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The only Rick i've seen that i want is the Intarsia I believe, but not the one with the high neck. I haven't seen it this season, but I don't want anything too out there, just a simple high quality great fitting jacket. Aesthetically the Rick is a hair out there for me, but its the only jacket i've seen that is readily available (at a price) and looks good. Moto is more toned down and cleaner though which I like. Are the leathers comparable?   now that i look at it, the...
new to TOJ.. was going to save for a rick jacket but seems like TOJ might be the better option. What do you guys think of the Moto Jacket? #2 no collars.. quality, etc..   *edit, not even sure its available, waiting for a response from toj
anyone know when those WM camo low tops are supposed to come out?  
ive got my calendar marked for these. 
same here. no more stoned online shopping.    immediately re-routing that money to apple. 
Does anyone have experience with Lanvin Raw denim? Any comparison with Dior?
all I can think of is the corner and that rick owens sale fiasco... but at least everyone got their items =\
well to be fair, the OP said it was a discount on sale items and he stumbled upon the fact that everything was being discounted. at that point it was a frenzy and nearly comparable to looting. I knew it would be too good to be true and chalk it up to technical errors. not mad at them, thankfully they were able to catch it quickly rather than wait a few days. was looking forward to that Sidian Ersatz for $50 though :(
thanks for the link, got a ton of basic stuff that i needed for peanuts. hope it goes through
i'd go with any of the 3 massive internet shops that call it type b as opposed to the much smaller, lesser known internet store that calls it otherwise. 
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