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holy shit, i have to see this
same, i screen printed a MIKE AND RICH expert knob twiddlers cover on a shirt and a AFX logo on a hoodie because i could never find a legit one. 
i know, i just think the corner goes a little bit further in their delivery as opposed to yoox. 
Sumo Goth Ninja
Which shirts are you talking about? I only remember seeing the all we ever wanted was everything shirt from last season or two.. are there others? They're one of my favorite bands so I don't mind representing, although i'd rather see a Tones on tail or Love and rockets shirt 
http://www.yoox.com/us/36348942FG/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=36348942FG&sizeId=5   thats whats up
I figure they've got the manufacturing automated overseas.. i know the owner brought other people in and merged so it makes sense.   edit: actually, its also possible they just ordered all the parts from japan and built them in their warehouse. 
one of my first jobs was actually working at Dita when they first started. it was in a downtown warehouse and there were only 3 employees.. the owner, one guy that actually put together the frames and lenses and another doing distribution stuff. My job was basically glueing logos on the frames (and holding them down with my thumbs for like 10 minutes..awful), etc. at the time they were building all of the frames for hurley while getting ready to launch their own stuff. I...
could be by state.. i ordered yesterday and didn't get charged. 
picked up a few things yesterday and there were plenty of sizes available, even when I browsed again a few hours ago. it gets posted on here and everything is gone lol..   also just to add, the same stuff is up on the corner. I ended up going through corner cause i like their delivery and packaging lol
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