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I'm also 5'11 and own a couple of jackets and a blazer. Usually go with 50-52 and I too found the current season Leathers to be ridiculously cropped and boxy. Could just be my body type or the type of jackets (all were biker/riders), but I don't remember the first and second season leathers fitting me like that.  Judging from previews the f/w moto seems to be a little more suited to my body type so hopefully that ones not as small. 
  Then YSL.com is a bargain, buy buy buy
  Then why are you selling yours?
  You're a few years late on Balenciaga anyway, Save your pennies up for the next big thing. 
Lots of great deals on FarFetch as well as LVR
wow.. all the varsity jackets are now $700 MORE? Crazy. Might as well snatch up current season for the bargain price of $1795
  Luisaviaroma does sales on DH, just on certain items. As recently as last January I got a pair of Jakes at 30% or 40% off. Also, Matches, SSense and for a time AlohaRag were carrying DH Accessories. DH Branded Boutiques as far as I know have never done sales, but Most B&M shops do - And there are at least 2 or 3 stores in LA that carry DH, with constant sales - Maxfield, Bleu, Saks. You can also find stuff pop up on Yoox. I think the problem lies more with Saks as they...
I havent, I just assumed that since this fall Rick is introducing zippered butt flaps, The shoes can only evolve and cater to foot fetishists. 
The SS15 Rickdidas are even crazier. Zippered flaps everywhere for easy foot fetishist access. 
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