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i dont want to sound biased but if you're looking for stretch, you cant go wrong with robert geller jeans.  uniqlo cuts are not for everyone, i would say try before buy or at least try. apc's, again, are the best brand to reference, in particular the petit standard now. 
the knit and jacket are nice, but I honestly can not stand the margella leather patch sweaters. overpriced and same fabric as bloomingdales men   edit: the perforated is actually very nice. 
this thread went from premium SL to some MIC gilt shit, wtf
It's not that bad, no one will notice other than me. for reference i went to the balenciaga store and noticed their clear sole blue trainers from last season started dripping in the interior which makes me think its just the way it goes with them. i think rfx or someone posted the same shoes up recently.. curious to see how they handled it. 
i just bought some $1300 marsell's for $250 on yoox. will post when i get them. if they end up being shit i'll just get the augustas
there's a nike store in nearly every city. stop asking forums for advice, you have no excuse to not go in there and get measured.    to add, certain shoes will fuck your feet up if you pronate, etc. just go to a proper shop and let them evaluate your step. 
my clear sole balenciagas started leaking some weird glue through the soles probably due to the heat. they look so hideous now :(
you guys are so vicious. those ZamB pants look like something willem defoe would co-sign on.    buying them asap before he gets teh famez
just go to the apc store and ask the SA's how you look, they will tell you what you need to know.  if you find them on sale size down 2 - 3. if you're a 33/34 go down to 30. people will tell you otherwise but they dont know what they're doing.  also don't wash your jeans no matter how stinky or ugly they get. once you do they will turn into this hideous drapey texture that you'll hate and they wont accept the trade in. trade ins are for life afaik, part of their...
don't worry, even us RG runway models don't know what the fuck he's doing with his shit.  we had to wear bracelets matching our 'aura' a year ago and it was ridiculous 
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