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i just saw those glasses in an oshima movie from the 60's, japanese summer: double suicide and thought the same thing, wtf...  
Interest check, hoping for a local pick up but will ship within US     Size 12 Lanvin High Tops FW11 - $300
Wore the windbreaker once, Ordered direct from O.L. - Size 50 - $100 All In   Wore the Geller Shirt twice, Washed and Line Dried - Size 50 - $60 All In
i can vouch for the menscience stuff. jack black was the only thing that worked for me before but all my shirts would stain. switched to menscience in january and yeah, i need to apply two or three times a day and i sweat a little more profusely but no stains and it literally smells like nothing. 
had no idea NIKE Thread  existed! good thing its a holiday tomorrow as i'll probably end up staying up til 5 am reading this thread. 
havent seen em in person either but i do admire their minimalism. everyone over 40 that i know wears those religiously though and i saw a photo of bruce willis rocking em. maybe they know something i dont. i did try on the hypertrainers and they weren't comfortable but the lunarsoles that i think the flyknits are based off of were light as a feather and super comfy though. 
you saw those woven NSW's too eh?
yeah i've been revamping my warddrobe to sleeker minimal fit type stuff. subtle high fashion i guess you could say...lanvin, balenciaga, etc. black or grey denim, light or dark contrast button ups and shirts. saving up for a RO leather jacket as well. 
been on the hunt for my first pair of boots/shoes. something that will work with most everything i wear daily that can be dressed up or down. decided that rather than spend a fortune I should give these a try.. am now looking at these 2 MOMA's. i'd really like a zip up but not sure these are really the ones for me.       
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