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Same here. I used the form and its sheet seems to be untouched as far as comments by Drew goes. Is this sheet not in use or ?    I was on the list of upcomming orders that he posted through brad-t
 Dude, you stated your source. You did nothing wrong. No need to apologies.
What do we think about the list of names with orders about to be sent/produced?  My name is on the list, so I have my fingers crossed. Not sure if there is any point in getting my hopes up tho. I did send a mail to Drew confirming details but recieved no reply as of yet.
I'm sorry, but what is this list of names and why is my name on it ?   Edit: Never mind. Found the original post by Brad.
He did answer notwithit tho
Seems this was pointless
Here we go again... 
"For the spot that's available, it'd be a few months." ... and we all know it's always a bit longer than they estimate.    According to the guy I paid  its a July/August 2013 spot. 
Disclaimer! TOJ said nothing about when the original order was placed. I contacted the guy with the paypal address asking.  So they might aswell have pushed me back in the line for all I know. And I really don't care. Leather isn't warm enough for the Norwegian winter anyways :) 
I guess there has been a few. I contacted TOJ desperately wanting to order a new 2010DR since my beloved olive calf got stolen. They hooked me up with the paypal address of a guy wanting a refund so I bought his spot (july/aug 2013). Was told it was going to at least be a few months before it would be ready. Fingers crossed I guess. I still have faith in Drew :)
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