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 Do you go half size up in both?
Can somebody tell how Simpson last fits in comparison with GG TG73 or AS99? Thanks 
New womens' Carmina MTO. I would take similar for men in blue  
  Thanks for sharing info
Buy the way.... I thought Carmina rain last fits similar to 946 EB... From all the info about it and Skoak wrote it aslo as I can remember. Can you write your assesment?    I haven't tried Carminas yet and thought Rain would be optimal choice....
  How you compare EB to VASS (F last)? I know from VASS thread that you appreciate them very much too.   Love you jacket. Blue jackets as well as blue shoes are my love.
  I wonder what stuck you most in seeing Enzo Bonafe superior in quality to Carmina? Leather? EB are HW but is it visibly better in quality than carminas GW? PS: Just interested
  It is strange as Carmina itself sells footwear for less as well as has FREE DELIVERY which make them very attractive. 
If somebody interested.... testoni representative (trough website) haven't said to me eventually what is it ....sponge calf  But that cute lady said that, that maretial is VEEEEEEERY delicate. She do not recomment to polish it or even use sprays.... It's very strange. She said that recommendation is to use only brush and use it in very gentle way....     That's the end of my quest. I wonder....Is it worth to believe her and use only brush....or may be use at least...
  already done by me)))
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