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I havent, I just assumed that since this fall Rick is introducing zippered butt flaps, The shoes can only evolve and cater to foot fetishists. 
The SS15 Rickdidas are even crazier. Zippered flaps everywhere for easy foot fetishist access. 
I like all of them. Would def rock the green stans. Probably wouldn't wear any of the others but there's no denying they are pretty unique and interesting. Nice to see Raf still pushing boundaries. I actually like the moon boots too, again, wouldn't wear them but they're really interesting. Can't wait to see the FW collection up close. 
  I'm not surprised you're 170 / 5'7 if you eat like that.  In other words, you're overweight - http://www.rush.edu/rumc/page-1108048103230.html
 Yeah I sized up on a jacket and it's still tight. For editorial purposes it's great and slimming but as soon as i move my arms the shoulder pads are too noticeable and not very comfortable. 
 The jackets alone will run you about $1200 during a half off sale. I say go for it!
If you really want to lose weight, portion control is key. Eat half of what you normally eat and save it for dinner or eat it a few hours later. Metabolism is your friend and ideally you need to snack and eat every 30 minutes to an hour. don't eat food past 7 or 8pm. Nuts of all kinds, especially pine nuts, which are expensive, are good fuel for your body to constantly snack on. drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water helps break food down, especially meat which...
  Don't wear them 
Just pick up a blow habit. If you can afford SLP you can afford blow. 
Nice write up SirG!   On the denim fit discussion, the ideal thing to do is buy the size you like and get them tailored. SLP flagship stores offer this for free to get the ideal fit. I have a pair of 17cm that fit fine, but they are a little awkward - too narrow/carrot effect on me, but i'm a bigger dude. they stack fine but not perfectly. I have a pair of 19cm that were tailored in house and the stacking is perfect due to the way the tailor cut the jeans exactly as they...
New Posts  All Forums: