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BBS Hoodie sold
just grab a pair of pod shorts on corner, leggings/tights (if you have to), and rock some rick dunks. i think it would look odd without a layered drapey shirt though or a long tank so you'll probably want to look at something like that.. maybe even a knomadik, drkshdw or boris hoodie to balance out the proportions.    I saw a dude not too long ago wear pod shorts with a bbs shirt and those rick desert boots with the massive high tongue and it looked bad ass. 
price drops
I've looked around and seen some info, but how are you guys taking care of the sole? I have what looks like a rubber heel (tap?) but the front is completely exposed. I went out for a while and walked around on it but kept thinking if it was a good idea to get something on the front sole as well. I've seen some people talk about not worrying about covering the front part and that it ruins the aesthetic, but, I'd hate to damage the wooden sole or worst put enough pressure...
Bump, Prices dropping.. open to reasonable offers. 
he wants it, just not when someone else has it
RE: Matches, Everything in $ is already excluding VAT
  He bought them all   
        And now i'm hooked. 
picked up the augustas. lucked out, as they were being sold from a shop on melrose and only worn a handful of times for a lookbook.    fit pics coming in the boot thread
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