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bummer they didn't get the jackets i wanted :(
the a1923's look sort of whatever on their own but when you pair them with pants and a shirt in the vein of damir doma, ma+, etc. they really look killer and their design begins to stand out. they're not for everyone, but just look at how some of the people incorporate them into their fits. don't expect them to look good with a pair of apc's or anything.    on that note, i used to think the bbs sneakers were pretty unappealing but after seeing them paired with a...
wheres the link?
wear them daily for about 2 weeks and you should notice a significant difference
justin beiber rocks RO as well if that makes any difference... don't read too much into my comment, women / men, RO makes great stuff, but catered to another audience nowadays. If you're looking for a 'bad ass' leather jacket, you can do much better with more interesting cuts for much cheaper. boris bidjan saberi makes awesome jackets if you want something wild or you can even go TOJ for something simple and minimal at an even better price. I tried on a few of the new RO...
  as long as Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian keep wearing RO, people will keep buying
went to niketown last night and they said they haven't received any info on gykasou yet but should be expected to hit end of the week. every store is getting different items though which kind of sucks.    aloha rag sent over a pre-order page for a few items as well. check out their buyer lookbook. 
for everyone asking about why they're being manufactured all over the place, apc has distribution set up for different places. i'm sure the cut and quality is the same, but different stores receive apc from different sources (department stores usually get made in tunisia). fwiw i just went to the apc flagship store a week ago and went through a few jeans ns/pns/ps (ended up with ps at 30 and im normally a 33) and they were all made in macau. not sure why you're seeing a...
hey reedo -    http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/141527-carpe-diem-derbies-destroyed-horse-43-500/   $500
  yeah those will keep you nice and toasty during those chilly winters 
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