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a huge portion of the best dressed people on this forum wear nothing but 'jeans/trackies and a tshirt'. take the bib off and follow their lead. 
can you do some close up shots or fit pics. curious to see how the toebox looks irl
does that mean you'll be keeping them?
why say no when it feels so good to say yes
i think you mean marni. the incident i'm talking about occured at south coast douchland
yeah northridge
last year during the marni sale, people in line were literally watching people post products on ebay while in the shops. in l.a. there were news reports everywhere of women being out of control and unruly and i think there were a limited amount of products (not everything from the collections were for sale) and they were displayed in these tiny kiosk type stands. not sure what it's like for guys or if there's even a market for that (there were plenty of left over versace...
it was nice today.. about 70.. wore a hoody in the morning.. felt pretty good about that. 
yeah the arenas are about 2 sizes too big and i believe E width. massive, uncomfortable shoes. 
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