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Just wanted to chime in and say that I've been wearing my SLP 19cm black raws for about 4-5 times a week since about february of last year and they still look practically new, with some really nice solid creases and whiskers. I gained a little bit of weight but they don't feel like they've stretched too much. The only stretching i've noticed is in the kneecaps and its minimal. By comparison, my APC PS black raws stretched out about 2 or 3 sizes in about a third of the time...
  I thought you only liked the $5000 leather pants?
  Golden Goose has been doing the grungy street wear thing along with Hysteric Glamour for a while now, probably nearly 10 years. Some of their stuff is ok, but it's like Diesel's answer to Undercover. 
look into a credit union. I had my card compromised and they printed out a new card on the spot. 
 I think Jeremy Scott is the worst offender in sneaker fashion and I see those monstrosities out and about more often than i'd like, so yes. 
Nice pick ups Istasi.. Can you post pics of the Isaac Reina Magic Bag? I was really on the fence on that as the design and leather quality looks to be on point.. The Hermes connection works too. Only thing that seemed weird was the zipper going all the way around the bag.    Actually Nice pickups on everything the last 2 pages!
Red island dunks are dope. I never really cared much for the island dunks but tried on a pair of all black ones at maxfield and picked up a pair. I found to be a perfect compromise between highs/lows and they're pretty comfy. 
Saint Laurent 40% off webstore and up to 50% off instore
 Your comment makes absolutely no sense. Just cause you can afford something doesn't mean the sale price isn't welcomed. Why else would this thread exist? Anyway, I don't even wear Givenchy, the point of my comment was that Brands on Mr Porter are starting to get excluded from the 30% off sale
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