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Yeah I got two white laces. 
 Is that weird? Most sneakers i've bought have an extra set of laces. 
Yeah they did
Finally threw on my guidis tonight to wear. the words leather sock kept running through my mind. it really is a leather sock. Never had that problem with Layer 0 or a1923.    Guidis are still great though, i just find them pairing with different things, for example, they're great with saint laurent jeans. 
Also, earlier this year Matches had artist commissioned boxes by KAWS, REVOK and other great artists. I'm currently using one of their boxes as my monitor stand. So yeah. Great Packaging FTW
Yeah of course that's an issue but I always save it in case I want to sell something or send it to B&S and give my client/customer a better experience. It's a small expense that goes a long way I think. Like when I go to barneys and they take a few minutes to wrap something up. They don't have to do it. It takes away my time. But you can't ever complain about it because they're putting more value into your buy. 
 I'm not disagreeing with you, but, I think the simplest way to look at it is like the difference between buying on B&S and a reputable source. If the retailer is shipping stuff out as-is stuffed into a box, will I buy again? No way. I'll go with the retailer that puts a little care and an actual policy into place. Then again, I'm pretty conservative about where my money is going. 
You guys making fun of packaging are missing an important thing. Retailers charge a lot of money for clothes. Would you rather your $500 pair of jeans be nicely packed and sent in a great presentation vs being stuffed into a box only to be told you can't return it and tough shit?   I mean to each their own, but to me it makes a huge difference in my wanting to be a continuing client.    Also nice boxes can be reused to save stuff or re-gift. 
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