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went to niketown last night and they said they haven't received any info on gykasou yet but should be expected to hit end of the week. every store is getting different items though which kind of sucks.    aloha rag sent over a pre-order page for a few items as well. check out their buyer lookbook. 
for everyone asking about why they're being manufactured all over the place, apc has distribution set up for different places. i'm sure the cut and quality is the same, but different stores receive apc from different sources (department stores usually get made in tunisia). fwiw i just went to the apc flagship store a week ago and went through a few jeans ns/pns/ps (ended up with ps at 30 and im normally a 33) and they were all made in macau. not sure why you're seeing a...
hey reedo -    http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/141527-carpe-diem-derbies-destroyed-horse-43-500/   $500
  yeah those will keep you nice and toasty during those chilly winters 
Some of you may not agree with my practices, however, every morning i venture down into my dungeon whilst sipping my cup of good morning america. its a long walk, so i like to get listen to the latest podcasts or news progammes on my ipod. finally i reach a security perimeter in which i greet my friendly (but socially awkward) guard, ironically named bernard. at exactly 8:59am.. I should add, sometimes I like to go a little early just to see how bernard is doing, and to...
looks like a fred perry track jacket. too dark to really see details. 
  is this true??
yeah these are really nice. tough as rocks though, the leather is insanely stiff. imagine it would be fun to break in, but i don't think i would wear em enough for that kind of money. would wait for them to hit secondhand though, since they'll probably never go on sale. 
was this your first piece?     this jacket sits in a glass case at the studio city wasteland btw. pretty cool actually
about $1700 more, but i'm crushing on these..   minimal though i would look at dior or the new saint laurent stuff. 
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