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Brad- you might be interested in the Inaisce Pilgrim Coat from this season. It's more expensive, but very similar to the All Saints on look wise (though better pockets). Ink HK sells it, blackbird has a waxed version, and there are a few other retailers out there I've forgotten about I'm sure.      [[SPOILER]]
Nothing in Seattle. Barren fucking wasteland. Even the Barney's is boring. 
    Well, should I?
    Looking for a fall/ early winter knit for Seattle.    Alternatively,  
The picture was mostly out of curiosity- I'd like to see how it looks without being professionally modeled.    The fit was because while websites list measurements, often an idea of "it fits really narrowly in the chest, but this looks good" is as useful as "chest: 19.5"
Yes, there are. But after being recommended by websites to purchase a standard size, and getting a jacket one size too big, I'd prefer to ask people in the thread who've handled it. 
How does this fit/ feel? 
Augusta sizing- I'm a 43 ish in Guidis, a 9.5 US in Carminas, seems like I should be a 42 Augusta?
  Is it just me, or is the heel on layer 0 boots really low? Feels very close to sneaker-like-heels
H Lorenzo is selling the Incarnation one- I'm sure they'd have advice on seasonal applicability, and more experience than most of the people here with Incarnation leathers
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