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Anyone know the difference between the black denim Made In Italy vs Japan jackets? The Italy one is $1050 while the Japan one is about $790 - Seems strange to me, as the Japan one looks a bit nicer. I picked up the Italy Black Denim Jacket and am wondering how you guys are pairing yours? Seems a bit forced when you're wearing any kind of denim, black, blue, waxed, etc. 
 If I saw someone wearing these down the street I would probably stop, drop and kiss the dunks. 
I wouldn't want the shirts after seeing those pic's. Just get a vintage one from a flea market or something. 
-Ahh didn't realize Somatic was talking about zip biker jeans. You def won't find an easy time altering those. Also Leg Opening and CM isn't really that big of an issue. I've had 19cm jeans that fit super tight and awkward and the 17.5cm fit much better and have even had 15cm's that fit great, due to the elasticity, all in the same size. The cut's are constantly changing. I would always just order your normal size to try out and hope for the best.    -Regarding boutiques...
They won't do it then and there unless the tailor is present. Best thing to do is to wear them out for about a week or two and let them stretch out a bit and then make an appointment whenever the tailor is present (which is about 3 or 4 times a week). Usually takes about a week or so to pick up, depending on how busy they are. Need to show them your receipt. the ideal thing to do is get 19cm and go down from there. A knowledgable SA will advise the tailor on how to cut...
The zip bikers look great. Shame they don't come in bigger sizes. 
I gotta agree with RFX, This season jeans fit much much differently. Not as much stacking/inseam, much more fitted to sit on waist. I actually like the new cuts a lot more. 17cm are a little roomier then previously. 
Those are pretty Gaudy in the best way possible.    In fact, if those came out in the 80's I bet AXL Rose would rock the shit out of them 
Where's the Vis Cyc? Been looking for one as well..
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