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go to a site like lucky scent and order a ton of samples before you commit to one high end fragrance. 
also, random fashion thought. i placed an order on sunday with luisa via roma, standard shipping and its due to arrive tomorrow. fast.  on the other hand uniqlo still hasn't even processed my order from sunday. 
    is this a bootcut? it looks more like the silhouette i get off my kka j-shape. this is a dope look in any case especially paired with some nice boots. 
the mere thought of bootcut jeans bring back horrific images of diesels and true religion paired with sandals or mocassins and belong back in 1999 along with 40inch hem kikwears, gats and jncos. 
does anyone know how to access the corner backstock from 1 or 2 seasons ago? I found a few things like a drkshdw hoody and a rick jacket that was priced down to 130 and 330.. think it was fw11 or ss12.. page was up a few hours ago but won't show up anymore. 
these look speshul
smug looking bitch on the left cant get enough of those shoes either
giving unique low another shot. got some heattech, grabbed another bundle of shirts and dickjawns, got a couple pair of slim fit s001 and a pair of s000. lets see if this shit is all its cracked up to be. 
not bad for the money but you could always check out an army surplus store. not liking those tags though. 
i'm done this year. hope this fits.    AW12 Dick Mountain Mollino  
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