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Just because there is interest, doesn't necessarily mean he has the current resources to make the jackets. The fishtail ended last winter, I'd assume he hasn't purchased any wool since the last jackets were made. Where as suede has continued to be offered and I'd imagine he'd have the stock materials to make a final go at those jackets.    I think we greatly overlook the materials and manufacturing side of things. 
Yes, I'm following Michael Haines.
 That photo you posted looks OK to me -- if it went that way, I'd probably still buy it. I just like the shape of the 2030 last better. I don't know why I'm so transfixed with the 2030 toe box. I just know that when I was looking for boots, I was looking at different brands, with something in mind -- but unable to describe what I wanted. I found the Viberg service boot, and it just struck me as beautiful (the manufacturing and materials were obviously a big factor, too)....
I'd like the derby to be in the next round of pre-orders, if possible. I mean, I'll go in on it whenever it goes up, but I'd like to get a pair of those sooner rather than later. That red Dainite is alright, I'd prefer the black if we go that way. This talk of the double leather sole sounds great to me as well -- but again, I won't say no to black Dainite.   The eyelet details and that stuff, I'm ambivalent about -- but again, I'd really like it to be on the 2030 last....
 I was thinking this too, I just didn't know what other soles people were thinking. Soooo derby in natural CXL, on the 2030 last, with a dainite sole? @Michael Haines what you think?
Could we get it in the 2030 last? I'm not interested in getting a derby with a more "rounded" toe -- I really like the 2030 fit and aesthetic wise. What sort of sole are we thinking?
If this is in the pre-order come next month, I'm in for sure.
 +1 on this one. This is what I would want. I definitely want something lighter than brown.
I can go either way, I guess I would prefer a non-roughed out after thinking about it, and looking at photos. A derby in a natural CXL would be great.
After thinking about it (day dreaming during group meeting this morning -- ahh graduate school), I'd be cool with a derby in natural CXL roughout. I wouldn't mind to have a different textured material from the CXL boots that I have. 
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