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thanks, will wait for info
  I would appreciate an advice on the lizard shoes... don't black ones look plastic? They look good on Carmina website.... But I googled pictures.... I guess brown or navy blue must be nicer?....May be someone care to share opinion regards that matter?   
How much rubi shell Carmina 762 in euro VAT exc.? .... and lizard oxford?
  So many cognacs  it's easy to get lossed. On Vass website 6125 cognac looks darker...but very similar to that...
  The thing is that shoes have skin patterns (pores, etc.)... I do not know how to tell it clearly in English. Nubuck (types I have had) sanded to even texture.. And these shoes velvety by tough but they don't have suede or nubuck fibers... It looks as they were not sanded... 
Noone knows what is spongecalf?
Hello gentlemen,   Is someone experienced with sponge calf by a.testoni? I have bought a pair on yoox (link is below). Now I guess how to take care of that leather. It's very velvety by tough. Is that some kind of unprotected leather as nappa? I believe I can use some delicate saphir creme on that pair...But maintaining the colour is a question... Using polish or pommadier creme will make leather smoth....and the THING of that pair is velvety tough and soft colour as I...
Buy the way... What colour is that below.... Very lovely with that polishing.... Museum?  
  Mimo, Thanks again for very informative post! Actually I like calf (dark red cognac) more than museum calf... It's just ugly fiture to get maximum for the money paid  Museum calf is priced as MTO level...  I love the mixture (colour/model) below. Have I identified colour correct (dark red cognac)?  
  Faster, great shoes, my cong... Please share some pictures of shoes and their leather upon their arrival. I am also considering buying gold museum.  
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