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Yeah JE is definitely continuing to impress. Really like the presentation of the jeans with the tags and the wash is up there with the best of them. would like to see a fit pic as well. I'm about 6' and am wondering if the combs would look weird since they would look good on someone thats 5'9. Also, can you say if the jeans are painted on (like many Dior Jakes look like a print over the jean) or if there is actual distressing and detail. 
Sounds like you already regret it. I don't recall ever seeing these on sale either. 
So you speak for Kunk? Thought you were the Rick Ambassador 
 So classy and eloquent. The Bastian of RO for sure. 
and yes I'm drunk!
Yeah if you're new to the brand, sure, SS14/FW14 is quite nice compared to whatever else mr porter offers. I mean we've got the ambassador of RO in this thread wearing MEK / Diesel boot cut jeans with a full grain jacket (ew, honestly, full grain soft leather is considered attractive now?). That shearling posted above is the best thing i've seen in this thread aside from the stooges fit with the yellow cap, but none of this holds a candle to the material RO produced before...
I thought Fwrd Elyse for men was online only. The store only carried a portion of the womens. 
Sadly, RO in general has declined not only in quality and bang for buck, but even in labor costs. A few years ago they would send the leather and patterns to moldova to construct so you had pretty decent work on Made in Moldova jackets, but apparently now everything is being sourced in Moldova, Whereas the Italy jackets now have leather sourced in Italy and shipped to Moldova for manufacturing and then shipped back to simply add the cotton lining and tags.  T-shirts are...
Just get a pair of BBS P13 and call it a day
Still haven't heard an answer on why the new Over shirt is priced the same as the older season with leather yoke though. 
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