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Guess who
Having seen a lot of pictures for these two days I think etrusco is nice colour and good thing for boots
In case of etrusco?
 I would rather go for colour of boots I posted...by the way what color is that?
 Ohhh, rather red.... I would prefer something closer to wood colour...again refering to SC boot
 That warm colour is ok. May be it pedends on picture than the real colour difference but that looks much more red to me
I see that vitello etrusco differ in shade from item to item.... This (see picture) is what we need really. I don't see any red there
In terms of darkness yes, but shade is different - reddish. I think vitello bolet is closer if we look at standart colour patch you have on website (I thought EB has much more choice). Buy the way original colour of EB i posted also very beautiful. I think we can consider that colour also.
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