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I am considering... But definitely will take part (if) only when the production order will be at start. I am poor student )))) and can't throw away my money for half a year))))  And that colours are not my favorite.But will se what other participants have to say)))     There is a rainbow of colours of Miller on AS facebook page and proposed one isn't the best I think. http://www.facebook.com/AlfredSargent   So lets see
Julian, Is there some pictures of dark cognac cordovan? of better quality...  
it was said already   black #8 dark cognac whiskey  
  I consider it nice.... But upper suede ...don't quite like the colour   I would be for not cordovan version in navy and biege.   Anybody likes that???  
Yes, now I see. The colours are definitely corresponding. It's a pity we have only one option. I don't know taste of all the forum as I rather new here, but I prefer more extravagant shoes (as lovely cooper monks in blue I ordered from you).   Regards Miller I think version in calf leather (navy and biege) was more interesting because of the colors.
Julian, on the picture is espresso suede? It looks grey to me...Always thought espresso is a shade of brown....?  
in cordovan version I would be in for cognac shell with upper suede in don't know yet what color)))))))))))
I vote for that color (navy and biege) in 724 AS Exclusive last.   http://leffot.com/2011/09/22/more-alfred-sargent-mto/
Julian, if that possible then I am voting for Miller model in Exclusive last for 375 p. lower part can be cordovan and upper suede. I am in 100%.
Julian, wanted to ask/// as Benson can be made on different lasts..... ..........I just adore Miller boots. Can they be made on another last (exclusive) for affordable money?
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