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If you're in Houston, stop by the Macy's at Memorial City Mall. They have a huge selection of Dockers, and there's always a "sale" and discounts. In the meantime, Google "flannel lined chinos". Iirc, Dockers has some.
 Yes! I love their silk knit ties. I recently bought one of their faux grenadine ("Grenafaux" - #13509), too. But even their regular silk ties make beautiful outfits:  Found here: http://www.thetiebar.com/product/11802 It's a favorite tie of mine, and I have to make myself not use it. It works with a lot of different outfits.
I own a ton of ties and pocket squares fom The Tie Bar. I don't work for them, I don't own stock in them, but I find their ties to be beautiful, affordably priced, and they've been very beneficial in putting some really beautiful outfits together:       Suffice it to say that I'm happy with my purchases from them (and their customer service), and will continue to buy ties, pocket squares, and other accessories as needed. I will mention that most of their pocket...
Check Yelp.
My tailor charges $35. for waist suppression, no idea about the center vs. sides debate.
The company was sold years ago, and iirc, none of the original family has any holdings. I think it's Italian owned.
I, too, like the flexibility and variety that sport coats and odd trousers offer. In the most formal of situations, nothing but a suit (or the blue and grey, imo, a half step down in formality) will do, but for everything else, a sport coat and odd trouser ensemble allows for some very beautiful outfits. So much so, that I often have people tell me how much they like my "suit"...  
I really like this. True, it's not a conventional, contemporary menswear look, but it really fits you and is well executed.
Thrift one.
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