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  Yes they are, the entire line differs very slightly - from SL01, SL02 down to SL10 and 12.The Sole's look nearly identical but vary slightly in shape and how they ramp down from heel to toe. Not a huge deal, but I still think the very first wave are the best in terms of quality. My white and black pair that I wore nearly every day for a year didn't have a single stitch pop out. The last 2 seasons haven't held up as well, but whatever, the shoes are dope. 
not my studio, just one I work in. 
Also just to suggest.. I personally think its awkward to see denim on denim, especially blue pants and black. you might want to think about the waxed black jeans. Even if they fit you skin tight, if you're main purpose for these kinds of clothes are for stage, just go balls out.    I love SLP because you can mix and match for every day wear and stage wear but sometimes the individual items just look too normal, and unfortunately from your denim jacket fit pic, those...
I have the dry denim jacket from last season and My own experience is one size down stretches enough but looks kind of weird with the elbows stretched out.. Just keep the XL, it looks good and i think rolled up is fine.. no one will ever notice i think.    I noticed there's a new version that came out for less money that has the tougher denim. thought about checking it out, but i prefer the lighter denim like this that allows stretch and rips. 
 Yeah I had the lady at SLP take these in so it's a little tight in the calfs. The way to go is to get the 19cm and have them tailor those so that it's a consistent fit all the way down. The waxed 15.5 are really paper thin and stretch out quite a bit right off the bat,  But still they look painted on lol. 
 Baller Breds... gotta get me a pair of those! yeah the stock lacing is a little wacky, kinda like balenciaga.. I just loosen them shits up and get them up to the 3rd to last eyelet and wrap around a la Rick
 Oh yeah that's right, not into the silver ones but I def wanna get the black/red & blue with Perforated toe whenever they come back in. 
 The leather is much nicer with more padding then the previous ones (I have the OG white and black as well as blue and red strip 02's). these feel more like real sneakers though as opposed to the others that would go nice as sneakers or dressy shoes. toe cap perf is dope as fuck. Haven't seen these in any other colors though (with the perf)
i'd consider myself pretty large and the 15.5 waxed black jeans were kinda skin tight, but definitely doable. I'm actually thinking about getting them.   Here I am wearing the 17.5 and some new sneakers  
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