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Wow.. crazy about that pac sun line.. AND its made in the USA.. Not sure how that's possible
  Not sure I should keep the ramones
 Ah I see, I thought it was the plain red and black/white plaids on the preview. Where are you seeing these?
 Wow.. That's more than Flat Head, which is essentially the reference for high fashion flannels. Reaching Givenchy and Saint Laurent prices. Was honestly thinking they'd be around $180 but we'll see how legit they are. 
 That's for the ladies, after their sweethearts gift it to them for winning the game. 
 You can maybe wear it for one year after High School graduation. 
  But you can get SLP now before the grunge trend dies down
 GTFO.. wow.. did you size down? How'd you get those fades with no crotch wear?
 I need a sample for science
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