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If they are the same as last couple years you'll want to size down. I'm normally a 44 in most shoes and always went down to 42. 
  These balmain slip ons are the only sneakers that caught my eye this past fashion week, noticed they are using vera cuoio/cp soles now.  Although I really like the Lanvin with the snap on tongue, but i'd probably never wear them. 
  SLP Jacket & Shirt Geller Denim Jacket Haider Ackermann Tee
Wow.. that MMM knit is gorgeous
For example, I bought a pair of raw jeans at the boutique and they are noticeably heavier, thicker, and cut differently than the pair i just got on mr porter, which are lighter, thinner, but nicer cut. I bought a couple button ups at the boutique which feel really nice and luxurious. bought the same version of shirt in another color on yoox and it was much heavier and not cut as nicely, but still maintained the new details. I just think there are different runs of things...
 Interesting, they must have changed their online system. Probably why Yoox was selling saint laurent for a few weeks and suddenly took everything down. As odd as it sounds, after ordering SLP from various places - matches, porter, boutiques, yoox, maxfield. The quality of the garments in the boutiques is much better than elsewhere. 
 Also the exclusive styles that some stores may get aren't really from SLP but from Kering. They end up releasing accessories and other items from their factories and slap the labels on. There is a noticeable difference in items sold by mr porter/yoox and at the actual boutique. 
  Not sure where you're getting this info but it's completely incorrect.  YSL E commerce in USA is really only run by one person and she handles every order individually which is why it takes a while to process. There are no buyers at the boutiques, they receive items based on what the house wants to represent. Yes the styles are based on region and location, which is why SLP LA will have more casual goods than NY, but it's all based on what the house sends them. There are...
I had the black pleated and sold them after a few wears. they were starting to look like floppy labias. awesome sole and great suede but the pleats are annoying after some wear. 
Matches is probably the cheapest you'll find them. I'd cop now cause they'll sell out. 
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