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no, from what I've seen they've always had a full on seasonal runway and boutique line up, although the clothes sell out pretty fast. the sneakers and shoes probably account for most of their mens sales though. 
just received my balenciaga pants from yoox. really pissed off...i've already filed a return, so its not that big of a deal, but whatever they sent me are not by balenciaga and seem to be a knock off. i guess for $150 I should have known better but I've never had this problem with them before. anyone ever had similar experiences?   here's a comparison of some of the details..           You can quickly identify the differences. on their product page...
they're just to distract you from the suede achilles style sneaker right behind.  (i hope)
just saw the raf on mr porter and thought of
i have to do production work in palm springs in a few weeks so my plan was to use it for that. looks like something that wont absorb sweat/stains as easily.. maybe i should sleep on it. 
well that couldn't have come at a better time. experimental sun shirt you are mine. 
20% off ssense sale items, but where are you supposed to enter the code?   http://www.fashionsauce.com/discounts/ssense-discount-code-20
I assume most people would not mind being on campus in the caribbean. 
not sure about this but I like how these guys are pushing the envelope   http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/sunshirt.html#fragment-2
really like that raf, retail price isn't bad at all either. 
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