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 Yeah I had the lady at SLP take these in so it's a little tight in the calfs. The way to go is to get the 19cm and have them tailor those so that it's a consistent fit all the way down. The waxed 15.5 are really paper thin and stretch out quite a bit right off the bat,  But still they look painted on lol. 
 Baller Breds... gotta get me a pair of those! yeah the stock lacing is a little wacky, kinda like balenciaga.. I just loosen them shits up and get them up to the 3rd to last eyelet and wrap around a la Rick
 Oh yeah that's right, not into the silver ones but I def wanna get the black/red & blue with Perforated toe whenever they come back in. 
 The leather is much nicer with more padding then the previous ones (I have the OG white and black as well as blue and red strip 02's). these feel more like real sneakers though as opposed to the others that would go nice as sneakers or dressy shoes. toe cap perf is dope as fuck. Haven't seen these in any other colors though (with the perf)
i'd consider myself pretty large and the 15.5 waxed black jeans were kinda skin tight, but definitely doable. I'm actually thinking about getting them.   Here I am wearing the 17.5 and some new sneakers  
  I remember the older ones from like '11/12 fit pretty small and i needed to size up, especially on mummy high's. I just got a pair this season and I ended up sizing down one and they still fit pretty big, almost like boots. 
Dropped prices and added some things
its white
These have been out a few months, but they're dope. Love the perf. 
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