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I want these puppies   
Like this in EB version
Does somebody interested in EB group MTO:   Double monk with hevy nornegese contrast stiching in brown shades (may be betis castagna or some dark shade) with double leather sole (natural edges), toe cap? 
New fedora hat from Borsalino Italy. Rainproof felt. Colour - dark purple. 59 size.   Price 250 $ Shipping worldwide 25 $
Hello!   Need help of some expert on a.testoni. I have bought a pair of testonis on ebay. It was spontaneous buy. I have only 2 pairs of testoni of main line (i guess). So I am not expert at all. Now, I don't know why, I have doubts....are these testoni real or fake. They look decent from that pictures, but still. I can't find that or similar model of testoni in cordovan at all.... not to say in 2014/15 collection as seller claims....   I would appreciate...
  ?? And caiman not crocodilian? it's what? caimanian? ))))
'it must be, I hope
Hello everybody   Recently I've bought crocodile monks from Carmina. Surprise came when I have read on CITES certificate "Caiman crocodilus muscus"     I am no expert, but they do not look like caiman to me. I have caiman shoes also... Scales and everything is different. This ones are softer. And that oval scales... caiman has similar only on sides...But Caiman also has some line on round scales (mostly)/   Can anybody comment?
  I think it's no difference to them. They are willing to send you a pair from their Madrid store, so I decided that they are more flexible than Carmina. Carmina has a lot in their stores but you can choose only from website variety. So I think they will make MTO if we have enough people. I have found info that we need 6 persons.... But I am not sure. It's just from surfing net,  not official info from Meermin. 
  Norvegese is 395$.... if it is from natur calf.On picture is cordovan (but looks similar to natur calf to me)....How much cordovan norvegese I truly do not know
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