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Bump, Prices dropping.. open to reasonable offers. 
he wants it, just not when someone else has it
RE: Matches, Everything in $ is already excluding VAT
  He bought them all   
        And now i'm hooked. 
picked up the augustas. lucked out, as they were being sold from a shop on melrose and only worn a handful of times for a lookbook.    fit pics coming in the boot thread
if anything happens im holding you personally responsible. j/k, but thanks for posting that ebay link on sz!
Hoping to get these shipped out before next week before I take them to wasteland. Reasonable offers and trades accepted (Mainly interested in trading toward a leather jacket)   $OLD - KKA Attachment J-Shape Jeans Black Denim - Size 3 (32-34) - Worn  about 5 times around the house, Tags attached.. my calfs are too big for them. Like New condition. Super stacks! 38" Inseam / 10" Thigh - stacks big all the way around but tightens up at the calf and unleashes more stacks...
I wonder if Woody Harrelson's character in Zombieland is maybe hinting at a real zombie apocalypse due to a twinkie outage. 
      lets just hope it all works out and i get some fit pics up later this week 
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