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  Not sure where you're getting this info but it's completely incorrect.  YSL E commerce in USA is really only run by one person and she handles every order individually which is why it takes a while to process. There are no buyers at the boutiques, they receive items based on what the house wants to represent. Yes the styles are based on region and location, which is why SLP LA will have more casual goods than NY, but it's all based on what the house sends them. There are...
I had the black pleated and sold them after a few wears. they were starting to look like floppy labias. awesome sole and great suede but the pleats are annoying after some wear. 
Matches is probably the cheapest you'll find them. I'd cop now cause they'll sell out. 
Oh thats rad. Most of my sneakers come with an identical set of laces, but would be great if they had another color. The balmain laces are really impressive. Like you said, super waxed and really heavy and lengthy. I can't remember but do the geo's come in waxed?
Porter is just buying what they know will sell. They've done risky buys and it didn't work for them. They're a great company and are obviously smart in wanting to sell stuff at retail, which most things do. I can't tell you how many things I bought at retail that never made it past sale. Fashion has been getting pretty boring lately in general. It's like the film industry. Designers are catering to what the public likes or will buy. Rick Owens recently said he's bored of...
Yeah I got two white laces. 
 Is that weird? Most sneakers i've bought have an extra set of laces. 
Yeah they did
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