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Julian   Can we have MTO with different width of shoes? I consider G width
to tell the truth I like both Miller and Benson very much, Warwick - no. Buth both together is too much money without discount. )))))) Both 1 and 2 I can discuss variant of material and colour))))
Yes.... dark for me... doesn't look as cognac to me(((     Anyway ... anybody wants to discuss a next possible desiighn of MTO?)))))))   Julian please remind how much will be shoes in Exlusive specification group MTO (like Miller, Benson):   1) calf 2) cordovan   Thanks in advance    PS: and will there be so long  wait also and deposit of money? Or will it be corrected somehow?
and I...
For me waiting isn't much of a problem. I just hate the idea of depositing the money for 8 month....It's almost a bank practice BUT without %%%%%   The same thing....I was waiting for blue monks from exclusive line since April....Delivered in December. Paid for in April.   I would be interested in other paymet conditions. Say....when the production at the start....
If Benson...I would choose between upper cordovan color and this one of calf...
ahhhh. the thing from their catalog... yes, they are also nice. Does somebody remember the prices on group mto from calf and cordovan in regard of miller and benson?
do you have a picture of wanted thing?
doesn't anyone want to repeat mto? both types of footwear look gorgeous.
Julian, metal toe tips is a new service or is it for some models only? I would like to add it to my blue copper monks which are must be in production I guess)). Can I add that?  
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