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There must be inconsistencies in the bigger sizes. I wear a 44.5 in Wyatts and those are snug but I was swimming in the suede santiags. and had to size down a complete size. 
I wear them on my head like a rasta 
 Post pics! 
That's what I was thinking.. So if we're normally a large do we size down to Medium?
Oxfords, not brogues
Words like Punky and cowboy boots being only for the hardcore are highlights for me. But what do I know, Harry Styles has never looked into my eyes and telepathically told me he wanted to dress like me. 
Personally if i'm spending $1000+ on a pair of boots, it's fairly reasonable to expect zippers that aren't made of plastic 
I'm referring to this -    Those thin ykk zippers seem to have made their way onto every boot. I did see an older Suede wyatt with the saint laurent branded zipper but it was still a little bit thinner than what they used to be -    You can also see a comparison of the branded zippers here -    New Thinner Zipper   AW13 Zipper       And yeah, the shops seem to only carry a small portion of what SS15 is all about. Then again, each YSL boutique is...
They had a full size black/white flyknit lunar 3 run at the grove today.. Highly doubt they'll sell out, seems like they're just building hype online with the low inventory. Get the red one though if you can, that one seems to be much more limited and online only. 
They literally JUST had a coupon a few weeks ago, doubt we'll see anything for a while. 
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