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To be fair TOJ never told me that the paypal account belonged to someone else. All I got was "We have a spot open. Transfer the funds to this account". Nothing else was stated. Since this was my 4th jacket I knew that  the account wasn't theirs.
 We'll thats not happening. I'm not pushing this over to some other guy. If there's no way of making a chargeback back to the TOJ account (Can't see how that would be possible) I'll take my loss and move on.  This entire thing is just sad. I had 3 jackets from TOJ. One got stolen and the other two I really, really enjoy. Just really dissapointed that I didn't get my jacket I guess... 
Hi guys. I'm losing faith aswell these days. I bought my spot form another victim. Arranged by Charly.  I was told to not transfer the funds directly to TOJ, but to the other guy. I guess thats how they did chargebacks back then.  I can't file a chargeback because I don't want to just push the issue over to the other guy. And thoughts? 
Same here. I used the form and its sheet seems to be untouched as far as comments by Drew goes. Is this sheet not in use or ?    I was on the list of upcomming orders that he posted through brad-t
 Dude, you stated your source. You did nothing wrong. No need to apologies.
What do we think about the list of names with orders about to be sent/produced?  My name is on the list, so I have my fingers crossed. Not sure if there is any point in getting my hopes up tho. I did send a mail to Drew confirming details but recieved no reply as of yet.
I'm sorry, but what is this list of names and why is my name on it ?   Edit: Never mind. Found the original post by Brad.
He did answer notwithit tho
Seems this was pointless
Here we go again... 
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