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are you guys doing anything with your boots in the rain? anything I should look into as far as preserving the leather?
i didn't dismiss Ghesquiere, I simply said the mens line was all over the place. Egyptian Funk, chinos, trainers and high tops, awkward leather jackets. I'm not a fan of AW at all and I personally think if it weren't for his families money and background he wouldn't be where he is. While his designs are basically uninspired copies, I do think it'll fit with what balenciaga has been offering lately (metal hardware on everything, etc) and I think he will help simplify the...
    I mean underrated in the sense that they don't really go further than the SZ or Ann devotees, but I agree, they're def not worth more than $500. then again few shoes are. They do usually get down there in price though.. i believe last barneys sale they had plenty in stock in all sizes at around $250 and even that didn't really move too many people. 
i actually think ann d's are pretty underrated. they look subtle and inconspicuous, but that sole is so chunky, the materials are really nice shoe has a nice weight to it. If you like CP's, you can't go wrong with balenciaga resille's as long as you find a solid / consistent colorway. lanvins are really comfortable too, but, again, a subtle consistent colorway is the only way to go. if you wanna go real baller you can grab a pair of hermes.. they have a few variations.....
not a huge fan of wang's manufacturing practices and the hype he gets is a little annoying but this makes perfect sense. ladies love wang and his vision might actually give balenciaga mens more consistent direction. right now the line is all over the place. 
yeah, but APC also has a made in japan PS that fits slightly bigger as well. 
thats exactly how ill be spending my winter... indigo 19cm raw + rick leather + uniqlo tees and augusta backzips. i say go for it!
japan ? they're very nice, tough denim with white slub. i bought a pair earlier in the year and they were a little baggy (sized down) and i could not get much creasing on them so eventually sold them. 
    hey scro, how's it hanging? says here your orders all fucked up and like your polo is out of stock and shit
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