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which ones do you have if you don't mind me asking? I think your aesthetic choices are closer to what I'm going for.. slim, sleek, minimal, etc. 
yeah.. they have a ton of MOMA too, and supposedly they're pretty great, but I like the look of these best.. shame I cant find a country of origin. Might just order and do a quick a review for all to see. 
anyone know anything about these cafe'noir?     inexpensive side zips
lol.. i meant she worked as a dinner / professional escort and didn't have sex with clients.. but nice job reading into that. 
nicer than targét and wülmart innit?
i'm in ashland oregon right now and walked by radio shack, completely out of the loop ( i'm in the sticks on vacation). I guess people out here don't care for iphones because there were about 10 employees with a tent trying to sell iphone 5's and no customers.. walked in to try and snag an unlocked one for my att account and almost got a verizon iphone until i noticed that they raised their prices. $50 for 1gb of data? I bought my mom an iphone 4s 3 months ago and she got...
the more i look at the $285 price tag and the inneva pics the less i want them, even after 20% off. tbs code brings them down to 2 bills, but even then, i'm happy with their other less expensive offerings. is the extra bill essentially paying for 1 tiny logo in the back and a leather patch? looks like woven nylon over a fr5 sole. agh.. dope but not sure if its over 2 bills dope. 
they may not be as hyped and their painted logo is obnoxious, but they were the first to successfully tap into the whole japanese take on levi's. as far as i know evisu was the first to use the original levi's loom machines.    I haven't seen evisu's around. Prps are ok but the cuts are atrocious and boxy.. great if you have to actually work in them. RRL gets a lot of love. I really like Edwin Rebel Vintage if you're going for that kind of classic levi's look. 
    n/m noticed you said raw
Thanks! Robert Geller... I had it up on B&S for a while as it'd been sitting in my closet since I got it.. thought i'd try it out one more time. 
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