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i really like that geller mesh scarf, but its at like 20% off.  everything else is still too expensive, not to mention fwd charges tax. 
I returned them, sorry. Using a measuring tape i'm a 33-34. 31-32 in most denim, raw and unwashed. the waist wasn't the problem though, my thighs were bulging out. 
Not yet, hopefully will get a chance to try on the augustas over the weekend though!   those MA+ on your wanted list are really nice!
  oddly enough I get more compliments and women stopping me on the street when i'm in trackpants nikes and a hoodie. not sure if its the illusion that one works out or if its just simple clean and minimal.    got the isaora trackpants in medium but they were way too tiny, now it seems like the larger sizes are sold out. anyone have any experiences with the sweatpants? there's an xl up that might fit me better.
ask for pictures of the back heel, it looks like its on its way out. I don't think its worth paying so much for converse style glued rubber soles like these that wear out within a year. 
i'm still searching for my first pair of boots.
like $125-$175. i don't care if that captoe was hand woven from ancient japanese fabric. 
even the sloppy lacing looks like he threw on a pair of the display models and walked out the store wearing em
i just saw those glasses in an oshima movie from the 60's, japanese summer: double suicide and thought the same thing, wtf...  
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