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I could have used these when I was 15 and had a tumor in that exact spot. Ended up getting a third of that foot removed and filled in with flesh from my back. Good thing I had a good doctor and can wear normal shoes/boots these days. #realtalk
Well, I hope it does that sooner than later. It lightened a bit overnight, but is still pretty bad. Brushed it, rubbed it with my thumb, even tried a hairdryer for a little bit to see if that would have any effect. I'll still wear them, it's just a big disappointment.Looks like I dropped an ink stamp on it.  
Okay, the theory seemed sound to me. I've just never owned a lighter colored leather before, so this effect is new to me. I'm no leather expert, but I have read every page of the 1K thread, and don't recall having seen something like this. Sorry if I pulled the fire alarm too quickly.
I've had the 1K's for 2 years and never used a cleaner, only oiled when they felt dry and used Montana Pitch-Blend every few months. I used the Lexol because when I'd gotten them topied, the cobbler put brown wax on the toe, and the toes have looked dull ever since. I wanted to get that layer off. As for these, I'd put the Filson boot oil on my palm, and applied it to the whole toe box area, and that part of it immediately turned that color. Not everywhere I applied it,...
HELP! I just got a pair of chestnut Beckmans today, used, but in fine condition. I cleaned my Wolverine 1K's with some Lexol and applied some Filson boot oil. The Beckmans didn't look dirty, so I just wiped them with a damp rag, which may have had a little Lexol on it, but was mostly water. When I then put some Filson boot oil on my hand and applied it, I immediately got this terrible dark streak. These looked totally normal before. I quickly soaked a different rag in...
Here's my 1K's after two years of near-daily wear. They were my only boots until I got some LL Bean Katahdins a few months back (for only $50 on Ebay, and all they needed was new laces and some conditioning!). Now I wear them about 2/3rds of the time. I got them topy'd right away, have treated them with regular applications of Filson boot oil, and Montana Pitch-Blende every few months, or as needed. Got the heel caps replaced maybe 6 months ago.      
The SF (Seattle Fit) stuff is so confusing, since there's identical products with the Seattle Fit and the normal (Alaskan Fit, I think they call it), but nowhere on the garment does it say which one you're looking at. That stuff is so new that there isn't much of that line yet at the outlet, but there's always something great there. I didn't get anything this time (it was more of a a Christmas research visit for my wife), but last time I got two $400+ coats for $99 each...
I went up to the outlet again yesterday. Didn't get anything this time, but we talked for a bit, as they actually remembered me from a few months back. What was really cool is they showed me several items that were one-of-a-kind prototypes that never went to full production or had design changes in the final version. They were just mixed in with everything else. There was even a coat that will be going to production in a few months, but they happened to get a sample or...
Perfect! Thanks for the pic, that's just what I needed. 
Any idea how close the color of those tan ones is to Red Wing's chestnut? I've wanted to get the Red Wing Beckmans in Chestnut (9013), but I think I'll be able to get these soon at a steep discount, through a family member. Looking for some lighter boots to accompany my brown Wolverine 1K's and my (Chippewa) LL Bean Katahdins. Wolverine's tan leather is just too yellow for my taste, but I love the orange quality to Red Wing's chestnut leather.
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