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  and also, the whole thing about celebrities getting paid for tweets, etc is fine, but just because paris hilton gets paid 40k to appear at the grand opening of a guido infested nightclub bringing in tons of money doesn't necessarily mean i'd want her to appear at my minimal techno warehouse party, even if it was for free.      update: on that note, givenchy scarves up on gilt for cheap
my point is there will always be designers that don't want/need the advertisement. i certainly wouldn't want my brand being tainted by kim kardashian promoting it to her legion of fans, that in itself could ruin the appeal of a brand rather quickly. 
http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2012/10/the-kanye-westkim-kardashian-itinerary.html   this doesn't surprise me but i have a hard time believing some of the designers kanye wears are willing to give him and that kardashian stuff in hopes of free promotion. I thought some of the designers he wears have even turned him away from shows?
just shine some light on them. 90% of good pictures is due to lighting. 
bone marrow?? so good. 
the canon t3i's are only 500 bucks on amazon right now.. insane price for a fantastic starter camera. 
wow he's been wearing those for a long time then.. don't think those were released this year. 
i dont mind the arena lows with the ankle curve, but i cant stand the high/mids.. they're like bricks on your feet and yes they run massive. im a 44 in most shoes and while balenciaga resilles are big (im a 42 in those) I've never been able to size down enough on the arenas. on top of that the chains are just too delicate so you have no choice but to wear them loose.  also, regarding kanyes pants, are those En Noir?
  it doesn't get any more personal than Secretions Magnifiques
yeah you can find pretty much everything here http://www.luckyscent.com/ email steven he'll steer you into the right direction based on what you like and send a ton of samples. fragrances can be another deep addiction like clothes though. a good place to start is creed and cdg as they cover the general range of fragrances. 
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