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it was nice today.. about 70.. wore a hoody in the morning.. felt pretty good about that. 
yeah the arenas are about 2 sizes too big and i believe E width. massive, uncomfortable shoes. 
oversized rl shirt, check. khakis, check. baller sneakers as seen on mtv, affirmative.  i think he's more excited about the thank you card. validation is sweet. 
  and edgar allan poe, contemplating between boris bidjan saberi or kva crazy laces, naturally
you should take a look at youtube and search for balenciaga arena unboxing. also, high end fashion designers like money. lots of it. 
    Thinkin about these 2... noticed these attachments are a bit different from the current ones with wider hem. 
was at least expecting to see the ugly raf stuff to drop significantly but they've managed to only knock off about $1 per week
or you can just skip the research and get some cashmere/silk sweatpants from hermes, lanvin or brioni
2 people already submitted payment. good deal indeed though. 
i think you should go to a nike store and try out all the different shoes out there. they're all made for different feet and activities.. i think even the strictly running shoes have about 7 different variations. I liked the look of the flyknits and pegasus best, but they recommended the lg+4's due to my stance and the way i walked. Not something i would have noticed walking around the shop, only after a month or so did i notice that i can walk and handle any activity...
New Posts  All Forums: