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Saint Laurent SL10H Size 44 - Worn about 10 times. Still in great, clean shape - $350     Saint Laurent Combat Boots Size 43 - Trade from another member who wore it quite a bit, but it's in good shape, vibrammed - $400   Jordan Retro 3 Infrared - Size 10.5 - Worn Once - $140   Saint Laurent Blazer Size 52 - BNWT - $900       Saint Laurent Stone Washed 17.5cm Denim Size 33 - BNWOT - $230     Margiela SS14 Waxed Denim Jeans - Size 52 - Worn a handful...
Oh wow, never seen that top one. Is that coming out later this year ?
You sure? 
Red version of this - http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-casual-shirts-requin-collar-shirt-in-blue-plaid-viscose_cod38390778nj.html#dept=rtw_men_main&itemPage=2   Only 2 more sizes left on the...
Can't believe red plaids already sold out before release
Any idea when American Rag is getting new stuff in? Their selection has been pretty pitiful for a while now (at least in L and XL sizes). 
Agreed. Modern Classics.
Wow.. crazy about that pac sun line.. AND its made in the USA.. Not sure how that's possible
  Not sure I should keep the ramones
 Ah I see, I thought it was the plain red and black/white plaids on the preview. Where are you seeing these?
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