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i just measured both 19cm and PS and they come in at 10" at the thigh. I think the taper or cut on PS makes the thigh tighter.  side note: not only did luisaviaroma get my order here in 2 days, the packaging is stunning and very elegant. 
tried the leaden sky on the other day.. so awesome. 
I think the darting on the back of the diors also helps maintain the form and shape which is an added plus. pretty clever design. 
No, I prefer the apc ps cut as well, but the thighs are usually pretty tight unless you sag. 19cm are more forgiving there as well as in the calfs if you run or work out. 
hey, maybe he digs chicks like courtney love and anna dello russo
  hah... mine showed up today as well
n/m.. too hungover this morning and reading everything wrong   also: theres a beautiful beanie at HLO Sunset by a brand "Coming Apocalypse" It's some sort of double layer cashmere / wool ..its about $250 but i've never seen anything like it. Brad you know anything about this brand?
yeah there is HL30FW12
  I was not aware of that
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