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Yeah, End had a countdown, but as soon as it went live the site crashed for nearly 45 minutes, even went offline entirely from server. Had to keep adding and re-adding to cart. I gave up after 20 minutes and tried again later and they luckily had my size in uk10, all sold nearly right after though. Not sure what happened with Nikelab, their twitter assured people that they would be tweeting the drop.  You could try calling Kicks.HI - http://kickshawaii.com/1/?page_id=8...
Glad I decided to get the Roshe's from End, Nikelab didn't even throw the tweet up for purchase. 
I'm sure I could make the BBS pants work if I wore them for more than 10 minutes. aside from one pair I had, which was really thin elasticy cotton, most have had really tough canvas type fabrics so I didn't stay in them very long, but i'm sure they'd stretch out ok. I was actually considering another pair of the new P13's since I really like the design of them and am relieved to see the new models don't have raw hems.    Anyway, here's what i'm wearing today -   
Respectfully disagree about BBS.. For the last 5 or 6 seasons i've tried just about any pair of pants that are released between L and XL and either L is super tiny and I can barely get past my ankles or XL is super tight at ankles and massively large in the waist. This includes this season's Regular and Tapered P13. Never had a good fit. Not that i've ever had a pair of Drkshdw fit me well either. Mainline Rick fits much better, but they're usually proper trousers....
I like that Bunker Archaeology thing going on there. 
Bene just go full Rick and call it a day
  eat one half of the burger and save the other for later
Wrapped around, though I go down an eyelet since the drkshdw has 8 instead of 7 like the mainline and gives it a slimmer profile. I personally don't like the way the waxed denim ramones look laceless, much prefer leather, and even better the boot version laceless.  Also a lot of the items on spence and yoox are much older releases and sizing has changed a lot since then. I've found most current Rick to be true to size, with the exception of leathers which I size up one,...
Well if you want to prepare for the SS15 collection aesthetic, you could always start hitting up True Religion and maybe some Hippie boutiques on melrose or vermont. maybe check out some handmade arts and crafts booths in venice beach. 
 What exactly isn't great about it?
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