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When did I say they were similar? 
^ those aren't any better
Is that a picture of the writer with RG?
I'm into it as well. I just think SLP should give them an outfit rather than charge them. Maybe they do, They all dress different if you think about it. Though the new employees don't even wear SLP
Maybe.. some of those guys wear the same outfit every day for an entire season lol
I'm done with it. To be honest I actually like Kunk and appreciate his insight and pics. I just didn't like what he did on a personal level but I never did mention it because its not that big of a deal, until he called me out. I appreciate his input here, even if he needs to be corrected every now and then. 
Keep threatening me, you'd don't know who you're talking to, i'm just as big as you boy. And it was a hat and pants, flake. 
  You did this to me on two different occasions on Rick products. You're getting defensive and vulgar for no reason because i'm not calling you names, Im just saying what you are. A FLAKE. A SCAMMER to other people I know. And whatever. Even if you do know all there is to know about Rick, I don't think you deserve the right to preach to people about his work, because you are disrespectful to his consumers, customers, and to his work in general. I'm not gonna lower myself...
 It might still be made in Moldova. Most retailers simply assume its made in italy without checking. This has happened to me a number of times. 
With all due respect dude, I have personal experience with him trying to pull a fast one on me. Kunk fucked up a sale of mine over 2 years ago on this very forum by purchasing a RO beanie and never sending payment, even though he promised and pleaded for weeks that he had sent it. I had to open up an investigation with Paypal only to find that he never did send a payment and finally he just disappeared. I called him out on SZ but it seems like he was already well known for...
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