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boris bidjan saberi, and these new ones look pretty sick. i like em way better than last season.    kva sole looks like a hiking boot but i'll have to see it in person. for some reason i think the laces don't look so crazy with such a chunky sole. 
just got my new shipment of everlane in. very impressed, the shirts feel so much better than the first wave v necks i ordered. heard some complaints about the cotton earlier, but i'm very impressed... super soft. fit and cut are actually a little roomier and longer now. hope they stay like this because right now they are the perfect shirt. after all my past complaints, i'd almost say they are as good as sunspel. 
like a macbook on sale at best buy
alright, shake your dicks off, this pissing contest is over
I wanna know too! I want these attachment pants from H lorenzo but they're like $900... i'm guessing they're much cheaper in japan? 
if you want one to use as a go-to lanvin make some really nice ones with a silk/cashmere blend that aren't too much more. if you're trying to get one on the cheap with similar materials, you can try and find uniqlo or even american apparel, james perse, etc. 
  the geller is going to be made out of better material, but if you're willing to spend that much on something so common you might as well save a little more and get something much more luxurious. 
anyone know of some good trackpants out there? I liked the isaora ones but they were way too slim and now are out of stock in most sizes. 
    Really want to get those woven ones.. any idea where they'd sell? Niketown or premium stores in EU? Toasty were you the one that mentioned these being unimpressive in person?
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