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well i have narrow shoulders and it's also a cheap blazer with low armholes (which was what made me think of pads). Do you think this would be a really expensive experiment with not much hope of success?
s it possible to add shoulder pads to a completely unstructured blazer? I have a pique cotton blazer that i really like as a casual option, but it has no fusing/pads/structure whatsoever. And if this is possible, will it look weird to have pads but no structure otherwise? Thanks!
So I was really excited to find out that suitsupply sold size 35's - I have really narrow shoulders and have not found a good suit OTR that fits me in the shoulders except for H&M. This is SS's slimmest cut in their smaller size, and it's either this or nothing for me so I'm biased, but I'd like a neutral opinion. How does it look? And should i keep it?     My thoughts/notes:   I'd shorten it by about 1" (I'm 5'7") but I'm afraid it would throw off the balance...
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