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Was looking for a bag I could use to take to work. Wife bought this Brooks Brothers bag on sale for me.    
What annoys me is when some, not all SAs act like they are rich snobs just because of the (discounted/free) clothes they wear. I live in Florida and there has been a few times I've been dressed for going to the beach in shorts and flip flops, and ended up stopping at a few stores (won't say names) on the way back. The SAs were really rude to me, and treated me like crap because they thought they were superior just simply because how I was dressed. Yeah guy, I probably...
+1 I live in the U.S. and you can wear a cheap $30 french cuff shirt from Macy's and people think you're some rich snob. Depends where you are, but where I live I see very very few people ever wear them. But where you're at it should be a different story, so I would say wear them.
I live in Florida, so I sometimes do it. But that sometimes is once a month max, and that's only if I am having to run somewhere real quick. In other words, it's best not to do it when possible.
Tried to check out the site, and it said 'Sorry, you are not allowed to browse this area.'
 that seems like blasphemy for a lot of people on here. 
While on the topic of Rayban Aviators.... I don't wear sunglasses much, but my dad was a commercial pilot for 25 years and wore aviators all the time. He says the quality of Rayban is garbage, and they break fairly easily. He recommended getting a pair of Serengeti aviators. I don't think they make aviators anymore, you can still find them online. The look of his is very close to a lot of Raybans I have seen, and he has had them for 8 years. Just figured I would throw...
  I love FC's, but your 100% right. It's very disappointing sometimes to live in the US for this reason.
Why do you say that? Are you talking about you personally, or Burberry Polos in general? I'm new to the style thing, and was thinking of getting one of their Polos. So I'm wanting to know if I should stay away or not.    
Newbie question, aren't button down collars for sports shirts, not dress shirts? If so, maybe his shirt in the first pic should be replaced with a different one while wearing a suit?
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