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I really feel for JE and the amount of complaints they must get. I doubt 99% of the brands get complaints like I hate this Rick Owens tee that has started to fall apart in the neck and disintegrate or I hate these Saint Laurent jeans that are stretching out and losing their shape. 
I picked up the First ones up top.. So much cleaner without the toecap. would love to get a leather version of it. 
+1 on MrP mainly for the no hassle shipping and returns, Ssense has a great return policy as well but shipping is on you and from US can be quite expensive if you're not happy with the fit. I'd also add The Corner, Farfetch and Idol Brooklyn for the return policy and selection. You'll find much better deals internationally from LNCC, OkiNi, and Matches - They also have a decent return policy, but its a little tougher doing returns internationally and a much longer wait on...
I'm not trying to get into a bitchfest or anything. I love Slp and hedi's work and own plenty of pieces from ss13-Ss15 and plan to get even more from fw15. I don't even particularly care for Burberry, I just don't see how anyone other than Sandro, The Kooples and topshop is taking influence from Hedi. We're going through one of the most exciting times in menswear right now for the simple reason that everyone seems to be doing their own thing.
He looks like all you guys when you're wearing JE
How does ANY of that look anywhere close to imitating SLP? I know you guys love SLP but seriously, get Hedi's cock out of your ears and stop thinking everyone is being influenced directly by Hedi. The closest I can think of Burberry imitating SLP is by seeing how much money SLP is making by looking at their past and recreating that vibe, in this case Late 60's - 70's NYC chic. 
Only one dealer in LA is authorized to carry RO Mainline and it's Maxfield and Maxfield Bleu, and their selection is usually slim pickings since most stuff sells out through client list pre season. Once they get stuff in expect odd sizes and colors and/or ultra expensive variations. There's a RO store opening in DTLA soon though.   That said, you can find DRKSHDW at the Well, Barneys, Traffic, and American Rag and maybe a couple of other new boutiques that aren't...
Don't get Air Max for Fashion Bruh
Lol..My new sig
Also Zip rangers Made in Spain are nice, but the stitching was a turn off for me. Zippers are really nice though and they run large. The shape looks kind of bad though in my opinion, they don't look much different than something you'd see a theatre usher wearing. They look good in the pic posted back though and the zip looks like its more asymmetrical. 
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