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cool, thanks! regarding lanvin.. i completely disagree... maybe they're not aesthetically as nice as other options out there, but in my honest opinion, the quality destroys 99% of whats out there. 
lanvin's look and feel so much better in person. while most shoes have product photos that look better than the actual shoe in person, every lanvin shot i've seen does not do the actual shoe justice in terms of color tones, details, etc. not to mention the beautiful work they do on the inside of the shoes. 
has anyone here felt a pair of butteros? seriously considering the low or high's in black as a pair of dailies, especially after reading an article on their craftsmanship/artisan work. are these the hermes of sneakers? comparable quality to lanvin?
probably a blessing in disguise. 
wow.. that sucks. 
new rafs are made in portugal. i found them to be a tiny tiny bit bigger. 
you guys get your isaora kops processed yet?
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