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for fun i went to blackbirds blog and went back to 2005. they were hyped on stocking modern amusement and a ton of really cheesy baggy chav brands. nice to see their progress though.    btw for you l.a. peeps, i went to wasteland melrose today and someone unloaded a ton of stuff. RO Bomber, tons of Drkshdw jackets, a shit load of KVA jackets, tons of yohji, all in the $2-400 range. 
After much debating I finally got these Viridi-annes       Now I just need these..      
Legend has it there is a lifetime 60% code hidden somewhere on one of the model's face tattoos. 
assuming they're still available and since mmm side zips seem to be the ones universally recommended..    
you're like the real life boy in the plastic bubble
how do you guys feel about these? they kind of remind me of shoto, but then again what do I know
you must be slipping in your old age, fall already kopped 
random fashion thought occurred whilst browsing b&s but how does a pair of dior homme jeans from 2006 only get worn 2-3 times? 
zeemon post pics when you get those rafs in! way fresh!
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