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  Surprised to hear you saying this. Could not disagree more, if you've seen these designs on non-high end / priced brands, please show me! Doubt Zara or even mid tier brands could pull it off. 
ccp has always had air max's in mind when designing those, and ive read that he's often seen wearing them.   ill try and dig up the thread on SZ
I hate to sell this but I need the funds.  Bought this a few weeks ago and literally worn twice.  Rick Owens Mountain FW12 Mollino Jacket. Such an incredible piece. Serious offers...
From AW 2011. Worn but in fantastic condition. Would love to keep but some important priorities have recently come up and I wanted to see if anyone would be interested. Serious offers please.    Due to the weight and amount I'd like to only ship these within the USA or better yet local in los...
wore some drip sneaks at maxfields and they are not uncomfortable but certainly not functional. the drips are supposed to wear off as you walk giving a unique appearance and once its all worn out you can bring them in to send back to ccp for a re-drip. they are really heavy though. the boots are unreal and massive. definite shoe art. 
I'm with you, but they're much cooler when seen worn in person. I've handled them at maxfields and wasn't really into them, but I saw a dude walking to his car in them in the most conservative look (RRL type wash, slightly baggy jeans and a button down) and they looked pretty cool. the shell toe kind of pops out. Not something i'd wear but very unique and almost cartoony/exaggerated.   I just spent the last 2 hours reading through these. Great fun.
  Your neighbor is Justin Beiber?!!
  You read me wrong I didn't mean to turn you on. 
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