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I love the deep pockets. gonna come in real handy when the iPhone 6/6+ comes out.    It's bad enough that my iPhone 5 sticks out of the front pockets in my black raw and waxed D01's. 
 OOoooooOO Burrrrnnnnn
Looks like something you'd find at the gap or old navy for 'a modern, grunge look'
  LOL. Looks like some lucky ladies just found a new shopping partner 
I can't seem to access the Saint Laurent page on US Yoox. Weird because I've bought a few SLP pieces on US Yoox
 Yeah I have those too. I haven't worn them much due to summer heat + thicker leather, but they're great. I don't boot tuck either, but if i'm wearing 15 or 17cm SLP jeans ill only cover the very top part and have the laces hold the hem of the jeans (if that makes sense). The SL01H are nice cause the leather is much thinner and is more versatile as far as dressing up or down. 
I don't have any personal experience, but a few people at SZ (Faust included) have said good things about them. I noticed the new season price has risen a little so it may just be one of those things where the brand eventually gets more recognition and prices skyrocket in a year or so. 
 He's most likely talking about the solid white and solid black permanent collection high tops. There's no wrong way to wear them. Look at the upcoming John Elliott collection to see how they look with a casual fit. Everyone thought they were CP Achilles for the longest time til it was confirmed they were SLP and they look spot on. Not flashy though, but if you're starting a collection you need some staples that you'll wear most of the time. Flashy sneakers get old quick....
  Massive Bounty Hunter logo on tongue..
  You pretty much have the usual suspects in baller sneakers. Might as well get a pair of Drkshdw ramones or SLP's. 
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