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are there some noticable discounts in January? 30-50-70%%?
    Same thing with width)) But I don't see much of croud here. It's a pity. Everybody lost interest in AS MTO?
How much is Vass MTO? And what one can choose (leather, sole, itc.)?   How you compare Vass to GG?
      Nevertheless I think it's comfortable to have separate thread to discuss only group MTOs.   There was much of duscussions in the old thread but only 3 MTOs: Millers, Bensons, Ramsy. All in cordovan.       I would be interested in Exclusive specification of HandGrade desighn (as was done earlier).... So the price as Exclusive but HandGrade models. We can count wished models and when it gets to 4 minimum order group MTO
according to info from another treads ... yes. and i can't access old their threads...can others?
Gentlemen,   Due to AFPoS leaving this forum I suggest to continue discuss Alfred Sargent MTO shoes here in this thread   There is possibility to place these orders trough another stockist (Shoehealer)   I don't think it hurts feelings of AFPoS as the company left by itself       I personaly corresponded with shoehealer and he preposed me that servises. Moreover he said that we can get less than 6 orders of equal specifiation of shoes (SOME MODELS)....
  Blue also awesome!!!
    I am in. If the group MTO will come true drop me pm please to arange payment, etc. 1 note....I understand that black is universal but may be consider brown? It less formal and looks beautiful  
so...new MTO hasn't emerged on the horizon yet?(( Still Millers (almost any) or Benson in cognac cordovan are not intriguing anybody anymore? 
  That MTO in cordovan you mean? What last was it? I heard that they don't have any last in G width 
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