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    Ahh you're right. I didn't realize revolve was such a huge umbrella. So she essentially built a name at revolve and became a fashion director to curate higher end products under her name for them. They also have http://www.reverse-reverse.com which i'd never even seen before. 
Final Drops
Also regarding 10Sei Otto, the quality is fine, but the design is lacking on the shoes (and even clothes to a certain extent). I tried on a pair of the boots and sneakers at HLo a few months back and I'm pretty sure one boot was bigger than the other, and it was really uncomfortable to wear... I'd say it's built better than Marsell but both are lacking in the comfort department. For what they charge Guidi is a much better investment, especially during sales. That said,...
    Forward is no longer revolve, it's owned by Elyse Walker, who has a B+M store on sunset between pacific palisades and malibu, but they only display and sell the women stuff, no mens. 
  No shit sherlock, i'm addressing the fact that it's taken 2 pages of flip flopping back and forth between how to wear high tops.
wear them however the fuck you like, seriously.. 2 pages on this? you guys are grown ass men. 
I usually wait til they hit matches or ln-cc and buy at full price since it comes out to about $100 less than boutique, plentiful sizes and no tax.  Gone are the days of stuff hitting sales, most things sell out much quicker because of hype, demand, and probably instagram. $500 is like half a weeks paycheck so it's not out of reach for most people, however a big portion of people that are nowadays buying these in bulk are stylists that a) can afford it. b) write it...
Dropped prices all around and added free shipping
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