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 He's most likely talking about the solid white and solid black permanent collection high tops. There's no wrong way to wear them. Look at the upcoming John Elliott collection to see how they look with a casual fit. Everyone thought they were CP Achilles for the longest time til it was confirmed they were SLP and they look spot on. Not flashy though, but if you're starting a collection you need some staples that you'll wear most of the time. Flashy sneakers get old quick....
  Massive Bounty Hunter logo on tongue..
  You pretty much have the usual suspects in baller sneakers. Might as well get a pair of Drkshdw ramones or SLP's. 
For 2k if they HAD to be sneakers, get some Augusta. or Maybe a pair of Rick and Boris on sale.  But honestly, I would drop that $2k on a pair of Baller boots and use the change on some Eytys, vans vault, stan smiths or 70s chucks and call it a day.    edit: or some SLP or Common Projects on deep deep discount (like $150-$250)
 Nah I air dried on a hanger. Won't be doing that anymore That said, it'll be the comfiest undershirt I have. 
Hand washed my U Neck T and air dryed.. Lol.. Not sure if this is the intention, but the U neck droops all the way to the center of my chest now. Anyone else have this issue?
 The accessories and most of the clothes are indeed produced by Kering in the same factory as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, etc. 
I don't find the JE denim too baggy, in fact i'd say they're somewhere in between Dior 17.5 and SLP 19cm, with just a little more room in the crotch and a slightly wider hem. 
Final price drops before donating to Goodwill
 I would say the same applies to SLP. The first 2 seasons of items are still holding up incredibly well for me - Jeans, sneakers, button ups, even t-shirts. No holes or stray stitching and these are items that I wear into the ground. Can't say the same for items i've gotten in the last year or so.. Sneakers wear out quicker, raw jeans I wore for 3 months are thrashed with holes/blow outs and t shirts have developed holes after only 3 hand washes. Not saying every item is...
New Posts  All Forums: