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looks like a fred perry track jacket. too dark to really see details. 
  is this true??
yeah these are really nice. tough as rocks though, the leather is insanely stiff. imagine it would be fun to break in, but i don't think i would wear em enough for that kind of money. would wait for them to hit secondhand though, since they'll probably never go on sale. 
was this your first piece?     this jacket sits in a glass case at the studio city wasteland btw. pretty cool actually
about $1700 more, but i'm crushing on these..   minimal though i would look at dior or the new saint laurent stuff. 
    thought about getting these off the market.. dude is selling em for $450.. awesome deal for a1923 but i might just hold out another week or two and get the derbies or some sort of side/back zip.    also, i know its apc and whatever, but for some reason i kind of like these side zips ..   
I actually made a fuss on amazon today. last week i pre-ordered prometheus hoping it would arrive today.    not only did it not ship out until earlier this evening, it wont arrive until october 19. with  amazon charging taxes now i'm not sure what the incentive to pre-order or buy from them is anymore. best buy down the street from me had it at the exact same price and i just ended up going there to get it.    edit: fuck me, i read your comments as B&M (brick and...
  i think i hear the sound of dozens of frantic styleforumers rushing to their computers in an effort to cancel a recent yoox order. 
a huge portion of the best dressed people on this forum wear nothing but 'jeans/trackies and a tshirt'. take the bib off and follow their lead. 
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