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i think it looks great personally. the pants do seem to be a bit tight, but that may just be the cut. one size up might not make it look any better. 
you certainly wouldn't want to miss too $hort performing tomorrow night though. 
denim jacket is sick, might as well order it and see if it works for you. warsaw shirt is interesting too.. not sure about the army font but i suppose it seems like something geller imagines saville would have made had they kept the name around long enough. need to get that striped button down collar too. 
  marginal 5 zip?
there's a little M or W logo on these shoes, as well as KVA, old lanvin, balenciaga, m grifoni, fujiwara, old raf, and on and on
bell'antonio or invasion barbare all day urryday
both of youse better check youselves  
i did wear cp's every day, enough to become my daily beaters. 
New Posts  All Forums: