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I went to Go's Mart after reading all the overhyped praise on Chowhound, LA Times, etc.  Aside from the fact that the place is uninspired as hell, the sushi in general was pretty terrible when I went and the service is laughable at best.. Maybe I went on a bad day, but I doubt i'd venture back out there.  Mid range Sushi, Sugarfish is fun, but doesn't wow me. I like the presentation though.    I haven't been to many Michelin star sushi spots and while I love sushi, i'm...
That olive color way won't be released FYI.  End has the date as Nov 20 - http://www.endclothing.co.uk/blog/nike-x-fragment-design-sock-dart/ They should be about $320. Love both the LD and SD Fragments, hopefully they aren't too much of a challenge to acquire. Seems like the nikelab stuff has been easier to get a hold of lately. 
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According to End they're actually out in November - http://www.endclothing.co.uk/blog/nike-x-fragment-design-roshe-ld-1000-sp/
Sepp, the fact that it says Saint Laurent STYLE distressed jeans should tip you off that it's not the real deal. 
They only alter the legs/taper, they won't change the length or waist, and yes it's free. 
 I mean I get it, I grew up dj'ing in l.a. at some of the worst venues and basement rooms in the trashiest raves from dtla to san bernardino, spending most of the night in a tiny booth filled with cigarette and weed smoke and then waiting for promoters to pay in the morning. I still think it's a good reason to at least generally dress well or how you'd like to be perceived rather than throw on beater clothes. I'm not saying you should pull a diplo and wear a suit for a gig...
 Does that mean you bust out the good stuff when you go on your coffee runs? Performing in front of people is probably one of the only times you should actually not wear beater clothes and wear stuff that will, you know, attract the attention of your audience. 
They're probably factory samples. Spence usually sells Rick Seconds (no name or year on label) and has carried some weird stuff that Rick probably has no idea made it out of the factory door. 
Just remember, when hand washing silk t shirts from saint laurent you should always wear lubricated latex gloves so that your fingerprints don't rub into the shirt and also you must get a safelight bulb so as not to damage the delicate silk with uv rays. Also, goodbye horses should be playing in the background so that the silk fibers are stimulated. 
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