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not sure about the clothes tbh, but im guessing his stuff is being made all over the place while he's at dior
btw.. y/n?       a/w 12
not sure about ss13 but the ones i got from oki ni this season and park and bond over the summer were. same exact style shape and materials as the silent damir doma sneakers
Seeing as the boots are made in portugal, I wonder if the mainline 22 stuff will shift production there as well. A lot of brands have started to do it such as Raf, Lanvin, etc so it would make sense for MMM to start filtering in lower priced options.. although i'm not sure how well the hmmmm collab sold for them to think they have gained a new fast fashion fanbase. in any case, those new painted gats look ugly and not much different from the hmmm sneakers. 
looking at the box to CDG Kyoto shows it contains alcohol (as do most perfumes). Customs does not like alcohol traveling country to country.  you could always email LNCC and ask them what their policy on it is, but i'm sure they won't even let you order it.    more info here:
silent damir doma available at the hypebeast store make me meh
i think i saw someone mention their cdg order get cancelled. in any case i think cologne / perfumes are one of those things that you should really just go to a specialist for, like lucky scent. there's no telling how long LNCC has been sitting on cdg stock and the risk of customs pulling the order isn't worth it. as far as i know you are technically not supposed to ship liquids internationally unless you have an import/export license to do so. 
just tried it and it should work, but I think their servers are either overloaded or they are excluding mmm and RO because those are the only brands that give me errors. code is - CYBERMON12   
  pretty sure colognes and perfumes will be snatched at customs being imported into the u.s.
  Sigged lol
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