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I tried on the Sandro jacket as well. Very well worth the price, but still not as nice as the SLP in my opinion. That said, it's a bargain for what they charge. I believe it was about $250 on sale at the boutique
one of the bands i play in were getting fitted for a performance
 Yep, I only heard about them from my SLP visit and will now be doing most of my shopping through them. All the guys there are legit and super nice. They've got great skills in restoring awesome vintage pieces that look like future classics. Love their black denim and the black/blue denim is beautiful. Walking into their shop feels like you're about to get fitted right before a Black Keys show. 
I also never once said Hedi has overseen anything from the mass manufacturing plants overseas, I only said there are items he oversees vs items that the manufacturing plants produce to fill the line. I've actually been to the SLP design studio in Weho and have seen members of his team meticulously dissect denim and collaborate with local ateliers and vintage clothing restoration people in l.a. to produce a lot of the stuff that hits the lines. 
 Good job picking 3 of the least popular Supreme items. If we're playing that game I can also post SLP items that don't necessarily fit Hedi's aesthetic. I'm thinking more items like these -    I also never said Supreme and APC Resemble SLP, Simply that they fit right in together. SLP is basically Sneakers, boots, Jeans Leather and shirts.. It would fit with anything really. 
Re-read my comment you just quoted. 
Nope, both 100% cotton. 
^also the funny thing about the baby cat shirt is that it's much more expensive than what it costs in boutiques. Even some of the sneakers on far fetch are more than they retail in shops, so sometimes you aren't even getting a better deal. Not saying the items on far fetch etc are not legit, but they are definitely not items Hedi has overseen, simply mass produced factory run's. 
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