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  I speak of button boots first of all also, as they suppose to be elegant. And this last seems .... made for jumper boots  But I wonder.... May be they look another thing in person?.... As the matter with Vass F last. They do not look very elegant on pictures, but in real life they are beauty. When I have receaved my F Vass EO2, I decided to order another pair on F last shoes straight away. 
 opps....Ofcourse 363MOD. I thought I remember the number, but evidently I don't))))
It seems from the pictures that Enzo Bonafe 346 last is rather wide and unelegant in comparison to 946 for instance. Is it wrong impression of mine? Does somebody care share opinion and some photos in right angles? 
Price drop - 500 USD
Size - 38UK Waist - 94 cm,   shoulder - 41 cm, Chest - 96 cm, sleeve lengs 84 cm, trousers waist 88 cm Fits true to size     Great suit from Paul Smith in beautiful seal colour. Bought from Mr. Porter.  Made in Italy. 100% wool. Absolutly new and unworn. Though I was quick to hem them.  I love that trendy suit and I have bought it without hesitation. But ofcourse it is dandy piece of clothing and I go out parting seldom ;-((( Retail price was ~ 900 pound. Beneath...
Can somebody give fitting comparison of EB to VASS F and U lasts? Do I understand correct that EB is similar to F last in fit? Or is it between F an U? 
 I take regular fit in most shoes, but high instep is my issue(((( I guess I may be between 9,5 and 10? Or 10 is toomuch? :-)  Crap I need try it on (Simpson)
  Thanks.  I guess it's my size also - 9,5.I have AS 99 (blue cooper monk) in 9. Having tried it on (due to my inexperience and hell knows what else) I kept it....and after some time I have understood that they are bloody snug. Moreover as I have high instep i can close them up only on second buckle and they look a little camel-back)))))  Tell me please do you have standart width/instep? Or tend to narrower/wider side?
By all measurement? instep, width....?
 The problem is I have a high instep (((( And I have slightly widish feet in bal area. But I like the look of Simpson and I like the look of new Simpson croc))))
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