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Not those in particular, but a while ago I picked up a pair of the blue strap mids like those. Wasn't impressed at all. Shoes felt pretty cheap and overall construction seemed pretty flimsy. 
decided against them. found out they were Made In Italy but some deep digging through forums had a pretty high number of complaints.. cheap leather, falling apart after a few months, zipper snapping off, and uncomfortable, etc. 
caught the oregon ducks vs az game while up in oregon and noticed their uniform is made of some sort of wax material. pretty cool.    http://www.examiner.com/article/nike-unveils-new-oregon-ducks-uniform-system
i suggest signing up for hulu+ and going through some of the films on there first. most of the movies are on hulu+   Or you can blind buy.. criterion products tend to hold their value on the used market very well.    my picks would be Umberto D., Bicycle Thief, 8 1/2, Seduced & Abandoned, Youth Of The Beast, Pandoras Box, Modern Times, Le Trou, Antichrist, Billy Liar, The Horses Mouth, The Soft Skin, That Obscure Object Of Desire, Nights Of Cabiria, BRD...
p&b usually does the best sales so that's a bummer. got a ton of great geller pieces at 80-90% off while other retailers still struggle to sell at 50% months later
seems like every .0 release has a battery issue that is usually taken care of by .01   the headphone jack on the bottom doesn't bother me as i've always put my phone in my pocket top side down.. maybe thats why they did that. (to accommodate me of course)
not sure whats going on with Barney's either.. Noticed the BH location stopped ordering Dior.. On the other hand Saks is now stocking DH exclusively (supposedly)
oh cool! I ordered these a few days ago.. peeps raving about em so I'll see whats up. Thanks!
also looking for the iphone commercial that shows it making coffee and transforming into blowjob machine
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