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    need a jacket pretty soon. was hoping to get the boris bidjan high neck leather but its too expensive and not sure if i can wait for it to go on sale (or if itll even be available plus itll still be pricey even at 50% off). heard great things about this julius. also would grab these zam overdyed black dna pants.    yes/no?
copped the lows from ln-cc a while back.. so glad i got em when i had the chance as they sold quick. sadly the glue is starting to drip into the sole, probably due to the excess heat. truly a work of art though.
where'd you find for 400? if you don't like them you'll easily be able to re-sell
then you didn't size down enough. mine went from 16" to 16.5-16.8 in about a week. granted I dont take care of them. I skate in them, walk around as much as possible, sweat, live in them for as long as possible until its time to give them a wash.    also, i sag them right below my hips, which will definitely stretch
bummer they didn't get the jackets i wanted :(
the a1923's look sort of whatever on their own but when you pair them with pants and a shirt in the vein of damir doma, ma+, etc. they really look killer and their design begins to stand out. they're not for everyone, but just look at how some of the people incorporate them into their fits. don't expect them to look good with a pair of apc's or anything.    on that note, i used to think the bbs sneakers were pretty unappealing but after seeing them paired with a...
wheres the link?
wear them daily for about 2 weeks and you should notice a significant difference
justin beiber rocks RO as well if that makes any difference... don't read too much into my comment, women / men, RO makes great stuff, but catered to another audience nowadays. If you're looking for a 'bad ass' leather jacket, you can do much better with more interesting cuts for much cheaper. boris bidjan saberi makes awesome jackets if you want something wild or you can even go TOJ for something simple and minimal at an even better price. I tried on a few of the new RO...
  as long as Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian keep wearing RO, people will keep buying
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