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I usually wait til they hit matches or ln-cc and buy at full price since it comes out to about $100 less than boutique, plentiful sizes and no tax.  Gone are the days of stuff hitting sales, most things sell out much quicker because of hype, demand, and probably instagram. $500 is like half a weeks paycheck so it's not out of reach for most people, however a big portion of people that are nowadays buying these in bulk are stylists that a) can afford it. b) write it...
Dropped prices all around and added free shipping
not sure how they did it but the guys at gourmet managed to make a us made shoe with the CP italy sole for under $100   http://greatsbrand.com   they're not mind blowing, but they're basically CP and Buttero at a 3rd of the price. 
Here's a link to some shots of the army boots post #7282 If its not patent leather, its shiny as fuck and looks ridiculous and I found them to be really cheap and plasticky. Definitely not worth it for the price, in my opinion.    On a side note, I thought this was kind of crazy http://www.2nd-blog-cafe.jp/new/2013/07/hedi-slimane-ro.html     This picture was taken in 2010 by Hedi Slimane. It's one of the members of The Drums, wearing his vintage flea...
They're patent leather and black, but they do look brown. I posted some fit shots in the baller boot thread. I didn't like them at all and thought they were rather cheap and plasticy. They are the exact same as last season as well the same army boots balenciaga has been releasing for a few years. I doubt Hedi had any part in this. 
  They're made in italy which explains the high price. I like em.   Pretty sure this is the guy that designed em - http://mack-sam.tumblr.com   He's a designer at JV and you can see he's heavily influenced by the SZ side of things and is kind of pushing that style into JV which should be interesting. 
Only with that jacket. If you look on porter the measurements in the body are pretty much the same across the sizes except for the sleeves
  I was told to size down at the boutique so I went with a 50 and the sleeves were spot on but the body of the jacket was way cropped and puffed around. I ended up putting on a t shirt and button down and the jacket looked 100000x better. It's a weird design, but it works well with the rest of the line of clothes. This is a good example of how it should fit -   
All those ugly kva pictures must have made him nervous
Price drops all around
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