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keep drinking that fattening shit and tlc will approach you to do a tv show.. reedo boo boo
just drank an espresso.. feel so disgustingly fat, need to purge, no wonder i'm s 52 in ma+
  Heavyweights Stand Tall!
yeah definitely, when they first came out I was unsure of them but they've grown on me over the year. they're significantly cheaper on oki-ni if you remove the vat btw   these are on ebay too, pretty dope http://www.ebay.com/itm/BORIS-BIDJAN-SABERI-AW12-13-BAMBA2-F242-TRAINER-SNEAKER-44-42-43-RICK-OWENS-/130789891209?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item1e73af5c89
i still listen to fat of the land from start to finish. man, that was a fucking awesome time in music. i remember flipping out when they premiered smack my bitch up on mtv amp uncensored. simpler times. 
Some things from the last week or so.. not included are a ton of silent tee's and hidden placket shirts, still haven't received anything yet but im excite   attachment j shape   silent j shape  bbs bamba 2 resin    rvw waxed hoodie    bbs hoodie    silent beanie   and for fun          first foray into baller lenses  and baller music gear        serial cut extra bold    mastermind art direction fashionz book    
I was under the impression that uniqlo items were made in japan.. are they mostly made in china then? not that there's anything wrong with that, just not what i was expecting.. how is this any different from gap or h&m?
so what do you guys recommend at uniqlo? ive tried the jeans and am not crazy about them. mij's look ok, but for $90 might as well get something designer. socks seem to be a hit. undergwears? hoodies?
 i was going to do the exact same thing and be 'the artist'
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