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I thought about getting a pair of shell chukkas, but they'd probably shred my ankles, lol. Besides, I've got two pairs of AE Dundees coming in. I'm out.
Those Alden pics are from the Marshall's on W. Gray, near River Oaks, in Houston, Texas.
I stopped by the local shoe hospital to pick up a new jar of #10, and was told that Meltonian was discontinued due to a carcinogen in it. I picked up a couple of jars of Kelly's, while I was there, and will see how that works out. Has anyone else heard anything about this? A Google search didn't shed any light on it...
If you're in Houston, stop by the Macy's at Memorial City Mall. They have a huge selection of Dockers, and there's always a "sale" and discounts. In the meantime, Google "flannel lined chinos". Iirc, Dockers has some.
 Yes! I love their silk knit ties. I recently bought one of their faux grenadine ("Grenafaux" - #13509), too. But even their regular silk ties make beautiful outfits:  Found here: It's a favorite tie of mine, and I have to make myself not use it. It works with a lot of different outfits.
I own a ton of ties and pocket squares fom The Tie Bar. I don't work for them, I don't own stock in them, but I find their ties to be beautiful, affordably priced, and they've been very beneficial in putting some really beautiful outfits together:       Suffice it to say that I'm happy with my purchases from them (and their customer service), and will continue to buy ties, pocket squares, and other accessories as needed. I will mention that most of their pocket...
Check Yelp.
My tailor charges $35. for waist suppression, no idea about the center vs. sides debate.
The company was sold years ago, and iirc, none of the original family has any holdings. I think it's Italian owned.
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