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I have wide feet and the SLP's are among the comfiest sneakers i've owned, definitely compared to CP. They also hold their shape and last much longer. I wore the black ones every day for a year and there is barely any scuffing on the sole. Just bought a new pair in black/red and have already had compliments on them, probably cause they think they're BREDs lol..
and wow.. that looks ALMOST identical to this -  Silent Damir Doma Jesve - Right down to the zipper with a different pull. The leather varies on the Damir and SLP looks to have a few extra panels sewn in, but its made in italy / 100% lambskin and costs about $1000. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes straight out of the same factory. The silent looks longer in Farfetches pictures so it's possible that SLP's has a shorter cropped cut.  As far as comparing to Rick, you can't...
Just so you know, there's only one person that runs the entire YSL.com operations and she handles customer service phones, email and sends out shipping info. The website automatically deletes inventory when it sells, but it takes a few days for it to confirm. I wouldn't worry about it.    This is at least as of last summer, it's possible they've hired more people to help out, but she was the only one there in a new york office. Poor girl even has to deal with complaints...
 This the new Mummy look for 2014
Now i'm confused on what sizing everyone is going by.    Anyway, I have about 6 SLP button ups, all size 16 1/2 Size 42 which is essentially XL and I wear size 50/52 in Jackets and XXL in t-shirts lol. 
Size 38 shirt with that jacket in 46 sounds like a bad idea. I would personally size up or go with something closer to your shirt size like a 48.    As to what I personally think of it, It looks like a lackluster copy of last years jacket with inferior materials and a higher price point. Unless you absolutely have to have a varsity, I would just wait to see if anything new comes out that hasn't already been Slimane-ed, like the army jackets. 
Also, just to add, the back looks way cropped to me, but it's not that bad and is the intended style. I just got a Rick stooges in my regular size and the back was ridiculously cropped, whereas every other rick jacket had a much longer cut, so it may just be how it's intended to look. I always say with leather, get your normal size, but don't be afraid to size down one since leather does stretch out quite a bit. 
Tsuji: looks fine up front, sleeve length is fine, I actually like the short sleeve length but the back is way too cropped. You can try a size up but I'm not sure that will be the solution. If you bought it at the boutique they should have someone there to help with alterations, which come free with purchase. For such an expensive jacket, you should definitely take advantage of their help.  It may also be just the style of the jacket. There are various riders, some are...
Keep the 42, looks perfect and leather will stretch out over time. Also it is intended to look snug. 
More price drops!
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