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There will be a restock but full of studded hearts. 
in 2011 or whenever, 'the kings speech' was "the Movie". Anyone seen it since?
The fit on this is wack, measurements are not True to specs due to the non collar. Fits very small and cropped. Had to return it and didn't even bother with an exchange. 
Where'd you read that? Surprised that the king of Rick Thrift has handled any new post 2012 Rick. Also, you can clearly see that Moody Rick Jackets on Mr Porter and every other site uses YKK. SS15 Isn't out on sale yet. Maybe spread your bs on some other site you flake. 
Rick's been using YKK for Almost 3 or 4 Seasons now and I'd probably venture to say that the zippers are much nicer than they've ever been. 
Kudu Backzips look cool..Anything I should know about? Aside from the CCP comparisons. 
No, it was towards you. I believe they are around $700 excluding Vat on 7. Though it seems like you're in Japan so I'm not sure if you fall under the Vat Exemption
Try a pair of BBS P13's from Seven Helsinki.. Not much more/less and will give your boots a nice contrast to play with. 
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