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I've had both. I've really liked all my rick's but I grew tired of them eventually and wanted something more subtle and that would work better with my wardrobe since i've mostly been wearing SLP. I picked up a recent stooges jacket since I find Rick jackets to be more functional but it was flimsier than a target jacket. Just really awful quality.   So I went through about 3 different SLP leathers including the classic biker and L17 and they all looked great, but were...
That's kinda what I was thinking.. Thanks!
  Currently at half off.. Something for fall.. Y/N?
Kinda wanted a fall jacket and this is currently at half off.. Yes / No?   
 You should just stick to Nike's if the only detail you noticed was the elastic holding the tongue. 
  Those should make another comeback after the shadow plaids in a new color way. Most of the stuff that comes in after Pre Fall is permanent collection or iterations of items in the permanent collection. Washed denim, graphic t's and footwear usually trickle in with new styles or designs, but they will show up randomly. 
 Because why the fuck would you wear that in summer? (or ever)
The sneakers are true to size.
Anyone know the difference between the black denim Made In Italy vs Japan jackets? The Italy one is $1050 while the Japan one is about $790 - Seems strange to me, as the Japan one looks a bit nicer. I picked up the Italy Black Denim Jacket and am wondering how you guys are pairing yours? Seems a bit forced when you're wearing any kind of denim, black, blue, waxed, etc. 
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