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Probably just the same. Over the summer I was looking for a nice pair of baller shorts like Rick Pods or Swingers and Maxfield was completely sold out and the only kind you could buy was a pair of RO silk or wool for about $800-1400 online, or get a pair of jersey cotton Drkshdw for about $600-800. While they're still not cheap I found a pair of FOG shorts at HLNR that were reasonably priced ($325 I believe) and fit the aesthetic quite nicely. Sometimes it's good to have...
Yeah I'm one of those that has been waiting over a month on an LNCC return.. Italy Post can't seem to find a way to deliver to the italian warehouse, according to their post the warehouse has been closed for a while so I'm wondering if anyone is even getting their shipments in. . LNCC London and Lucy and Laura, etc have been ok to deal with but they have no communication with Italy warehouse.. it's a nightmare, and I doubt I will ever order from them again until they...
  Close, it'll be Saint Laurent, Acne, etc.. 
I guess i'm missing the appeal, but they look like regular workman boots. This is coming from someone that has owned CCP, CD and A1923
Nikelab didn't tweet it. The sneakers had a countdown but that page was shortly discontinued and taken down.. Same with Frag Sock Darts and others.. Either people are F5'ing the All Nike Clothing pages or the shit is selling out before it hits online. 
Like I said, I personally don't care for Balmain nor do I think denim should cost $1200, but in comparison with other brands like Dior and SLP charging upwards of $1k for thin delicate denim, Balmain seems like a better deal given their clothing seems better produced. That said, I think pretty much everything under 60% off is a rip off these days. 
Wow.. Either you guys are talking about Pierre Balmain or haven't actually handled any Balmain. I'm not a big fan of Balmain at all, but the quality of their stuff is definitely priced up there for a reason. As far as quality goes, every thing i've handled - Jeans, Hoodies, T's, Jackets and Even Sneakers feel almost indestructible, super thick ass cotton and denim and the quality of their leathers feels awesome. I would go so far as to say it absolutely blows away...
Awesome fit man.. Def the best RO fit i've seen on Styleforum. 
Actually, I think the Portugal stuff is starting to really outshine a lot of the Italy stuff. Just look at Haider Ackermann, and even Givenchy. A lot of those garments are built to last. I love a lot of the Italy stuff but I think a lot of it is really delicate and a lot of it just feels mass manufactured. I have a couple SLP button downs that have that nice black cotton sheen and cut, but the shirt is identical to an old balenciaga shirt I have, even down to the shade of...
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