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  They did that a while ago.. Used to be the heavy box with the smoking jacket black grain and out of nowhere they started using cheap cardboard. Maybe they still using the black grain for Permanent Collection though.  
The ideal way they're worn is tapered as close to the leg as possible. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, I say wear them as much as you can until they're ready to be washed. They're going to shrink for sure, especially if they're the 2% Elastane. 
Anyone know if the quality/fit of the Acrylic / Cotton print Tee's (Man who fell) are the same as before? 
 I could have sworn they did this for american rag when they first launched, when the brand was literally T-shirts and jeans. 
Save yourself the time and energy of reading through this thread and just get some Rafstro's or Rick Dunks 
 Well the black waxed are made in italy and the black raw's are made in japan. I'm positive they're the exact same jean and cut, and they just put the italy tag because of the wax process being done there, but regardless I don't think the origin has anything to do with it. Pretty sure all the jeans are sourced from Japan even if it says Italy, and the Italy tag is just added for post process treatments like shine/wax/distress/etc. Edit - I forgot about washes, etc. which...
My bad, I probably shouldn't be typing on SF while I'm in meetings. 
  No, I meant I like the shallow pockets, unlike the short pockets which won't even hold my iPhone 5.   I've worn about 3 pairs of SLP's daily into the ground for the last 2 years and the chain is the only thing that hasn't fallen off. 
I love the deep pockets. gonna come in real handy when the iPhone 6/6+ comes out.    It's bad enough that my iPhone 5 sticks out of the front pockets in my black raw and waxed D01's. 
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