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    Thinkin about these 2... noticed these attachments are a bit different from the current ones with wider hem. 
was at least expecting to see the ugly raf stuff to drop significantly but they've managed to only knock off about $1 per week
or you can just skip the research and get some cashmere/silk sweatpants from hermes, lanvin or brioni
2 people already submitted payment. good deal indeed though. 
i think you should go to a nike store and try out all the different shoes out there. they're all made for different feet and activities.. i think even the strictly running shoes have about 7 different variations. I liked the look of the flyknits and pegasus best, but they recommended the lg+4's due to my stance and the way i walked. Not something i would have noticed walking around the shop, only after a month or so did i notice that i can walk and handle any activity...
since people are throwing out every cut and style of pants they can think of, i'll suggest j-pants
never seen $6 jeans before 
not fk's but im wearing lg+4's everywhere casually (but not if i go out at night or meetings). i think they look rad and best of all are way comfortable. i personally like the look of the fk's more and imagine you'd be able to get away with wearing them as daily beaters/whenever you want. 
saint laurent paris by hedi slimane   was sort of joking originally until it occurred to me that this is exactly what you're asking for    
most likely they'll look dull and feel softer. not that there's anything wrong with that, some people actually prefer a softer washed/dried feel. but if you were trying to characterize your jeans with fades and whiskers you're probably going to be disappointed. 
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