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  i can see this being complete with some yohji bluchers 
  You'll end up getting the clothes a second time around for your 'Pro' photos. Just find someone on craigslist. I'm sure someone decent will do an hour or two of shooting for $50.
But at least nike doesn't charge an arm and a leg and most of it is functional. I used to whine about Nike but after going to the store and seeing all the stuff they're doing, technically, functionality, environmental, fabrics etc, i'm a fan.    I want those woven ones so bad now, especially after watching that video. I'm guessing this might be a wider release since they spent some coin on that promo video no?
  Pretty sure i'm going to wear these lunarglides until I get a decent pair of boots. they're just way too comfortable and good to my feet. 
think he's talking about the older lanvin's. only the high tops with the new sole are made in italy, the rest are now made in portugal. 
they're not denim, an interesting take on trousers but the fit is very weird
i'm sorry, did you just say MID JANUARY? as in you ordered this 9 months ago and its just now showing up?? 
I didn't think this was too crazy or out there to be honest.. although the shoes will probably get old after a while. I do like the way both items sort of stack, but didn't really notice the trousers as drop crotch.. i'm gonna stop by h lorenzo again and ill take a fit pic. 
    Viridi-anne.. boots are sick, but still pretty expensive.. any idea on the quality of both pants and boots?
Geller jeans are dope, not sure if they're the same but I tried on the Type B black jeans today and they were really cool. Stretchy but really high quality.. cut is pretty slim but looks really cool. 
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