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If you are interested that' s great... I have one more potentionally interested person. Do we need 3 more?
Why you think shell looks better on F?
Nobody want repeat that boots exactly (front one)?
Hello Planning to order some Vass... Advice are very welcome.... I want alt wien in cordovan on p2 last (f also considered) with big medallion (traditional) and contrast goyser stiching. Can't decide on cordovan colour... First thought was cognac. Any advice? Some shoe pictures of alt wien with goyser look very round, fleshy... On p2 really nice look budapester but i want nautghy guys...not college boys)))
My last purchases. Middle one thanks to Skoaktiebolaget
Carmina service sucks   Second order from their website and again awful experience.   First order - croco monks - receaved absolutely different colour than they show   This year Black Friday order - 2 weeks without news... than after I open dispute on PayPall they tell : "Sorry, but both your pairs were already sold"!!!   I am in shock. Wurse company I have not encountered!    And maximum they could say : "We understand you anger. We do not work in that way". But...
Could somebody tell what cordovan colour is that
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