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Attention, attention. We are gathering group MTO for that beautiful double monk in norvegese construction. White stitching, dark brown natur calf, double soles (semi-finished as on picture).... Please join in. It's 3 of us now.
 Ok, I guess Rui is ok with me
 So it's 3 of us now for that great double monk.How much people we need to make a group MTO? Does anybody know? Regards last. I wanted to ask myself about fitting. I have not shoes from Meermin. Comparing to Carmina I fit ok with Rain, in Simpson I go 0,5 size up.  C&J 325 is ok, 348 is narrow for me and instep is low. Vass F is good fit. Can you enlighten me on Meermin lasts? Regards Rui don't you think that it's a little too shapeless in comparison with other lasts? I...
Guys, will somebody be interested in that norvegese double monks? I would like them to be in dark brown naturcalf or some dark cordovan (but in cordovan I can only guess what will be the price). Stitching contrast (white). Leather double sole.  If we have enough people we can make group MTO with Meermin.    
are they sold?
I have a possibility to buy Santoni shoe trees for cheap but I haven't tried them yet. Does anybody have them? How do they fill the shoe? I like their full hils but I wonder regards the front part.    I have different experience with shoe trees. Ones I have bought Saphir black shoe trees. They turned to be very slim and do not fill the shoe at all. I am no expert but even some lasted shoe trees are not perfect. For instance GG and Vass shoe trees not that tight I would...
Worn less than 15 -20 times. Slightly big for 43 size.    Shipping included
Worn less than 10 times. 43 size but I feel it short (maybe half size). Upper part - suede, lower part textile   price includes shipping
Absolutly new and unworn. Nappa leather. Black. Price includes shipping.
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