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What's everyone's time on exchanges? I sent my shirts back 2 weeks ago and called them early this week. They said it can take 3 weeks which I find terribly long. They have charged me for 5 shirts and I only have 2. I'm disappointed in their turn around time.
I received my shipping notification today from CT. At the bottom in bold it read "* Our standard SIX month guarantee does not apply to sale items.  All purchases under our SALE promotions are covered by a 14-day unconditional guarantee." Can anyone comment on this? Aren't they always on "Sale"? I purchased my shirts through a link for $30 per shirt. I ordered a variety of sizes in cuffs and collars to get my size dialed in since the reviews have been mixed on the...
I just found out that their business casual shirts do not have collar stays, a bit of a let down.    Can anyone comment on the collars of CT shirts? Do they stand up more, less, or the same as BB shirts?   Thanks again
Can anyone comment on their Business Casual shirts? Additionally, how are there collars? Do they stand up better, the same, or worse than BB collars? Do they stand up well without a tie under a blazer? Thanks
Paul -    Thanks for the response. I was at first excited to see such a member of Ledbury reach out, but then let down when I read your response. You made no mention on the improvements to the shirt cuffs, nor a response to the neck sizing.   Maybe it's just me, but I don't care about the sizing app. As a purchaser of $115 base price shirt, I'd expect customers to relatively know their size. That could just be me. You made no mention as to the inventory for...
I'm going to have to hop on board with some of the Ledbury bashing for a moment. I too am tired of the loud fabrics and colors. I work in business casual+ environment (i.e. business formal with no tie). I couldn't get away with some of these green/pink/red monstrosities that they are pumping out.   I also have a big problem with their lack of inventory, since almost any of the basic/business color combinations are sold out (hint hint Ledbury). I have money to spend,...
Totally agree.
I'm waiting on the neck sizing to be fixed before I purchase another shirt at Ledbury. It amazes me that removing darts is a higher priority than having an accurate neck size. If I move up a neck size the perfect measurements of my current shirt will all be out of whack.    Ledbury - please let us know more on if you plan on increasing neck sizes to reflect actual sizes.    Great shirts non the less if you have don't have to wear a tie. 
I wanted to post a review of my first purchase of a Ledbury shirt - White, Slim, Ledbury Spread. I haven't worn it for a full day, but have tried it on right out of the box, after a laundry cycle, and after an ironing. I'm very pleased with my purchase thus far. The fabric is very nice, and the collar is fantastic for staying up straight. The second button is not that far down the shirt as I had feared, it's maybe just a hair further south than a Brooks Brothers shirt,...
Does any one have a coupon code, or referral code that I can use? I'm looking to purchase a shirt today and would appreciate any discount advice.    Thanks in advance.
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