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That's a great idea.. Pics!
They sometimes throw in a 10% or 20% code but that's about it. Most of the time the codes don't work with Rick.  LN-CC hardly puts Geobaskets on sale unless it's a seasonal color way. Your best bet is Gilt, used (lots of buyers remorse so should be easy to find a new pair) or waiting til end of the year. Def don't pay anywhere near $1k especially since Barneys, Ssense and most every retailer was struggling to get rid of them at $400-600. 
No that's a completely different piece and a little heavier. I don't think it's worth $2k but its much more structured. This is the one i'm talking about - I tried my regular size and it was definitely tight so I imagine you could size up. It's intended to be a spring jacket, but feels like the western shirts but in jacket form. Still a cool piece, but again, something i'll wait out for a sale, even though I've been told that YSL boutiques won't be receiving this color. 
I also tried the raw hem denim.. They're great, but if you already have the FW14 Black Jeans you can just taper those and get some scissors to cut the hems yourself and save yourself the extra $1-200. They'll crease and fold like that after a few weeks of wear and a hand wash. They do look cool though if you don't want to do any of the work yourself.    Also got a couple t-shirts, overdyed grey pocket t is awesome. LNCC has the best price on it. A good deal, very...
I pre-ordered the dark green/black jacket, but I actually cancelled it after checking out the Khaki sample in person. It's very nice, fabric looks wavy and has a shimmer, but is not much thicker than the western twill shirt and couldn't even attempt to layer anything underneath (defintely not one of the flannels or sweaters, as I was originally hoping for). I like the cut of it, especially how it looks on LVR but I would only consider it at half off for what it is...
I have some 44.5 (Run Small) 2013 Black Wyatt Harness boots for sale. PM me. 
They're .5 big btw with room in toe
Was that at the art book fair? thought I saw him as well. 
Don't forget your chain
Don't forget your chain
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