to serious insights.    Mauro is at the helm, for better or for worse -- but I'll say that in the three years I've followed this brand, I haven't had much to complain about. 
 To be fair, Mauro had announced chino colors in the winter. I know this because I spent a long time anticipating the olive chinos (though, didn't purchase due to inseam length). Could Mauro optimize the setup he has? Yes -- and I look forward to that, and the growth of WvG. No doubt he's doing that now. But this is all sort of annoying, because it's a lot of armchair pandering, and to be honest, it just sounds like whining. 
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