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Rick's been using YKK for Almost 3 or 4 Seasons now and I'd probably venture to say that the zippers are much nicer than they've ever been. 
Kudu Backzips look cool..Anything I should know about? Aside from the CCP comparisons. 
No, it was towards you. I believe they are around $700 excluding Vat on 7. Though it seems like you're in Japan so I'm not sure if you fall under the Vat Exemption
Try a pair of BBS P13's from Seven Helsinki.. Not much more/less and will give your boots a nice contrast to play with. 
What do you mean by LNCC is including duties? Their pricing has always been inclusive of duties and taxes. If you get a bill from UPS or DHL just contact them and they'll take care of it. I've only been hit with a bill once and they told me to disregard and they took care of it.
You could def wear that with sneakers like Common Projects or something. I think it'd look good combined with other Gellar pieces like the sepia jeans, a t shirt and maybe white or black CP's. The zip doesn't exactly make it dressy and it looks pretty casual and cozy.  Depending on how much you spent on it, i'd say keep, it's a nice piece. 
Yeah, End had a countdown, but as soon as it went live the site crashed for nearly 45 minutes, even went offline entirely from server. Had to keep adding and re-adding to cart. I gave up after 20 minutes and tried again later and they luckily had my size in uk10, all sold nearly right after though. Not sure what happened with Nikelab, their twitter assured people that they would be tweeting the drop.  You could try calling Kicks.HI - http://kickshawaii.com/1/?page_id=8...
Glad I decided to get the Roshe's from End, Nikelab didn't even throw the tweet up for purchase. 
I'm sure I could make the BBS pants work if I wore them for more than 10 minutes. aside from one pair I had, which was really thin elasticy cotton, most have had really tough canvas type fabrics so I didn't stay in them very long, but i'm sure they'd stretch out ok. I was actually considering another pair of the new P13's since I really like the design of them and am relieved to see the new models don't have raw hems.    Anyway, here's what i'm wearing today -   
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