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Looks good. KOY, you're like the style forum version of Boyhood, You seem to be growing up so fast and going from nerdy prep to mr cool guy. 
To each their own but double layer tee's are loooong and have a wide neck.. Not sure why you'd wear anything under them. Also, I don't mind wearing a shirt every other day. It literally takes me 3 minutes to hand wash and scrub a shirt off in the sink and hang dry. Shirts from Rick and others in the same vein take about an hour or two to dry so it's really never been a problem or inconvenient to rotate two super luxe and nice tees that I really like every other day. I...
Maybe. I'm personally of the belief that I'd rather have 1 $400 shirt that I can wear every other day for a year or two rather than 4 $100 tee's that will turn to trash in a short time. I've picked up some John Elliott tee's that I thought were a bargain at $65 - $90 only to have them stretch out and lose shape and look shitty after a couple washes. The average for most tee's seems to sit in the $70 - $190 range, while the high fashion tee's go for about $300+ (Margiela,...
   The unstable I believe is just due to the cotton not the Asymmetrical seam. The double layer shirts will stack regardless of the seam due to shirt never really ending to a hem.. it's basically one long ass sheet of cotton folder over and twisted and then cut into a tee. Regardless, If you're getting a double layer - go for 100% Cotton. Cotton Cashmere blends are nice too if you can find them. 
DL Shirts usually go on sale. I've gotten them as low as $140 in store on sale to about $300 retail with a code.. Wouldn't necessarily pay over $400 for one but they are noticeably nicer. Single layer cotton shirts are great too though and the level silk blend shirts are great bang for buck. Bamboo shirts are trash for the most part IMO, and they are made of much cheaper synthetics than the viscose tee's. I have a bamboo shirt that I picked up this season and it literally...
LOL, Great use of $$
I remember when I had my first cigarette 
That looks pretty good.. How'd you size? Also it looks like the jacket is textured grain? I don't recall seeing any texture or grain in any of the stock pics.. Is the leather thin and pliable or heavy ?
I believe someone was selling that exact jacket on eBay without tags and a few people in this thread bought it.. some never received item, one guy did and said it was a blatant fake but the guy disappeared on eBay.    I wouldn't trust it to be honest. Who cuts every single tag off a $5k jacket? Assuming every tag is cut off, the liner SLP tags are on there pretty well.. You'd have to destroy the lining to cut it off. Cutting the chain off as well? I guess you could ask...
I don't think any of the items are trying to be too different and they certainly aren't randomly placing stuff wherever they can. Everything they've put out has served a purpose or function. I see them as toned down designer inspired basics. The Clash looks like an Undercover sweater without any branding / logos and better materials, The diagonal seams have been around for a long time, way before Rick Owens and Boris Bidjan Saberi. 
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