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100 Margiela pieces? Who are you Shaq?
if you want something unique at a good price, go with silent. most can be had for $50 - $80 max and they are bad ass, double layered and super warm. luxurious.. RO is pretty nice. I dont think mmm beanies are worth it.. its almost identical to my $5 h&m beanie. 
you can get 6 months of topless maids cleaning up after you for the price of a dyson
until breezy and swizz beatz instagrams them and has a thousand followers instakop
  you forgot JET-Approved.
I kind of want to dress up like that and stand out on hollywood and highland and take pictures with people for money. 
  Ahh, this must be from the Balmain SS1892 collection
actually LVR has multiple store fronts, a dedicated online shop and I guarantee has much fewer people working for them than uniqlo. in any case, I think it's still extraordinary that a shop in italy can still get me a shipment all the way to los angeles in 2 days. yoox can't even do that from new jersey. 
blue pleated's look ok, but what material are they using? suede / leather? this looks significantly worse in quality than the last season. Hope these are just samples. 
there are a lot of cheap and decent quality colognes for well under $100, even $75. 99% of CDG is under $85 after tax. Even after going through many high end niche colognes, some of the ones I still reach for can be had for even under $50. YSL and JV make decent stuff, even Tom Ford. I've Lanvin at the mall for $40. Probably my all time favorite though is CKBE. For some reason it reminds me of Blockbuster Music or Tower Records.
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