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Sadly, RO in general has declined not only in quality and bang for buck, but even in labor costs. A few years ago they would send the leather and patterns to moldova to construct so you had pretty decent work on Made in Moldova jackets, but apparently now everything is being sourced in Moldova, Whereas the Italy jackets now have leather sourced in Italy and shipped to Moldova for manufacturing and then shipped back to simply add the cotton lining and tags.  T-shirts are...
Just get a pair of BBS P13 and call it a day
Still haven't heard an answer on why the new Over shirt is priced the same as the older season with leather yoke though. 
So the basic plaid overshirt - cotton / polyester blend costs the same as the 100% cotton japanese flannel with complex leather quilting on back? Ok. 
$1600, Sorry
Four Pins says the Rider is about $1600 - http://four-pins.com/style/market-week-recap-john-elliott-springsummer-2015/ That could of course change, but I doubt it would go lower, if anything it would go higher to compete with other brands as well as the current price of leather in general has gone up. 
Seriously, I think this JE thread has surpassed levels of wtf previously only observed in Hedi / Saint Laurent related threads. 
I have to agree. Jeans with stacks is one thing since jeans will most likely retain the stacks and will only stretch to a certain point, but if people are complaining about how much the current sweats stretch out, I can't imagine these will look too good after some wear when the stacks start drooping and flopping around. Gonna be an awkward fit. 
Aren't you the same guy that also complained about Mr Porter Members Only 6% proxy fees? Maybe designer clothing just isn't for you.
Four Pins has all the info up. 5 Pieces being released and the rider isn't included in it. 
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