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for the record i've never worn happy socks, but when I handled them they instantly felt much better than uniqlo. also, I didn't mention which style of socks I got ( the really thin rib knit ones).  
part of the fun i suppose is ordering different things and seeing what works best. like I said, the dry shirts are pretty awesome and will probably become my new undershirt. Even though the cut is baggier, the price is so cheap, i'll probably buy a ton and get them tailored. Underwear is nice as well.  I haven't tried the button down shirts but people seem to like them. I'll try the merino and cashmere for shits and giggles, though i'll probably be disappointed as the...
just go to a thrift store or browse b&s threads and ebay. You'll find something. 
I wasn't expecting anything to be honest. I have enough jackets in the higher end, but I don't use them much due to l.a. being moderately warm in the winter. Thought the UU jacket would be lightweight and it looked decent in the pictures so thought it'd be interesting to try out.    I guess I shouldn't expect much from the $90 jeans either right? Even though everyone compares them to APC at half the price. 
got my box of uniqlo purchases... pretty disappointed but there are some gems.     UU Down jacket is a joke. flimsy and cheap, feels like a plastic bag. odd measurements and cheap plastic zippers. criminal to charge $60 on sale let alone $100   Pullover hoody and zip up.. it's no wonder they're only about $30 bucks. Fabric feels much cheaper than AA and HM. Best bet is to hunt around on yoox for better hoodies at around the same price.    Socks are ok....
read a thread about you taking the metro. no judgement, i've gotten a dui, license suspended, and just recently had to sell my dying s40. need to start trolling car threads myself. 
g.o.o.d. music bought the last pairs
like a car amirite? priorities.. priorities..
got a devoa jacket from hl and dior homme jeans at lvr . not at crazy steal prices, but better than i'll probably see til next june
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