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Actually, I think the Portugal stuff is starting to really outshine a lot of the Italy stuff. Just look at Haider Ackermann, and even Givenchy. A lot of those garments are built to last. I love a lot of the Italy stuff but I think a lot of it is really delicate and a lot of it just feels mass manufactured. I have a couple SLP button downs that have that nice black cotton sheen and cut, but the shirt is identical to an old balenciaga shirt I have, even down to the shade of...
It's a Christmas Miracle! 
If anyone is looking for a new pair of all black geobaskets in size 44 for over half off let me know before I return to ssense
My hands rub denim all day btw
Haha I Did.. sorry about that.. Just wanted to let Fisty know that he shouldn't be ashamed of such a great axe
Are you kidding, Fernandes makes guitars that rival American Fenders
I think the raffle is done with.. Your best bet is to have your credit card number copied and being swift on nike.com lab.. the last few releases they've had a countdown so maybe just being prepare will work, however to counterattack the bots they sometimes will change the page link.. I suggest just refreshing Nike's Recent releases page. Otherwise you might be able to just pay 50 - 100 over and getting a pair through ebay
STILL dope
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