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Copying the classified that I purchased from two years ago:   "For your consideration: Viberg's description below: The Service Boot is directly based on our own original model, first produced in 1931. A similar pattern was also used by multiple nations as a standard issue military boot during WWII. This version is made using Horween's Chromexcel leather. Chromexcel is produced using a 100 year old recipe and is characterized by its rich pull-up and aniline...
 this is beautiful.
For your consideration are several WvG shirts all Large, BD, Monkey arms, unless noted. $40 each (add $3 for shipping), If Five are purchased I will ship all to you.   Slate OCBD Salmon OCBD Cotton Candy 120 ply Denim blue herringbone Party pigs (cotton) Light blue short sleeve (cotton) (JUST L BD, no monkey arms) Floral chambray (JUST L BD, not monkey arms) Buffalo check (tencel cotton blend
That restaurant review is pretty good, but it left out the customer who had just eaten cookies all the time just so he could get a dish at the restaurant.
 As someone who at one point may have been a contrary force with my fanboyism, I feel as though there is relatively no opposition right now...I think everyone is rooting for that list of people to take down Drew.
 Now THIS is podracing.
Get your rare PEPE MEMES!
 Gosh this reference will always make me lol.
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