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It's so strange how personal preferences are getting changed. Not long ago I looked only on sleek shoes a la G&G, AS, many Italians. And now, starting with Vass, I starting to find round lasts very pretty))) I have my first Vass pair in F. And it is great in looks and in fit. And now, unexpectedly for me, I want to buy a pair of Alt Wien.  So funny and strange for me)    Could someone share opinion on fitting of 3636 last in comparison to F? I have read that they are...
reduction 450$
  Thanks for sharing.  "I can't tell you whether you will find the Bonafe to be elegant or not." That's fair
 How do you compare Vass F last with EB 363 MOD? I mean width, instep? That's exactly the matter I meant also! Vass F last is gorgeous and very elegant. But it's not so much on pictures (at least I coudn't give it proper assesion it deserves from pictures). One of my posts was about real experience of 363 MOD last.  May be it's similar  to Vass F last. OK on picturees, beauty in person. 
Also, question of interest.... What clothers most people wear with button boots.... Evidently not with jeens)))) I am not sure that every suit will suffice 
  They are definately well balanced... I only mean their widness and very round nose.  But same time, may be it's a part of a balance. They are BUTTON boots and must have rather high instep too, otherwise they will have fit problems very often.  I am not sure they would fit me even with their high instep. I can't lace up 100% on my 946 oxfords, small gap is present. And with buttons you can't leave gap  
  I speak of button boots first of all also, as they suppose to be elegant. And this last seems .... made for jumper boots  But I wonder.... May be they look another thing in person?.... As the matter with Vass F last. They do not look very elegant on pictures, but in real life they are beauty. When I have receaved my F Vass EO2, I decided to order another pair on F last shoes straight away. 
 opps....Ofcourse 363MOD. I thought I remember the number, but evidently I don't))))
It seems from the pictures that Enzo Bonafe 346 last is rather wide and unelegant in comparison to 946 for instance. Is it wrong impression of mine? Does somebody care share opinion and some photos in right angles? 
Price drop - 500 USD
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