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Shoot @ceoceo, are you a gopher? Or just live in the TC?
Opened the e-mail, got a super toteholder code. Code stacked with my toteholder, got 110% off. Got paid 10% for all the clothing I "purchased."
Mauro: Loved the video. Cool to hear your perspective on the clothing! Also, it was nice to see your face representing the brand. I've only talked to you once on the phone, but I think videos like this will go a long way in helping people connect with the brand. It definitely did for me. And, for people newer to the brand on SF or MFA to not just see you as "THAT GUY THAT I YELL AT ON THE INTERNET WHEN I'M MAD ABOUT MY CLOTHING!" It's a cool way to get to know...
@rydenfan I'm watching Lost for a third time. Was thinking about how the women all lack feminine products while on the island.
@ceoceo hahaha, thanks for having my back.   Also, I like that guy's face.
My sides exploded when Esther Alvarez and Martha Wang were referenced. Those beautiful moms.   This used to be one of my favorite threads to visit. I still do, if only to check for posts by Drew with hopes of the new brand, but it is sad to me how this has just turned into #teamdrew and #drewsucks. Obviously, I fall into the former camp. And I'd say that's a result of having seen the finished product, and not having to wait as long as some of you. Even still, I viewed...
Centuries from now, digital archaeologists will dig up this thread and will see the devolution of the human race in 2668 pages (they're viewing it with 15 posts per page).
Hey guys, just want to say, if you're having any questions about sizing, do talk to Mauro. I talked to him on the phone this morning, and he was a huge help. By email or by phone, he's always been ready to help. Thanks, Mauro.
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