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my clear sole balenciagas started leaking some weird glue through the soles probably due to the heat. they look so hideous now :(
you guys are so vicious. those ZamB pants look like something willem defoe would co-sign on.    buying them asap before he gets teh famez
just go to the apc store and ask the SA's how you look, they will tell you what you need to know.  if you find them on sale size down 2 - 3. if you're a 33/34 go down to 30. people will tell you otherwise but they dont know what they're doing.  also don't wash your jeans no matter how stinky or ugly they get. once you do they will turn into this hideous drapey texture that you'll hate and they wont accept the trade in. trade ins are for life afaik, part of their...
don't worry, even us RG runway models don't know what the fuck he's doing with his shit.  we had to wear bracelets matching our 'aura' a year ago and it was ridiculous 
yeah they do, i don't think its a limited thing as they do actually re-sell them washed. the crotch blow out doesnt bother me, mine usually end up stertched out and i'm onto a new pair before it even gets to that point. even flat heads get crotch blow outs. 
+1 and do stay for the happy ending. 
just get a pair of APC's and don't listen to the people saying they're shit.    They're cheap, you'll get quick fade and whisker results, the cuts are nice and if you get great fades you can trade them in when you're done with them and get 50% off your next pair. Win / Win. 
he did just move here so that influence makes sense
  another beautiful day in hell. damn you people contemplating what jackets and sweaters to wear. 
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