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No, technically you said they were / are made by Adidas and I'm saying they are standard issue German army trainers. Though to be fair almost all of mmm shoes are a replica of some sort of govt issue footwear. Even the side zips. I think most of the boots are even replicas of Montana state highway police officers from the 70' any case im sure margiela and cohad a grand old time raping and pillaging thrift stores of the world.
this, just realized you can get an attachment beanie from HLO for under $80
i once went on a date with a girl that worked for louboutin. she got laid. mainly for the shoes. 
i recall some really nice COS gloves via proxy for around $50. otherwise go for something a little more interesting like Incarnation or even margiela
this. take a look at h lorenzo or the like. there are so many more interesting beanies for the price using more interesting materials. 
  personally i feel like that jacket had its time a year or so ago and is not really anything special. unless you have to have a varsity jacket. for the price though you can either go TOJ or get a real leather jacket or something a little more mature. 
everyone ripped off the german army trainers from actual german army trainers. afaik the authentic ones were the ones being sold for about $70 by zeemon or someone by proxy. 
these don't fit your aesthetic though do they? i would think these would be too sleek and thin for your style. 
i'm not judging, i've seen you post for a while and you make it work for your environment. just shocked that you have that many pieces of one brand. work it !   edit: and sell what you don't use!
carefule sq, du's finna grab your trousers
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