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 Hey Fok -- will you be posting here when that thread goes up? Or will it be highlighted elsewhere on the site? Would be very interested in this.
 Same here. I wish I could find the quote, I've gone looking, couldn't find it, but there was one point when he first came here that he started asking questions about which leather would be best to eat if you were shipwrecked. Or something like that. I could not stand him. But now we PM and hold hands.
 That jacket looks like it's made of paper.
was brad-t not referencing distorb?
Thanks for the last few pages guys. The tone of the thread changed, and I learned about something I had no idea about. Beats about every other day on this thread for the past year.
 It will either be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or he'll kill me, and I'll never come back to this thread. Win-win.
@dieworkwear just checking in and letting you know I'll still do anything you want if jackets don't get shipped.   I'd have more snarky things to say, but the this thread has enough snark.   Distorb, I hope you get a jacket that works for you. You're still my number 1 home boy.
I like the way that shoe has shaped up...but I can't tell the color really well there.
Is the dusty calf the one that fades to a brownish color?   Edit: is it the same as this: http://mohawkgeneralstore.com/catalog/viberg-service-boot-in-dust-black.html but in a different last?
It's just a hole in the back, I think where I may sit on it when in a vehicle or something...I just need to know whether I can patch it up easily with some scrap wool?
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