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Comparing Fred Perry to Margiela? Is mass manufactured slave labor crap they sell in Urban Outfitters considered desirable now? 
I have the suede monk strap and they run large, by about one or two sizes. 
This is my favorite collection to date. Some instant classics here. 
In sweats? 
It doesn't show in the pictures but the lapels do stand out and almost shine
Or any gala event, sure. I just find the two to be obnoxiously formal and flashy, and I own the top one. I once saw guy wearing the shawl jacket at a gagosian gallery opening,  older gentleman, super old money, could get away with it and even then, it was pretty random. It's not the look of it, but the material and details. I would opt for the canvas jacket like in first season which you can wear anywhere, or personally go for a thinner peak lapel like what Dior offers. 
  I don't think it will be out for a while. I have mine on pre-order and I got an estimated date of late February
  Neither unless you plan on getting the matching pants and going to the oscars
bonus, knits are also great for soaking up the eventual spillage area around 
  Those don't look blue to me
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