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not sure whats going on with Barney's either.. Noticed the BH location stopped ordering Dior.. On the other hand Saks is now stocking DH exclusively (supposedly)
oh cool! I ordered these a few days ago.. peeps raving about em so I'll see whats up. Thanks!
also looking for the iphone commercial that shows it making coffee and transforming into blowjob machine
would wife em all from little to big even with an afx or blake lively face. 
I wanna know, Jet, WAYWT?
which ones do you have if you don't mind me asking? I think your aesthetic choices are closer to what I'm going for.. slim, sleek, minimal, etc. 
yeah.. they have a ton of MOMA too, and supposedly they're pretty great, but I like the look of these best.. shame I cant find a country of origin. Might just order and do a quick a review for all to see. 
anyone know anything about these cafe'noir?     inexpensive side zips
lol.. i meant she worked as a dinner / professional escort and didn't have sex with clients.. but nice job reading into that. 
nicer than targét and wülmart innit?
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