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Thinking of selling some deadstock Frag Roshes.. Any takers?
He turned down lucrative offers in the past because he wasn't interested in being a fashion designer. The only reason he went ahead with Saint Laurent is Kering agreed to let him re-brand the label his way, do things his way, and oversee and direct every aspect of marketing to benefit his photography career which is all he wants to do in the first place. Most official outside editorials or magazines are not even allowed to use any other designers or brands with SLP, It has...
Looks dope there. Guess i'll finalize check out after all 
Can you post any pics of the jacket Brianoh? 
Ever since they were bought out by Level Group they have been playing it safe and focused on profits, unfortunately. I still like shopping with them and their customer service is slow, but fine, but the fact that most of the merchandise is located in an italian distribution center is really annoying. They're essentially turning into The Corner.
I refrained from commenting on your fit pic just to be nice, but you really shouldn't be telling other people how JE clothes should look. 
Still looks like a fail to me. Looking at pics of the ACG Launch on instagram you get a better feel for the items and materials and they just don't look very impressive. I'd personally rather go for Acronym stuff if I was into it. Also I'm reading terrible things about the soles on those sneakers, lots of slippage, etc.    Jacket looks pretty sick here though 
Looks like Hedi Slimane is in talks to take over as creative director of Gucci. I can't wait to see how many people drop off of Saint Laurent when that happens lol I also realize that if he does take over Gucci, it might only be for womenswear and he could still be doing work at YSL, though I doubt that. Since Gucci is the parent company I'm...
The Nike Loopwheel Hoodie was like $200 and that was mass manufactured to a certain extent. I think even $3-350 is generous for a smaller company with more specific details and requests. Even if they charged $500 it would be a bargain compared to what other designers normally charge for their hoodies (Saint Laurent charges about $1k and I don't think its MIJ Loopwheel and feels comparable to JE's regular hoodies for less than $200).    I have to give JE a lot of credit...
I actually thought you were saying the Lanvin's were terrible and followed up with those. Didn't notice the others in the spoiler. In any case, the color doesn't offend me as much as the stitching and heel tab on the slip ons. 
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