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I never claimed to be an expert, LGI is a new code that only shows up in Nicely Nice's posts on SZ and SF. Further, I only wanted to correct you about the YKK zippers only being used in one season. They've been used since around Mountain and include this current FW14 jacket and the new SS15 Pre Co. I still think you're shady and a scammer but thats another topic. 
Awesome, thanks Sinned, yeah the leather on here is definitely way thin and flimsy, might just have to return
Thank you! I don't notice a shiny ice effect like the ones on FWRD but that makes a lot of sense. I have another Moldova calf from their first Moldova season and the stitching absolutely blows this one out of the water but the leather is like a really tough raw calf and almost feels too aggressive to wear casually. Might just wait til the full grain calf on porter hits 50% off though. 
Instakopped this Stooges on Farfetch for $1000 even, Moody FW14 (YKK Zipper :P) A few questions, Not that I don't think it's legit because the pattern and detailing is similar to other Rick Jackets, however the tag is notably different even compared to my other Italy and Moldova jackets. The leather feels super thin, though it feels ok, it doesn't wow me. The interior pocket zippers are much tinier than on any other interior Rick zip i've had. Finally, the tag says...
This is the only thread on all of style forum with the mention of struggle clothes and four pins talk on every single page. It's kind of embarrassing. 
 Hedi walked into YSL Rodeo the summer he was announced as creative director and was basically ignored and given the cold shoulder by everyone in the store. I've heard from SA's that were there that it was actually a pretty big scene. Much more to the story, like he was told to please keep his hands off of the merchandise and the manager went up to him and asked him if he planned to buy anything lol. She apparently mocked his accent by pretending she couldn't understand...
I'll mention something else about the current state of SLP, aside from Quality - The customer service of the boutiques and brand in general - I went to the rodeo boutique last week and it looks like there is an entirely new staff working there ( All clueless little girls and I only saw one guy that has always worked there, but he's pretty useless and just seems to model the clothes and float around). All the YSL sales reps that transitioned to SLP seem to have either been...
I can't wait to see people show up to award shows dressed in embroidered suits looking like Mariachi's and Cowboy's. 
Meh, the majority of all their items and rick on sale is basically the same as it was at the beginning of the season with the automatic 20% Non Vat Customer discount and occasional codes. Bummed they decided to eliminate the Duty/20% Non Vat, cause now it doesn't really look like a sale. 
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