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Only one dealer in LA is authorized to carry RO Mainline and it's Maxfield and Maxfield Bleu, and their selection is usually slim pickings since most stuff sells out through client list pre season. Once they get stuff in expect odd sizes and colors and/or ultra expensive variations. There's a RO store opening in DTLA soon though.   That said, you can find DRKSHDW at the Well, Barneys, Traffic, and American Rag and maybe a couple of other new boutiques that aren't...
Don't get Air Max for Fashion Bruh
Lol..My new sig
Also Zip rangers Made in Spain are nice, but the stitching was a turn off for me. Zippers are really nice though and they run large. The shape looks kind of bad though in my opinion, they don't look much different than something you'd see a theatre usher wearing. They look good in the pic posted back though and the zip looks like its more asymmetrical. 
I wear the tobacco wyatts in the day casually as they are a good daytime boot and black wyatts on special occasions as they have a dressier look to them
Why can't we get a word on the rider? Been looking forward to it since first drop. 
 I don't think it's as simple as that. I've personally never seen a Balenciaga bag that wasn't distressed beyond belief and the SLP Duffle is a flagship item kind of like the womens Sac De Jour and Monogram line - which has a much higher level of care and quality and the design and details like hanging tab you'll only find from YSL, on top of the resale value and collectibility.  But if you're comparing standard accessories, like small leather goods, etc. both lines will...
No surprise there since they both come out of the same manufacturing plant. 
Nice zippers, thick cotton and a waxy finish. I like it. Even at $500 its pretty overpriced though, and definitely not going to be any more durable than an eastpak. You can't really fill much up with it either. I think the all leather Rock Sac is the ultimate SLP bag as far as investment piece and durability goes. I've traveled across the country with just that and it held up really well and didn't feel cramped with a laptop, a week of clothes and dopp kit, shaver, etc...
 I guarantee you if you walked around NYC or LA with a SLP T Shirt, maybe less than 1% will recognize or know what you're wearing. Try again. 
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