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better than most of the recent fits. pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!
someone make an offer please, these are starting to gather dust
argh walt needs to put this bitch in her place asap. 
you all have great hair btw
where did all these authors come from? and why do all the 20 year old hipsters like them? i realize murakami is from the 60's, but 15 years ago, hunter thompson and anthony burgess were considered cutting edge to budding young readers. is wiki or the internets to blame?
i'd pay the extra $1 or 200 for crazay layces
do you know where they are made? i actually never considered BR but on new years i needed socks and they were the only place open. those socks are amazing for the price and still hold up rather nicely. 
i'll gladly listen to car talk if it involves a maserati gt s. if not, your car is boring. 
beautiful. incredible. sexy. soffissicated. 
New Posts  All Forums: