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Not sure.. Haven't tried the combats in like 2 years and they were about the same as geo's then. I got the Creepers and Desert boots this last sale season and sized down 2. Actually, I could have probably size down one or two on Geo's and vicious ankle boots as well. Drkshdw sneakers seem to be surprisingly TTS as I had to size up half on those. They fit surprisingly better than mainline. Still an annoying process. 
They look like horse cocks
RO Sneakers are the worst and have become a cruel joke. They're never consistently true to size and when they are true to size its because you can barely get your foot in and your foot is squeezed in and the ankle and toe feels loose beyond belief.  I've grown to loathe them over time and they've probably deformed my foot at this point. The boots are a win though, if you can remember to size down 2. 
Should have gone with Suede.. 
  Thats about the silliest thing I ever heard. So what do you do when its 85+ degrees out? Purchase a leather SLP bag to hold your wallet?  Just get a cardholder and you'll be fine. 
Or you could just choose option 3 and be single and live off of tinder and enjoy flossing your JE goods to hot college chicks. Spring Break is looking nice this year and you'll want to stock up on scar tanks and court shorts to go with that rider. 
Probably inspired by the latest SLP Show lol
Haha.. I thought that was pretty funny. If you can't afford to buy 2 $1600 jackets, you probably shouldn't buy any of them. 
Still on the fence with the rider. I wish we could get some more details on it.. Are there interior pockets, that sort of thing. I'm surprised we didn't get a video or making of on it considering it's their most expensive item to date. Also wish we got some real world pics and not the HDR shots. After being super excited about their outerwear like bomber jacket online only to be devastatingly disappointed in person, i'm not sure I can take the risk, especially since the...
As long as people in the USA and especially in Los Angeles are working and making at least minimum wage in a clean and safe environment, I'm satisfied. I work in the entertainment industry out of choice and good luck finding any job that offers benefits. In fact, good luck finding any work period and if you do it'll most likely be freelance. I imagine the fashion industry is not much different. 
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