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  Picked up some slim waxed jeans and a striped shirt. I'm getting fat. Damn IPA. 
  For Men, the boutiques are a ghost town right now. Went a few days ago and they hardly have anything in stock. Probably another week or two before new stuff comes in. 
Yes I like this VALENTINO shoes is very good do u agree?
  If you size / tailor properly the jeans will become almost like a second skin and stack along nicely. Even after they're well broken in and soft the stacks will stay pretty well in place. 
  Not sure which pic you think i'm referring to, but it's not yours. The room's in the pic's i'm talking about are not small at all. I actually like small pad's. Most New Yorker's with good taste have incredible places the size of a shoebox. It's more of a general observation on multiple forums. I'm talking more about the decor / furniture / bedding, etc
I always find it somewhat funny to see SLP fits being posted with $5k jackets and items ranging from $3-8,000 in settings that can only be described as 'Moms bedroom with the closet mirror' or worse, 'a small room I stay in at mom's basement'. Reminds me of people that lease super expensive cars but live in a bachelor in the ghetto. 
The only reason I won't pre-order is because I had put money down on an AW13 coat over the summer and the boutique never did get it in. Since they don't do refunds, they basically just offered me credit which was bullshit. I made a huge fuss about it at YSL HQ but the boutiques are all independently controlled. So yeah, Pre Order at your own risk and if you really trust your SA. They're usually really helpful, but they're also very forgetful and are normally prioritizing...
It's too hot for leather jackets right now anyway. Save up for the SLP, it'll last longer in your closet and still be relevant. 
You're a brave man AlexanderTG
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