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i'd consider myself pretty large and the 15.5 waxed black jeans were kinda skin tight, but definitely doable. I'm actually thinking about getting them.   Here I am wearing the 17.5 and some new sneakers  
  I remember the older ones from like '11/12 fit pretty small and i needed to size up, especially on mummy high's. I just got a pair this season and I ended up sizing down one and they still fit pretty big, almost like boots. 
Dropped prices and added some things
its white
These have been out a few months, but they're dope. Love the perf. 
Tried those on yesterday. People seem to love them but I don't like chukkas and it just seems weird for Rick to be doing this style.    edit: ^all black up there look way better and cleaner and the toe is nice. Would definitely try those out. The ones I tried had the bulbous toe and looked like the first one linked. Also it was in like a camel/brown color, so I'm sure that had something to do with my dissatisfaction lol 
Is that not black? I ordered a pair of these in black and they looked almost brown, not sure if due to the patent leather. 
They're pump fury reeboks with a cheap painted white 'boris' stripe.  At least the Rick Didas are unique / original. 
http://hypebeast.com/2014/3/24k-x-11-by-boris-bidjan-saberi-x-reebok-instapump-fury-20th-anniversary   yikes
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