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i dont mind the arena lows with the ankle curve, but i cant stand the high/mids.. they're like bricks on your feet and yes they run massive. im a 44 in most shoes and while balenciaga resilles are big (im a 42 in those) I've never been able to size down enough on the arenas. on top of that the chains are just too delicate so you have no choice but to wear them loose.  also, regarding kanyes pants, are those En Noir?
  it doesn't get any more personal than Secretions Magnifiques
yeah you can find pretty much everything here http://www.luckyscent.com/ email steven he'll steer you into the right direction based on what you like and send a ton of samples. fragrances can be another deep addiction like clothes though. a good place to start is creed and cdg as they cover the general range of fragrances. 
i just ordered a hoodie from these guys http://www.ripvanwinkle.jp/   incredible stuff and reasonably priced
they sell creed at bloomingdales
sensitive are we? its no secret they break in easy, I've just moved on from apc aesthetically. 
i like hilde soliani bellantonio, creed green irish tweed, mdci invasion barbare and cdg kyoto
somewhere far.. much too far from the sea...
did you size up or down? I went true to size and the fit is perfect. so good in fact that I bought the remaining ones on yoox and i'm selling off all my other button downs. i love the reverse seam and the cut is sick. I tried them on while wearing bbs and attachment j pants though so it might just be how the aesthetic looks as a whole that makes it work. 
    cool story
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