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I, too, like the flexibility and variety that sport coats and odd trousers offer. In the most formal of situations, nothing but a suit (or the blue and grey, imo, a half step down in formality) will do, but for everything else, a sport coat and odd trouser ensemble allows for some very beautiful outfits. So much so, that I often have people tell me how much they like my "suit"...  
I really like this. True, it's not a conventional, contemporary menswear look, but it really fits you and is well executed.
Thrift one.
I wanted to create this thread so that if anyone is searching for this topic in the future, they can find their answer by searching here or via Google. Below is an e-mail I received back from a Kiwi service rep regarding the appropriate choice of Kiwi polish for burgundy shoes:    
They're more comfortable than my AE's.
I've got Meltons in black and burgundy, and love them both; extremely comfortable right out of the box. I also own four pairs of AE, but would choose the J&M without hesitation - especially in a situation where I'll be on my feel a lot (like a wedding).
Title ^^^^           F.Y.I. ...
Can you visit him and wear it back? Lol.  
I like the way it looks on you. My .02...
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