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My hands rub denim all day btw
Haha I Did.. sorry about that.. Just wanted to let Fisty know that he shouldn't be ashamed of such a great axe
Are you kidding, Fernandes makes guitars that rival American Fenders
I think the raffle is done with.. Your best bet is to have your credit card number copied and being swift on nike.com lab.. the last few releases they've had a countdown so maybe just being prepare will work, however to counterattack the bots they sometimes will change the page link.. I suggest just refreshing Nike's Recent releases page. Otherwise you might be able to just pay 50 - 100 over and getting a pair through ebay
STILL dope
This is my hand after I jack off every day
Im a true 44 and i never found gets to be true.. they're def a size up deal especially if you get something non leather. 
Thinking of selling some deadstock Frag Roshes.. Any takers?
He turned down lucrative offers in the past because he wasn't interested in being a fashion designer. The only reason he went ahead with Saint Laurent is Kering agreed to let him re-brand the label his way, do things his way, and oversee and direct every aspect of marketing to benefit his photography career which is all he wants to do in the first place. Most official outside editorials or magazines are not even allowed to use any other designers or brands with SLP, It has...
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