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  ann d
    so far i'm liking these 2, momas are much better priced but the lanvin looks like a nice hybrid. 
but thats because of all the transplants. us born and raised angelenos have learned to handle the non desirables.    I personally find l.a. to be the most versatile city in the country. spoiled by weather, beaches, etc. not every beach sucks. laguna beach is killer, newport is always fun, and hermosa beach can get insane. you're not even limited to just l.a., you have so much to choose from. yes, transportation, traffic, everything being spread out sucks. the summers...
I think i'm getting grownsed up and want to invest in a nice pair of boots that i can wear regularly. going for leather that will patinate and age nicely and last me years. any recommendations on simple, sleek black boots/shoes that can be dressed up or down for someone who's used to sneakers?   just to add, i was going to get these lanvin mids http://www.mrporter.com/product/316394 to use as daily beaters and see them age, but for the money, and correct me if i'm...
morning: hildi soliani bell'antonio for my morning coffee/biscotti run afternoon: creed green irish tweed for the rest of the day while i work night: mdci invasion barbare to reel in my prey   repeat x ∞
im betting its just an item someone bought and switched out. maybe  snuck out from one of balenciaga's secret nepalese factories. 
i'm not getting them but i think it would be fun to walk around flaunting a pair of veiny testicle pouches in a pair of drop crotches. 
repost from waywt but thought i would share a fit pic of 'Balenciaga' For Yoox       i kind of like them but at $150 i'm going to go for the real thing. 
  wearing the infamous "Balenciaga" for Yoox pants just for fun. on a skateboard naturally. 
i'm going to joannes to stock up on polka dot fabric just to be ready. 
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