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he's a creative though and that will take him places 
  for fun.. 
those aren't the og's either doofus. regardless, the ones above are great with the suede and leather uppers. 
wasnt trying to offend, i just think they are way too loud. it would work if you had something subtle to rotate them with but they're just too much.. the ones without chains posted above are much classier and will work anywhere you go. sell them. someone will buy them. 
yep, classic and beautiful. 
im stating an opinion on a recent purchase to someone who acts like a dictator on these forums. hardly cruel. i'm sure he can handle it.    and reedo: those pants look amazing. keep them. 
yes, just want to get my message through to fuumas thick skull
those chains are ugly and retarded. if you can rip them out it would look dope but for now you look like howie mandel in monster under my bed. 
you look like judd nelsons skewed id, only worse. go back to square one. that jacket looks retarded btw, unless you work at a lumber mill. your skewed confidence only makes it worse. 
i had to walk away and look at this once more, and i hate to say it, you look like corey haims love child wearing grand daddy's clothes. awful man. stick to your margiela sneakers and jeans with some sort of flattering top. after you work out for 2 or 3 weeks. 
New Posts  All Forums: