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you're right, no one wears margiela, especially not in beverly hills. 
Balenciaga cotton blend trousers at yoox for $150. the same are currently selling at mr porter for $475.        Neil Barrett Cotton Waxed Denim 
buy them and post a waywt lifestyle fit of you cheating in class
omg!!! cant wait to cry myself to sleep!!
  bout to hit the gym, but also wanted to incorporate my crazy gangsta lifestyle into the mix.    black scale bobby geller jimmy perse lonny vinn
saw the bbs at lorenzo, they seem to be quite delicate and fragile, but very interesting. 
      and risk not looking fresh at the smoothie bar after? no dice bro. 
this is also dependent on where one lives obviously, but walk down la brea or melrose in l.a. and i'm nearly positive you'll spot a dozen or so people wearing gats. i'm positive new york is not much different. also, take a look at the recent purchase, should i wear, waywt and sales threads you'll probably find that at least one page from the last 3 months has a mention of gats. 
Dropped to $300
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