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they may not be as hyped and their painted logo is obnoxious, but they were the first to successfully tap into the whole japanese take on levi's. as far as i know evisu was the first to use the original levi's loom machines.    I haven't seen evisu's around. Prps are ok but the cuts are atrocious and boxy.. great if you have to actually work in them. RRL gets a lot of love. I really like Edwin Rebel Vintage if you're going for that kind of classic levi's look. 
    n/m noticed you said raw
Thanks! Robert Geller... I had it up on B&S for a while as it'd been sitting in my closet since I got it.. thought i'd try it out one more time. 
  Catching a flight to Oregon in a few.. trying to be as comfy as possible
yeah but right now he's considering $600 cutler & goss sunglasses and $700 YSL brogues.. at least this will steer him in a more logical direction that he can build from. 
  I can agree with this, but the guy seems to at least want to go for a flattering style using higher quality fabrics..i'd at least change to..   1x TOJ 8x Everlane 1x Dior Homme or a nice fitting MIJ pair of denim in grey (although your style suggests blue/indigo, possibly washed)..Nudie, N&F, and even APC will do the trick as well.. actually even a pair of Robert Geller Type B sized up would look cool.  1x Common Projects  1x Boots (i'm on the hunt myself)   This is...
standard mom jeans from Esprit..   just googled esprit and was surprised to see that they are actually still around... i thought they'd been done for since the early 90s
  i can see this being complete with some yohji bluchers 
  You'll end up getting the clothes a second time around for your 'Pro' photos. Just find someone on craigslist. I'm sure someone decent will do an hour or two of shooting for $50.
But at least nike doesn't charge an arm and a leg and most of it is functional. I used to whine about Nike but after going to the store and seeing all the stuff they're doing, technically, functionality, environmental, fabrics etc, i'm a fan.    I want those woven ones so bad now, especially after watching that video. I'm guessing this might be a wider release since they spent some coin on that promo video no?
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