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and so began alexander plokhov's rapid rise to internet fashion stardom ..
nokias are shit and this is coming from someone that got paid to use one.  just get an iphone.. 4, 4s, 5, it doesnt matter, its all the same. 
they usually put ebm in with industrial.. spahn ranch, etc... but everything was under the big "electronica/edm" section, at least around me. 
I'll take a trip this weekend, Hopefully they've got a new shipment of stuff in as I haven't seen the raw indigos at dior or barneys in a while. yeah 17's are way too tight for me. 19s are much easier to deal with. I'll stop by and check the lanvins out and post my opinions, especially to see if they crotch hug too much. I do like the cut though, especially in the lanvin e-store seasonal looks with boots. and they're currently 350-380 on farfetch. 
Wombat Ninja
[[SPOILER]] wow, 1 and 4 are sick.. never seen these. 4 kind of remind me of newer raf's
i've been listening to a lot 70's/berlin era iggy, eno, bowie lately as well as some of the deeper dnb stuff that guys like alix perez and amit used to put out. new electronic music is great from a production / technical standpoint, but it all has a lifespan of 5 minutes. I also can't stand the fact that most of these producers nowadays are coming from heavy metal backgrounds and incorporating their staind/creed type vocals into trance/dubstep. awful stuff and its only...
I think most people soak them before they even put them on and THEN get them hemmed. Personally I'd just get em as tight as possible, wear em out to death and then wash em 4-6 months in.. by then they'll have stretched enough for you to wash and not worry about them shrinking too much. 
  KG rockin some baller kicks.. look like KVA or white balenciagas lol
the corner packaging comes in glossy black/matte red bags/boxes with a matte black envelope and card, very sleek, similar to mr porter. the yoox packaging comes in a cardboard eco box. 
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