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sensitive are we? its no secret they break in easy, I've just moved on from apc aesthetically. 
i like hilde soliani bellantonio, creed green irish tweed, mdci invasion barbare and cdg kyoto
somewhere far.. much too far from the sea...
did you size up or down? I went true to size and the fit is perfect. so good in fact that I bought the remaining ones on yoox and i'm selling off all my other button downs. i love the reverse seam and the cut is sick. I tried them on while wearing bbs and attachment j pants though so it might just be how the aesthetic looks as a whole that makes it work. 
    cool story
i just received my silent damir hidden placket vampire shirt and am enjoying it very much. 
wow, prices are pretty steep.. looks like we're better off yooxing and tres biening
i also can't stand how 99% of gq's best dressed are professionally styled red carpet shots. 
got that email too.. pretty lame, the f/w selection they have is pretty small and there are about 10 f/w items ive been watching for a week or two that haven't dropped in price. email doesn't even have a selected items disclaimer or anything. 
the other one he wears a lot is robert geller
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