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Can any knowing person tell me what leather is that? And how do you rate it... based on personal experience...    
Wanted:   Rick Owens Bauhaus calf leather jacket 2014 collection - RU14F2766/LCW Rick Owens Bullet calf leather jacket 2016 collection - RU16F6766 LCW 9   Size: 48/50 (not sure yet)   My chest measurement 100-102     Price:   prefer new - 850 euro lightly worn (very lightly:-)) - 600 euro   Best offers are invited      
So will you check with your friend 48/50?
48/50 depends on fitting
do they sell bauhaus 2014  somewhere?))) I want it
 I had the same problem. Bought them in early November.  For me it was cutting off and glueing back without use of top eyelet. Awful thing, but what could I do...
GMTO PROPOSAL        Enzo bonafe button boots Last: I believe 363  Upper black ostrich Shaft black peccary Construction welted Topy sole or metal toe tips (or both, as group want) Red lining (or other)   People participating: 1 sure, 2 considering
  Lartiste,  are you still interested in this boot?  Lartiste We need only 4 people to make this GMTO. 
If you are interested that' s great... I have one more potentionally interested person. Do we need 3 more?
Why you think shell looks better on F?
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