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seeing as those photos came from aloha rag i'd try them, also..fragment and maybe tres bien. if you're in l.a. you might have some luck at union.    btw, all over those 2 jackets. first one reminds me of acronym.. not into the massive logo on arm but that last one is an instakop
For those interested in LNCC sale, here's the email i recieved     - Thank you for your email.   The VAT will automatically deduct off full priced orders at the checkout stage .   However, we currently have a discount code that can be used on sale items, inclusive of the VAT, which will allow for 30% discount off the sale price.   Please feel free to use this code: EX30TRA   If I can help with anything else, let me know!   Best...
can someone do a stain / spill test on the nyco slims? curious to see how easy it is to get rid of. wish they came in some sort of dark grey/slate though. 
I like that white and I think you might be able to get away from stains as it has a sort of rustic off white look to it. the blue is pretty dope and unique though, both would look cool with black pants. I really don't like the arms and neck though. Maybe if you're Russell Brand.
nice one on the LNCC link, but it seems like the code overrides the VAT. I have a vat discount on my account that shows up when the promo code is removed, ends up being one or the other so you're really only getting 10% off. Emailed them to clarify though so will post what they say here. Theres some nice stuff left, though the really good stuff is gone. 
Lanvin Suede high top sneaker with reflective nylon detail. Tonal calfskin leather toe and heel cap. Rubber sole. Made In Italy. Size 12. Purchased 3 months ago at Barneys with receipts. Worn around house. Comes in original box with lanvin shoe bags.      Looking to get $300 Shipped within USA
Bought this over summer from Our Legacy site.. Never worn it out. Awesome jacket, lightweight with very interesting materials. $100 shipping included within USA   DESCRIPTION Name: Windbreaker Creamy Paper With AppColor: Creamy Paper Produced: PortugalFabric: Italian Build: Slim FitQuality: Cotton Size: L/50 Collar: N/A Weight: ThinButtons: N/A     Short...
holding out for 50% off the 50%
raf geller banana marc jacobs everyone's doing it. the important thing is who's on the tag and how it makes you feel. 
Not those in particular, but a while ago I picked up a pair of the blue strap mids like those. Wasn't impressed at all. Shoes felt pretty cheap and overall construction seemed pretty flimsy. 
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