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Guys, having option of buying Bauhaus only in LGI or LBO leather what would you recommend?  In terns of both look and leather quality... Talking about looks...I am far from Rick Owens type...  LGI looks more.... Casual from first glance while lbo looks biker))))    Looking for the help of long buyers, 
Guys, what Is LBO calf... What Is difference with LCW? What better for bauhaus?
Can any knowing person tell me what leather is that? And how do you rate it... based on personal experience...    
Wanted:   Rick Owens Bauhaus calf leather jacket 2014 collection - RU14F2766/LCW Rick Owens Bullet calf leather jacket 2016 collection - RU16F6766 LCW 9   Size: 48/50 (not sure yet)   My chest measurement 100-102     Price:   prefer new - 850 euro lightly worn (very lightly:-)) - 600 euro   Best offers are invited      
So will you check with your friend 48/50?
48/50 depends on fitting
do they sell bauhaus 2014  somewhere?))) I want it
 I had the same problem. Bought them in early November.  For me it was cutting off and glueing back without use of top eyelet. Awful thing, but what could I do...
GMTO PROPOSAL        Enzo bonafe button boots Last: I believe 363  Upper black ostrich Shaft black peccary Construction welted Topy sole or metal toe tips (or both, as group want) Red lining (or other)   People participating: 1 sure, 2 considering
  Lartiste,  are you still interested in this boot?  Lartiste We need only 4 people to make this GMTO. 
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