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Anyone want to trade Sunglasses? Saint Laurent Bold 2 for something square like the classic 1 or bold 1?
on the other hand, there are also industry insiders, stylists, assistants and reviewers that acquire many pieces for free, sample and retail, and make a side job of selling to places in l.a. like wasteland, crossroads, bufallo exchange, flea markets and ebay and these sites. Nothing wrong with that even if they are making 100% profit. 
CCP hasn't even released anything since 2010 I thought, due to him having trouble finding a suitable replacement for his assistant/pattern maker? How is anyone making custom orders? 
the price of the sweater is actually quite a bargain when you take into consideration the amount of time it took to blend all those fabrics by hand   The price of the hat is also very well priced considering it transforms you into a level 5 warlock sorcerer
New Daft Punk action figures - http://coolmaterial.com/home/games/daft-punk-action-figures/ They are wearing Saint Laurent and it's pretty dead on, even the sneakers lol.. Wonder when we'll see the Hedi variant figure   Also some more new...
  The price is the best part
    As someone that is pretty conservative, while trying to remain on the cusp of widely accepted and avante garde (keyword: Trying), i'm pretty paranoiac and always worrying about what others think of me (something i'm working on), I find everything in the SLP collection, even the flamboyant pieces, pretty wearable. Honestly, Half of the most flamboyant looks from SS14 are taken straight out of Undercover's SS13/Talking Heads collection.    With the latest show, while...
  A real baller would fly to a boutique or send their stylist to pick up a couple pairs. If ya can't play the game..
  You left out reason #3 - it's a sleeveless leather vest with a zipper around the neck. 
  Ankles on bottom are also narrower 
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