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also, can you comment on these pants and the shirt layers underneath? looks perfect
what trousers are those? are the shoes CP?
awesome article. its unfortunate but this happens in music and art as well. i've seen well known musicians being turned away from their own parties. all this fashion party guest list stuff is an illusion though. an imaginary hell for all these people that hate each other to grin and pat each other on the back.   btw, how did you 3 fit into a 1 bedroom apt? lol
a pair of comfy sleek black ankle boots that I can dress up or down to wear with tapered jeans. 
disgusting creature. carry on lang li. 
mirror is angled upward could be why.. lighting sucks here, will try and take a better one
something to do with the exchange rate and cost of japanese materials
      best I could do for now, should probably grab some tapered jeans.    everlane x2 nsf raf
no but i got the white pocket tee and its probably my favorite of the bunch
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