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 It will either be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or he'll kill me, and I'll never come back to this thread. Win-win.
@dieworkwear just checking in and letting you know I'll still do anything you want if jackets don't get shipped.   I'd have more snarky things to say, but the this thread has enough snark.   Distorb, I hope you get a jacket that works for you. You're still my number 1 home boy.
I like the way that shoe has shaped up...but I can't tell the color really well there.
Is the dusty calf the one that fades to a brownish color?   Edit: is it the same as this: http://mohawkgeneralstore.com/catalog/viberg-service-boot-in-dust-black.html but in a different last?
It's just a hole in the back, I think where I may sit on it when in a vehicle or something...I just need to know whether I can patch it up easily with some scrap wool?
Long shot, but anybody with a fishtail: have you had any problems with getting a hole in your wool? Just wondering whether I can get some wool and patch it up. Wanted to see how others handled it.   Thanks! b0b
Potsnu, you look like a superhero in that black and yellow.   Newo, you look like a superhero in that not black and yellow.
 Way to air your dirty laundry. Keep your PMs to yourself.
Yeah...not getting into the mess that is the TOJ queue.
Interested in an MDR (or any rider), in 52ish size. Looking for a size similar to my T1:   shoulders 19.0 chest (p2p) 21.8 midsection 20.5 waist 20.5 body length, front 23.5 body length, back 25.7 sleeve length, from shoulder 26.4 sleeve width @ pit 7.5 sleeve width @ elbow 6.5 sleeve width @ cuff 5.2   Something around that. Calf is a big plus,...
New Posts  All Forums: