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I don't find the JE denim too baggy, in fact i'd say they're somewhere in between Dior 17.5 and SLP 19cm, with just a little more room in the crotch and a slightly wider hem. 
Final price drops before donating to Goodwill
 I would say the same applies to SLP. The first 2 seasons of items are still holding up incredibly well for me - Jeans, sneakers, button ups, even t-shirts. No holes or stray stitching and these are items that I wear into the ground. Can't say the same for items i've gotten in the last year or so.. Sneakers wear out quicker, raw jeans I wore for 3 months are thrashed with holes/blow outs and t shirts have developed holes after only 3 hand washes. Not saying every item is...
 My comment wasn't meant to offend, I really wish they would look as good on me as they do on most people. They just don't look right on me, and I don't even have huge legs tbh. I normally wear 17.5cm just fine. The leather panels around the knees are much smaller than 15cm so you really do need to have super thin legs so that they don't wrap around your knees like they do on mine. Anyway they look great on Jwoo
Yeah the leather panels on the bikers just look awkward on my frame. Probably best for someone with 0% body fat and sticks for legs. The shirt really looks and feels nice in person but yeah I can see that comparison unfortunately lol. 
Yeah super soft and almost rubbery/stretchy. I won't be keeping any of them though. 
Haha yeah, Now that I got a chance to sleep on it, reality hit me and I won't be keeping them. Thanks for the comments gents.    Ok Last one.. Keep or don't keep? Sorry for the weird mirror angle.  First pic is all John Elliott, second is JE and Rick  
Went all over town and picked up a ton of JE stuff.    Black and burgandy Villain hoodie, Olive u neck, grey mercer tee, JE Obsidian raw jeans.    I was surprised to see how well this stuff worked with Rick Owens as well.    Quick dirty pic of Grey Mercer and black villain hoodie with Rick   
  Impulse purchase on jeans and shirt. Now I gotta lose weight. Keep or don't keep?
  Impulse purchase on jeans and shirt. Now I gotta lose weight. Keep or don't keep?
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