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My new Daltons just arrived.  
    I wrote AE, and they said they were an old Colby model that's been discontinued for a couple years.
Oh, forgot to ask. It says to go one shade darker. I previous store associate had walnut Daltons, and he recommended black. Should I do that, or use Merlot and build it up? I'm good with polishing dark colors shoes, but this it the first set of Walnut I will do plus I've never antiqued shoes before.
  Here you go:   Not sure which number you need: 48255 & 0018405     David, thank you for the compliment, and thanks for the link.
Got a couple questions... Went to Nordstrom rack with the wife the other day, and ran across a pair of AE boat shoes that were exactly what I was looking for and fit perfect. I know being Nordstrom rack they are an older outdated pair. I'm curious as to which ones they are. I've tried searching, but can't find them online at all anywhere. They were stuck in a fairfax box, so that doesn't help to id them. Do any of you guys know?     Next question, I'm getting...
In Bloomberg Businessweek January 21-27th 2013 Not trying to start a political argument. Just thought it would be interesting for people.  
    First pair of AE's, and I'm already in love with them. Regent Street that were on clearance at the AE store in North Atlanta. Already saving up for some Daltons. Now I see why you guys love them so much.  
I'm still fairly new to the forum, and the world of style. But this is a semi related question to this thread. I've been reading how people say the BB 346 is basically garbage compared to the real BB lines since it's made separately for the outlets. My question is what's the point of it? I regularly get emails from the BB main stores, and with their sales it's just as cheap as the outlet. So what's the point of the outlet with the bad line?
Sorry for low quality pic. Don't have camera with me, so I'm having to use cell phone. Got a Brooks Brothers tie for $3, and a Robert Talbott tie for $0.99 today.  
  I'm 6' and 195lbs with a gut, and I wear a 42. So I second what dreamspace said.
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