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He did answer notwithit tho
Seems this was pointless
Here we go again... 
"For the spot that's available, it'd be a few months." ... and we all know it's always a bit longer than they estimate.    According to the guy I paid  its a July/August 2013 spot. 
Disclaimer! TOJ said nothing about when the original order was placed. I contacted the guy with the paypal address asking.  So they might aswell have pushed me back in the line for all I know. And I really don't care. Leather isn't warm enough for the Norwegian winter anyways :) 
I guess there has been a few. I contacted TOJ desperately wanting to order a new 2010DR since my beloved olive calf got stolen. They hooked me up with the paypal address of a guy wanting a refund so I bought his spot (july/aug 2013). Was told it was going to at least be a few months before it would be ready. Fingers crossed I guess. I still have faith in Drew :)
Just remember that there is (at least) two types of olive calf out there.  Italian: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=13381 And the softer version: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=15382
They both run a bit large. About 1/2 a size I'd say. I'd reccomend you to try them on if you can.
Well, the two are completly different IMO. Although they are both work boots the 1ks are a lot more dressed up.   I didn't buy the 1Ks to replace my IR. The IR are a lot more rugged and can take a serious beating. I use those for snow and rain. They have seen a lot of mud and dirt over the years, and allways clean up nice. (Not cleand up in photos tho). I'm not so sure the 1Ks will hold up as well with the same kind of abuse.   If you plan on using them in all kinds of...
  Brand new 1K's to the right, 3 year old beaten up iorn rangers to the left. 1 year old 1K's in the middle. Tell me what you want to see and I'll snap better pics for you.
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