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I agree. I've been in the market for some modern sportcoats that can be used in the professional environment but also with some jeans. I was hoping Suitsupply could fit the bill, but their jackets are getting more Fashun. I saw one jacket (it might even be a suit coat) from the YouTube fashion show that had potential. Brooks Brothers is becoming more modern, and thus my business might be shifting in the sportcoat area. I can't stand DB suits or jackets, and I feel patch...
I didn't realize ill fitting suits were the new style. There was a handful of items that were of potential, but most was far too ludacris. It's a great company and business model, they are just too far on the cutting edge of fashion.
Can someone let me know what type of pleat the slim fit shirts have? Center, Box or None?   Thanks
Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have a time frame as to when a solid, slim fit, white Twill with the Ledbury Collar will return?
I'm very interested in Ledbury. I'm eager to make my first purchase, but wanted to run a few things by the group first.    I'm fairly short, how low is the second button? Would it be too low to wear a V-neck T-shirt underneath for a business casual+ environment (no khaki's, sportcoats/blazers/suits when coming into the office, wool dress slacks)?   I've read the whole post, and I haven't seen a definitive response as to whether or not a 32 sleeve will be...
I just bought the Napoli Grey Uni. I would equate it to the worsted wool grey color of J Crew. It's really a great staple suit. Highly recommend.
I know Boss doesn't get much love on the forum. However, there are a couple sportcoats from the mainline store that I'm interested in, and was curious as to whether Boss goes on sale during during specific times each year (e.g. Black Friday, Post Christmas, etc). Is there an anniversary sale or some other event that Boss does at their stores that is similar to Nordstrom or other department stores sales on the same product?   Thanks in advance.
I bought this suit a while back when it was first released. It's fantastic in my opinion, I've received many compliments on the fit and design. You shouldn't be disappointed.   If anyone for SS is listening, please make more of the Lazio cut in different fabrics.  
Do you happen to know the starting price points for the blue and red line?  
I respectfully disagree. I would find it hard to imagine a menswear company that does not have everyday office suits. SF excluded, suits are very rarely worn outside of the office now a days (this from a myopic, US centric, point-of-view). The market would be tiny.   Yes there are plenty of companies that focus on office wear suits. However, I've found it extremely difficult to find the level of quality suit that is sub-$500, and in a modern cut, from any other...
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