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Just remember, when hand washing silk t shirts from saint laurent you should always wear lubricated latex gloves so that your fingerprints don't rub into the shirt and also you must get a safelight bulb so as not to damage the delicate silk with uv rays. Also, goodbye horses should be playing in the background so that the silk fibers are stimulated. 
A little H&M x Visvim collab going on, Cheap flea market repro's before you hit up Coachella. They even look like they'd only last a weekend. 
 There are a few SLP Outlet stores here in Cali. It's the same YSL outlets, but with the newer items and I don't think the outlets are rebranded. It's mostly women's accessories and the odd item or two in weird sizes. I've heard they also send stuff to TJ Maxx, etc. 
Red bottoms are for hookers anyway
 Just ask yourself, WWPDD*? *What would Pete Doherty Do?
  Some designers like Rick Owens and Karl Lagerfeld have actually been sued. Most of the time they are simply told to cease and desist. Here's a fun read - http://www.highsnobiety.com/2014/09/18/10-fashion-sneakers-inspiration/
 Hedi might have been an innovator 10 years ago but these days he's merely merged Kooples and celebrity hipster fashion for use in his editorials. His runway styling might seem cohesive, but the items SLP as a brand is pumping out left and right is anything but. 
 This is true but it was thin like a shirt and so basic. from afar it looked like it'd be the hender scheme of jackets. I think only 40 were produced. I should have taken a pic. 
 Must be a nice haircut place lol.  I think the DH leathers are better quality, but unfortunately I find them to be too delicate for casual wear. A lot of the DH leathers are surprisingly overpriced though because they are doing smaller production runs and using more exotic materials.  Which reminds me, I recently tried on an Hermes leather baseball jacket and thought the SA said 22 as in $2200 and got a pretty big shock when it was $22,000. Sure the leather was very nice,...
 DH was doing some pretty shitty stuff though for a while. It wasn't until SLP came out that they started focusing on quality, putting out fewer items and limiting availability and sales as well as being more subtle about marketing. The difference in luxe and quality you get from going into a DH boutique over SLP is pretty massive. SLP feels like Top Shop compared to DH. 
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