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I also never once said Hedi has overseen anything from the mass manufacturing plants overseas, I only said there are items he oversees vs items that the manufacturing plants produce to fill the line. I've actually been to the SLP design studio in Weho and have seen members of his team meticulously dissect denim and collaborate with local ateliers and vintage clothing restoration people in l.a. to produce a lot of the stuff that hits the lines. 
 Good job picking 3 of the least popular Supreme items. If we're playing that game I can also post SLP items that don't necessarily fit Hedi's aesthetic. I'm thinking more items like these -    I also never said Supreme and APC Resemble SLP, Simply that they fit right in together. SLP is basically Sneakers, boots, Jeans Leather and shirts.. It would fit with anything really. 
Re-read my comment you just quoted. 
Nope, both 100% cotton. 
^also the funny thing about the baby cat shirt is that it's much more expensive than what it costs in boutiques. Even some of the sneakers on far fetch are more than they retail in shops, so sometimes you aren't even getting a better deal. Not saying the items on far fetch etc are not legit, but they are definitely not items Hedi has overseen, simply mass produced factory run's. 
I would honestly be weary about purchasing SLP products from eBay. They are starting to get knocked off quite convincingly and there are many variations from boutiques and online shops. Something you think you might be getting from a runway look will be completely different from what you might purchase even from an online retailer.    Case in point -    this Babycat shirt...
Even more price drops!
In the real world SLP is dominating hard. Just go into any high end boutique and you'll see what's really selling. I've seen some of the craziest japanese Rick devotees trade in their memphis for a pair of leather panel zip denim. Maybe it's just an LA thing and most of the boutiques are within walking distance of Hedi's studio, but even the places like HLorenzo are using SLP sneakers for their clothing shoots. There may be a lot of hate for unoriginality, but that's not...
these are great, but i'm waiting for the Balmain of these for FW14. No branding whatsoever and based off of pics, the black and white contrast is much stronger. 
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