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 Quality post. Lol at the "We can still follow him on Instagram..." Although, I haven't supported the Nazi regime for sometime now...
Question: Can I customize my cookies? I'd be willing to pay $50-80 more for some premium upgrades, not sure if you have access to that sort of stuff.   Edit: Actually, dude this is such a rip-off, why would you actually want to get these "Asian-made" cookies when you can just get these American made cookies right away, for a cheaper price? This seems kind of sketchy that we would have to wait so long for some cookies that we've spent so much money on, when I could just...
But seriously: What kind of cookies are you eating? Chocolate chip? Sugar? Assorted?
Have not lol'd this hard in this thread in a long time. $5 cookies was one of the best things I've read in a while.
 Delaware you say...I'll just walk on over.
 It feels great to treat me like a whore?  I'm glad you feel great about it. This thread.
 Please...I already have it.
 Of course! And as far as that letter goes, how do you think you'll keep him accountable to any of that? It sounds threatening, and if he's already laughing in our faces, why would he not just show you his middle finger and laugh some more at that.
 We're going to make a tumblr for that. It needs pictures.
I haven't got angry on this thread, and I've probably just goofed around more since I don't have the same pain as the people waiting for a jacket. It sucks, and I'd be pissed too if I were waiting around so long. And I'm honestly considering traveling to people's home to clean it (please be east coast based).   But it's infuriating to read someone calling out Charly as if he owes the community something. He does not owe us anything. He doesn't even owe us the time he...
New Posts  All Forums: