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Tried those on in the shop today and they're pretty dope.. run kind of big, the shape is really nice and sleek. My only concern is the zipper is super cheap and the sole doesn't look like it'll last long. It's the standard vero cuoio manufacturing and I found them to be of Kooples or similar quality, not impressive at all, which is a shame. They should have gone all out for the first wave of these and then pumped them out as mass manufactured like they have with the...
Doesn't look like that extra30 is valid
@neonrider do you work at SL? Which one?
Whats the price range for denim shirts? Was thinking of grabbing an SLP one but might hold off now
I agree on the styling criticism, He's wearing stuff terribly and some of the shots look like he's the Swamp Thing rising from the swamp, and anyone should be able to take a skewering or two, but I'm more tired of hearing the criticism on him in general that most people seem to throw at him just because he's not making rock music. Maybe it's cultural or racial thing as there are posters from all parts of the world.    I personally could care less what Kanye does or...
The ignorance in here is astounding. Kanye had worn Slp shoes many times. Low top skate shoes, tobacco and ochre wyatts which is what led him to change things up and go bottega veneta and currently he's wearing santiag in between his current pr tour. You guys keep posting old images. Just search for Kanye santiag Slp or something. Upscale hype has confirmed it and the guy that runs the site gets all his info direct from Kanyes camp. Personally I think it's refreshing to...
  [[SPOILER]]    I do like the chain ones as well, the fact that you can remove them is pretty cool, wish the regular Wyatts could be removable. 
I won't lie, i'm pretty convinced on the shape, shape looks awesome from that angle
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