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Agree 100%, but it wan't be this year  And I want Vass in this May as my birthday present to myself 
Mimo, Does F last not sloppy in the heel? To tell you the truth I loooove sharp lines and Italian classic models.... Something a la G&G....It's a dream. If I was righ, I would have home overloaded with G&G...  and etc. I am not very wide in forefoot. To be more precise I have a little bunions on feet. I guess my width is standart.  When I have tight fit (AS 99 last), I know it'll be ok with time.... But some models/last of shoes will have some deformation in ball area......
  Yes, I was there in teenage period.... Roman bathes were my main pleasure....The weather was bag though(((( Dark and gloomy, not a period for sightseeing.... May be some time in future I will visit it again and ofcourse will get bespoke Vass  
Ooo, I have seen a lot of old makings... And depending on them I am considering several variants. Thought may be someone can give advice...People have ordered Vass, saw them in real life so to say... saw some fitures that can be deceaving on pictures... As someone said regards goofish look of Vass italian Oxford. There are a lot of pictures on which all Vass oxfords are goofish  due to taking photos from ahead, making toe looking too big, long, massive.... And it's hard to...
Noone will help? 
I also would appreciate help in style advice. I am considering French Oxford or Old English II (1st prefer more) with toe cap. I am not sure in colour and material (their combination). I tought to make shoe in some museum calf (all colours counts except brown). Upper (lacing part) considering making of scotchgrain (maybe suede but scotchgrain preferable). I want to make shoe less formal, more stylish maybe and for everyday use and purpose.   Some variants:   1 - plum...
Hello!   I would appreciate help in determining my size in Vass, as I am going to purchase 1st pair of that brand. I feel that the more I read about fitting, I am getting unsure even more. I am not experienced in buying such shoes. Mostly I buy at Yoox and so on (testoni, santoni, fratelli rossetti). I have several pairs of English brands - C&J, G&G, AS. But due to my inexperienced past  most with fitting problems (I have high instep and wide feet in ball joint...
are there some noticable discounts in January? 30-50-70%%?
    Same thing with width)) But I don't see much of croud here. It's a pity. Everybody lost interest in AS MTO?
How much is Vass MTO? And what one can choose (leather, sole, itc.)?   How you compare Vass to GG?
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